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Steemit and Publish0x are two examples of decentralized crypto blogging platforms that allow its users to earn additional cryptos. More explained below.

Since the start of the internet back in the first decade of this century, blogging has thrived and gave internet users a new way of earning some money. This earnings model still exists today, mostly in combination with affiliate marketing. After the launch of blockchain technology and decentralized networks, new ways of earning digital money as cryptocurrencies arose. Nowadays, making money online through blogging still exists but there is also another option which could be very interesting. In this article, I’ll discuss two decentralized blogging platforms that give users the ability to earn additional cryptos.

Crypto Blogging Platforms


Steemit crypto blogging platform

In the first place, Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform with its main focus on blogging and crypto news. Moreover, by using blockchain technology, Steemit was the first decentralized blogging platform in the world that uses decentralized peer-to-peer technology. As a result, content written on this platform is(once submitted) immutable. In other words, once content is posted in the blockchain distributed ledger no central admin or other authority is able to modify or remove the content from the network.

Also, because Steemit uses blockchain technology it uses a crypto token called STEEM. In particular, this STEEM token can be used to rewards users who submit content and many more. The STEEM token is a way to transfer value across the network that can be used on a global scale.

Short history of Steemit

Steemit Inc was launched back in 2016 and is the original owner of the domain. Back than Ned Scot and Dan Larimer(also creator of Bitshares) decided to give this decentralized crypto blogging platform a chance. First of all, the platform was a little bit doomed because not very long after the project launch, got hacked which resulted in the price drop of STEEM. Also, this hack created chaos where the company had to lay off 70% of its employees.

After all, this dramatic start didn’t demotivate the owners and the developers that stayed at their position in the company. Not long thereafter, Steemit launched a decentralized social media app that interoperates with the Steemit blockchain and domain.

Steemit platform: How does it work?

The Steemit platform can be accessed by the browser through or by a decentralized app on a mobile phone. The idea is that users can create a profile and have friends and followers like any other social media platform. Furthermore, users of the platform are stimulated to add content in the form of blogposts and are rewarded with STEEM cryptocurrency. In detail, the users decide the payout of the posts by voting on the various comments and posts made by other users. Users are rewarded with the “Curation Rewards” for upvoting and finding content other users’ upvote afterward.

At the start of 2020 TRON takes over

TRON is another big cryptocurrency blockchain project ranked 17th at coinmarketcap website currently. Moreover, one of the key elements of this project is that it is well funded with a big marketing budget. Steemit, on the other hand, was fading away as an innovative tech project and that’s the reason Justin Sun(owner of TRON) decided to takeover this platform. The TRON blockchain network has currently over 20 million users, products and services and they can easily be integrated into the STEEM blockchain.

In general, with this TRON takeover, the future for will be brighter than before. Decentralized crypto blogging platforms are on the rise and with new funding material from TRON this platform can continue its growth path.


Publish0x crypto blogging platform

The second interesting crypto blogging platform I want to mention is Publish0x. Additionally like Steemit, Publish0x is a decentralized crypto blogging platform that incentivizes its users. However, where Steemit allows anyone to join, Publish0x has a strict selection procedure for aspiring writers wanting to join the platform. Moreover, the platform is doing this in advance before entering the platform, because they want to assure that the content on their platform has the highest quality.

In detail, Publish0x is a decentralized peer-to-peer blogging platform that has no central authority or any censorship for its posted content. In other words, once the blockchain distributed ledger has new data no central admin or other authority can modify or remove the content from the network.

Short history of Publish0x

In particular, Publish0x is a publishing platform where both authors and readers can be paid out in cryptocurrency. Moreover, this crypto platform launched back in Oktober 2018 and gained a lot of popularity among crypto-enthusiasts. Besides, no additional ICO took place to fund this blockchain project.

Publish0x: How does it work?

First of all, Publish0x is a decentralized publishing platform rewarding its users in a crypto token called Bounty0x(BNTY). Also, this crypto blogging platform is tightly coupled to the Ethereum blockchain network. Additionally, its BNTY token is, therefore, an ERC20 token. The barriers to this platform are quite low. For instance, users who don’t own any crypto yet can easily join the platform.

The Publis0x platform rewards its users in three different ways:

  1. Earn crypto by reading – Reading articles also rewards users. Publish0x gives its users crypto to tip, and you simply choose how much you would like to allocate to the author. Also, how much to keep for yourself.
  2. Earn crypto by blogging – Any Publish0x user can apply to become an author by filling out an application form. This is to ensure the platform only features quality posts that bring value to their readers.
  3. Earn crypto by sharing great articles – Another way to earn BNTY tokens is by becoming a Publish0x ambassador by sharing great articles. Ambassadors will earn 5% of every tip claimed by the audience you bring in. Additionally, they can earn even more in leaderboards and competitions with the most active ambassadors.

Crypto agnostic blogging platform

Unlike Steemit, Publish0x is a crypto agnostic blogging platform. In other words, the platform uses several tokens besides its own. The platform will be supporting an array of tokens, but currently only supports Bounty0x (BNTY) and more recently MakerDAO’s stablecoin, DAI.


The decentralized blockchain space is developing and expanding at rapid speed right now. In fact, the ways of earning new cryptocurrency are growing and will grow in the future ahead. Finally, decentralized blogging platforms like Steemit and Publish0x add another dimension to the online blogging industry.

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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