AirPod Review

AirPod Review: Bringing Transformation to the Service Industry

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In this review of AirPod; a modern project poised at improving customer satisfaction at Airports, Bus & Train stations.

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AirPod Review: Introduction

Every year, millions of commuters get stranded at various airports around the world. This due to several reasons, ranging from delayed flight to slow passenger check-in process. Additionally, a whole lot of other reasons best known to airport authorities. Research has proven that in most cases, these delays are unavoidable because they are majorly caused by bad weather conditions. However, the need to stay relaxed while these issues are being addressed is of the essence. 

In a recent survey conducted by Skyscanner, where 10,000 international travelers were asked about the airport feature. In addition, they were asked which they will love to see the most. After the end of the survey, it was gathered that 36% of the respondents will prefer to see sleeping pods at the airports. In fact, this result will come as no surprise to any frequent traveler. Moreover, there are many travelers who on several occasions, have had his flight delayed for several hours. At such point, the only thing such a traveler can do is simply have some rest and probably hope for positive news.

On airports, more sleeping pods are the biggest wish by travelers

Experience has made us understand that the problem of flight delays in major airports across the globe is inevitable. Additionally, and in most cases, flight delays cannot be controlled. However, how must the necessary infrastructures be put in place to ensure that commuters get the best comfort they deserve? As a result, recent reports show that some airports are already recognizing this need and are taking the necessary steps to address it.

Airport waiting zone

For example, In 2003, the Helsinki Airport in Finland installed the first set of airport Sleeping Pods in the whole of Europe. Since then, several other airports have followed suit, and this has helped improve customers’ satisfaction in most of these airports. In addition, as much as these Pods have been perfectly designed with the customer comfort fully taken into consideration, the reactions gotten from many customers haven’t been encouraging. However, the need to improve these sleeping pods to meet the service standards well befitting of our airports is pivotal at this point.

About AirPod

AirPod Sleeping Pod (also referred to as AirPod) is a modernly designed Sleeping Pod specifically designed for users who seek an area to relax, sleep, work or have fun in complete privacy while still in a public place.

Moreover, AirPods are uniquely designed to be installed in airports, bus stations, train stations, shopping centers and a wide range of other public spaces. It also provides state-of-the-art infrastructures including Wi-Fi, touch screen monitor, air condition, sound reduction technology, privacy blinds in smart glass, mood lighting and anti-stress program, all with the primary aim of enhancing user experience. 

AirPod’s design perfectly fits in its environment

Before coming up with these perfectly designed sleeping pods, the AirPod team has taken into full consideration the flaws of the already existing pods and users’ complaints about them. With all these being taken into consideration, AirPod has been able to design a completely unique private “capsule style” unit, which exceeds the user’s expectations. This way, AirPod can provide everything other competitive products provide and even much more.

Similarly, AirPod’s services go beyond mere relaxation. By leveraging the most modern form of technology, its services can target our three most important senses – smell, vision, and hearing. AirPods have also integrated anti-stress technology to ensure that users get relaxed and revitalized. A wide range of other health benefits offered by AirPod includes Biofeedback device, Green Therapeutic light, relaxing sound, and scent, to mention a few.

AirPod checkin airport
The AirPod check-in process

Features and Benefits of AirPod

  • An innovative design offering convenience, comfort, privacy, and security
  • User-friendly and mobile
  • Free access to high-speed Wi-Fi and other modern amenities
  • Flight status information
  • The easy booking process via the internet, IOS, and Android mobile application
  • Complete privacy (soundproof)
  • Provides comfort using modern anti-stress technology
  • Cost-effective

Use Case

Steve is a UI/UX developer who travels occasionally for various international jobs. Furthermore, on multiple occasions, he gets requests from several of his employers to make changes to some designs even while he is in transit. Moreover, Steve finds this job really tasking because on many occasions he has had to keep up with the unfavorable conditions of some airports while working on these designs.

For instance, most times he really wished he could get a quiet, comfortable and affordable spot in the airport to work without having to bother about his drink being spilled by a child roaming around the waiting hall, or the unpleasant voice of the airport flight announcers.

Finally, after years of having to cope with this major problem, he luckily got to hear about AirPod from a close friend. Ever since then, Steve’s traveling experience has been fun-filled and comfortable. Additionally, with the help of AirPod, he became a happy traveler.

Video Review


The APOD token is an ERC-20 compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain. In detail, this unique token leverages decentralized ledger technology to track and verify transactions in real-time. Also, holders of the APOD token can easily book the AirPod services on the go, regardless of their location.

AirPod(APOD) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens250.000.000 APOD
Emission rateNo more tokens will be created
Circulation supply200.000.000 APOD
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 APOD = 0.1 USD

Final thoughts

In the first place, the service industry has taken a big leap in recent years. Also, the competition is so fierce that you either offer the best or you get left behind. AirPod’s ability to recognize this and provide unmatched cutting-edge services makes it stand out in this fiercely competitive industry. Finally, to end this Airpod review, this innovative project has good to chance to grow within the entire blockchain space.

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