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Earn Crypto: 6 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online

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When you are more familiar with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency then you also must know the way these digital tokens are created. One of the things which makes a cryptocurrency unique is the way its created: by miners or nodes within the Blockchain network. In the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it was quite easy to use your PC and let it work for you to get some newly mined tokens. Nowadays this way of earning Bitcoin has become impossible for the average PC user and only with high investments, this kind of business will be profitable in the end. So if you don’t have much money to invest is there still a way to earn crypto or Bitcoin in this industry and generate a second income stream?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. The only condition for this is that you already must have some large stack of crypto holdings on the side. With these holdings, it is possible to use them as a passive income generating assets similar to interest or dividend yielding assets in the traditional financial world.

What is passive income

Passive income earn crypto

First some explanation and examples of what passive income actually means. According to Wikipedia :

Passive income is generally defined as a stream of income earned with little effort, and it is referred to as progressive passive income when there is little effort needed from the individual receiving the passive income in order to grow the stream of income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate during the year.

In other words, it means that you can grow your current crypto holdings by using them for certain business activities without the need to do much effort. How does this work in the current crypto markets?

1. Masternodes and staking coins

Masternodes are part of a blockchain network but differ from ‘normal’ nodes. When masternodes are part of the network they are wallets that have a certain amount of coins staked into it. These masternodes are taking care of transactions and create new coins into this Blockchain network. Also, these masternodes get rewarded for performing these tasks by a certain amount of tokens. To perform these tasks and get rewarded these masternodes have to be up and running 24 hours and for 365 days a year. A few examples of some profitable masternodes projects are Dash, Horizen, Pivx and Zcoin. With very low risk it is possible to get some annual interest of about 10-20%, but you have to stake and lock a certain amount of crypto for it.

2. Running a Lightning Node

Running a Lightning Node earn crypto

For Bitcoin maximalists, there is also the opportunity to join the large Bitcoin community and participate with running a Lightning node. The Lightning Network is a second layer scaling solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain network and it has been growing immense in 2019. Currently, there are already 7800 running nodes and this project has the most participating nodes of the entire Blockchain industry.

Lightning nodes provide liquidity to the network, allowing payments to travel smoothly from origin to destination. Node operators need to lock Bitcoin into payment channels for long periods of time to increase network capacity and they are rewarded with fees from the payments going through their channels. The profits aren’t that attractive if you compare it with masternodes but could still add up to 2.75% annually.

3. Mining cryptocurrency

Another popular way of earning some crypto is cryptocurrency mining. If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency then you must know that Bitcoins are mined instead of minted. This by using a lot of electricity to mine the several blocks on the network.

Bitcoin cloud mining

Nowadays, it’s also very easy to join online cloud-mining services. These online services allow you to hire hashing rate for a certain subscription on a monthly basis. How higher the hashing rate, the higher the possible reward will be. One of my favorite online services is genesis-mining. You can get a discount of 3% by using this action code(PJOqFD) when setting up a new miner. A perfect opportunity to earn Bitcoin the easy way with zero risk!

4. Coin lending

For crypto investors who are willing to take some risk, coin lending could be a good option. Investors can go to several cryptocurrency exchanges and lend their bags to get some interest in return. This is also a way to earn crypto without doing much effort but can be very risky! Cryptocurrency exchanges that allow margin trading on their platform are willing to lend a certain amount of coins. Traders on these platforms can use these coins to trade with leverage, which is a very risky way of trading. One of these exchanges is Bitfinex which gives you the ability to lend out 24 different assets.

Good examples of crypto assets are BTC, EOS, LTC, ETH, USDT, NEO, and DASH. At present, the best rates are about 0.02% per day, which works out to about 7% a year! These rates are offered for a short period of time(30 days) because it gets more expensive for traders to go short when the days pass by.

5. Participating EOS Dapps

The EOS ecosystem is also a way to earn crypto when participating. EOS is currently ranked as number 6 on Coinmarketcap and uses smart contracts on its blockchain platform. It has been growing very fast in 2018. This fast-growing platform gives new investors the opportunity to earn crypto by getting involved.

To join some of the profitable Dapps on EOS you can invest in some tokens which belong to certain Dapp on EOS. With CPU power and RAM it’s possible to support these Dapps and stake a certain amount of tokens in a wallet. The most popular apps circulation currently on EOS is gambling and online games like poker. The rewards differ but it’s possible to get rewards at 0.2% to 1% per day.

The idea is to buy these tokens which belong to the Dapp and the daily payouts are in the EOS coin or EOS dividends. Participating in these kinds of Dapps comes with some risk because you have to buy tokens that don’t have gained much reputation or trust yet.

Smart contracts earn crypto
EOS & Ethereum

6. Participating in Ethereum Dapps

The Ethereum platform which is currently the biggest smart contract platform is also a way to earn crypto. The Ethereum Dapps haven’t gained many users attracting yet but this can be changed in the near future. One of the main reasons for this is a large number of projects participating in their smart contract platform. Because of this, it could be worthwhile to give it a try. A good example of projects which are very popular right now is Golem, MakerDao, and Augur.

One of these three projects which are very interesting in my opinion is the MakerDao ecosystem. This project has an automated bot setup which scans for arbitrage opportunities on the Ethereum platform. This opportunity could give you a reward of about 4% below the current market price of ETH.


In the current cryptocurrency markets, ways to earn crypto or Bitcoin with your own crypto holdings aren’t very well known. One of the most popular ways to do this is by running masternodes and using your favorite crypto bag as collateral. Also, platforms like EOS and Ethereum have some smart contract Dapps which facilitate earning a passive income. The Lightning network and running a node also uses an incentive model for supporting the network. Ways of earning crypto with your own crypto bags are certainly possible in the current markets, but there is still a lot to grow and popularity to gain.

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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