Attrace Review Affiliate Marketing with Blockchain

Attrace Review: Trustless and Transparent Affiliate Marketing Powered by Blockchain

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This Attrace review will cover it’s decentralized solution in the affiliate marketing industry. Also, a detailed summary of its strategy and token distribution.

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Attrace Review: Introduction

Affiliate marketing in its simplest form is a marketing arrangement in which an online retailer pays a commission to a website for sales generated from its referrals. Sometimes, non-sales also attract commissions depending on the agreement between publisher and retailer. In general, a third-party player knows as the ‘affiliate network’ serves the purpose of tracking and documenting.

Meaning, it manages all clicks, leads, and sales on retailer’s goods from the publisher’s website. Additionally, commissions are paid to the publisher based on the affiliate network’s data. Furthermore, the affiliates receive about 10-25% of the amount received by the publisher. For example, an increase in leads and sales generated by the publisher provides more returns for the affiliate network that serves as a middleman. Besides, this gives room for manipulation of data and extortion of retailers. In fact, this loophole has drastically affected the popularity of affiliate marketing.

Attrace review with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing accounts for roughly $13 billion out of the total $260 billion generated from online advertisements annually. At first glance, it seems quite impressive. On the other hand, considering the dominance of e-commerce and increasing access to the internet worldwide, the numbers can be improved. The only way to achieve this is to introduce transparency. Next in this review, the introduction of Attrace which is coming with an open and decentralized network. 

About Attrace

Decentralization is a key feature of blockchain that could revolutionize affiliate marketing. For instance, imagine a system whereby clicks, leads, sales and even non-sales are automatically documented in a secure database. Furthermore, the generated data is immutable and tamper-proof, thereby nullifying the chances of corruptibility. In general, these and more features are what Attrace introduces to affiliate marketing.

Attrace is the first fully decentralized affiliate marketing project based on blockchain technology. Besides, Attrace replaces ‘affiliate networks’ with smart contracts that automatically store data. In detail, it stores data of every lead, click, sales and non-sales. In addition, it makes payment on generated sales. Its non-dependence on the third party helps create an ecosystem characterized by transparency and accountability. In fact, retailers can rest easy knowing that their expenses are proportional to the received value. 

A decentralized affiliate network which is also trustless

Attrace is not all about creating a trustless network. Moreover, its use case spans beyond that. Especially for small scale retailers who have swerved away from affiliate marketing because of its high costs, Attrace presents a radical solution. 

Statistics show that affiliate networks charge an average of 10 to 35%; a huge sum compared to 0.35% charged by Attrace. In addition, this negligible sum enables small and medium scale retailers to boost sales. Also, these low costs increase the chance of being profitable with affiliate marketing.

Decentralized Affiliate Marketing System by Attrace

Attrace features faster payments which are initiated by programmed smart contracts. As soon as sales are finalized, funds are released to the publisher that generated the lead without delay. In contrast to non-automated payments are which are sometimes delayed. As a result, delayed payments impact the trust between retailers and publishers.

Features and Benefits of Attrace

  • Trustless, transparent affiliate marketing platform
  • No entry barrier for small scale retailers
  • Insignificant network fees
  • Fully open network
  • Custom made blockchain built from the scratch
  • Direct communication between publisher and merchant

Attrace Review: Use Case

Glenn is a small-scale retailer who wants to boost his sales through affiliate marketing. Like many other retailers, his hopes are cut short by high costs of affiliate network services.

Attrace provides a lifeline for Glenn and millions of small-and large-scale retailers in his shoes. With Attrace, Glenn can simply advertise his goods on high-traffic websites without the incurred costs of affiliate networks. Also, he can rest easy knowing that all referrals and data are devoid of manipulation.

Video Review

Token economics

ATTR is a custom utility token used for the network in the ecosystem. In addition, the network uses Ethereum blockchain to transfer the ATTR tokens. All commissions and network fees are paid in ATTR.

Attrace(ATTR) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens1.000.000.000 ATTR
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supply500.000.000. ATTR
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 ATTR = 0.017 USD

Final thoughts

Finally, to end this review, affiliate marketing is a crucial aspect of online advertising. Moreover, many businesses thrive on its viability and efficiency. No little wonder why Attrace goes all out to improve returns for these businesses by introducing blockchain-based solutions.

Information and resources

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