F1 Delta Time Explained

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F1 Delta Time is a racing game in which players own race cars, car parts, drivers, and race tracks. Moreover, an NFT sports game allows you to earn crypto tokens(REV). This guide introduces F1 and play-to-earn functionality.

Meet F1 Delta Time, the first blockchain-based game that combines real-world F1 data and NFTs to level up into the ‘Metaverse‘. Particularly, this NFT sports game centers around obtaining and trading rare virtual items including Cars, Drivers, Components, and Trinkets.

In other words, F1 Delta Time uses NFTs and blockchain technology by introducing a new racing game that can be played by F1 fans all over the world.

Moreover, the Grand Prix gameplay mode is a simulator where you as a player can design cars and let them join weekly F1 circuit races. Similarly, it adds gamification to the collection of non-fungible tokens (referred to as ‘Collectibles‘ in ​ F1​ Delta Time​), adding layers such as achievements and leaderboards.

All this means that you can use your knowledge of tracks and cars to set up your ideal race composition. Additionally, make sure your reflexes are honed to a fine edge to race in the multiplayer event-driven experience of the F1 Delta Time Grand Prix.

In this guide, will be explained how to start playing the F1 Delta Time racing game. Furthermore, what options do you have with NFTs and how to earn fungible tokens(FTs). And finally, what future F1 Delta Time has in general.

F1 Delta Time Explained

What is the idea behind F1 Delta Time?

F1 Delta Time is created by Anomica Brands, a number one game developer company from Hong Kong, Asia. In fact, Anomica Brands is a young fast-growing tech company and a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification.

Specifically, the primary idea of F1 Delta Time is to create a blockchain-based game that uses play-to-earn functionality. All this will be realized with NFTs where users are in full control of their digital assets. To achieve this Anomica developed this racing game based upon Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency, the F1 Delta Time game uses a digital token REV as a medium of exchange. Meaning, the game uses a currency(REV) which is the basis of the in-game economy. On top of that, it uses the Ethereum blockchain as the underlying network to validate transactions and reward users.

What is the meaning of Delta Time?

Delta time is the name of the racing game and is also a very known term within the F1 circuit. Moreover, the meaning of delta time is the time difference between two different laps or cars. For example, there is usually a negative delta between a driver’s best practice lap time and his best qualifying lap time because he uses a low fuel load and new tires.

Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs)

As mentioned above, the racing game uses non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Meaning, NFTs are pieces of digital content that are unique. Most NFTs are part of a collection and are referred to as collectibles that can be traded or owned by players of the game.

To clarify, F1 Delta Time uses these NFTs in the form of specific digital content summarized below:

  • Cars
  • Drivers
  • Components
  • Tracks
  • Trinkets

Fungible Tokens(FTs)

Besides, NFTs that can be collected and have unique characteristics, the F1 Delta Time game uses a digital currency or token. In other words, this currency(REV) is non-unique and mutually interchangeable and therefore the foundation of the in-game economy.

This currency(REV) is used in a number of ways:

  • Digital money(To purchase certain types of NFTs)
  • As a player reward(For completing certain actions or achievements)
  • To pay fees(For competing in the Racing Game)
  • Earn rewards(For playing F1 races)

Finally, it is important to realize that both the fungible and non-fungible tokens have a finite supply and have a big chance of rising in value over time. Also, because the REV crypto token is on the Ethereum blockchain network it can be sent and traded on platforms outside the game.

F1 Delta Time Collectibles Explained

As explained earlier, collectibles or NFTs components play a very important role within the racing game. Generally speaking, these collectibles can be divided into two parts:

  • Primary tokens(Thought of as docks like cars and drivers)
  • Composable tokens(Can be attached to primary tokens like gears or parts of a car)
Primary Tokens and Composable tokens(Gear and Parts)

Component Tokens do not have a specific manufacturer and are therefore available to be associated with any of the Primary Tokens, regardless of the Team. Component Tokens do not affect the appearance of Primary Tokens. For example, regardless of which Gear you have attached to Sebastian Vettel, the base Sebastian Vettel visual asset will look the same.

On the other hand, primary tokens are limited in their association. For instance, Lewis Hamilton, who is on the Mercedes team, can only race in a Mercedes car for the Mercedes team.

Racing Stats

The anatomy of each Collectible consists of both performance and non-performance-based attributes, stored on the NFT itself. Non-performance-based attributes include Type, SubType, Rarity, Season, Grand Prix, and Team and Collection – while performance-based attributes are referred to as the Racing Stats.

Particularly, the Racing Stats will have a value between 100 – 1000, with the value being dictated by the rarity of the Collectible. Higher rarity Collectibles have higher Racing Stats. These attributes will impact the potential performance during the racing game.

Each Collectible will have at least 4 Stats that will potentially impact the performance of the Car and Driver during the Racing Game. The combination of Stats will affect key factors typical of a motorsport race, including speed, acceleration, cornering, recovery, and others. First a summary of Car related stats:

  • Max speed(Governs the total straight line speed of a car)
  • Acceleration(Amount of time it takes to hit higher speeds)
  • Grip(Affects how your car corners)
  • Luck(Is a random factor. For example a minor boost in stats or the tracks weather)
F1 Delta Time Car Stats scores
F1 Delta Time Car Stats scores

Secondly, the Driver related stats:

  • Concentration(Affects how driver recovers from mistakes)
  • Aggression(Indicates the level to go at high speed. Not always beneficial and depends on the car as well)
  • Stamina(The level in which the driver remains consistant. Low stamina could trigger more unforced errors)
  • Luck(Is a random factor. For example a minor boost in stats or the tracks weather)

F1 Delta Time Staking Explained

Another important way to earn digital collectibles is by staking your car NFTs. Firstly, crypto staking is a very popular activity among crypto users that allow you to earn a passive income. Additionally, the way this works is by simply locking your cryptos in a wallet and earning rewards just by holding them.

Similarly, F1 Delta Time offers you to stake your NFTs and earn rewards in the form of REV tokens. How does this work?

To start staking in F1 Delta Time you need to send your car NFTs to a smart contract and lock the NFTs for a certain period of time. While the car is staked it isn’t available to perform races in the game, however, you will earn REV tokens for holding the NFTs.

In detail, to start staking your car NFT you just go to the staking option in the website menu. The next thing will be to connect your wallet and select the car(s) you want to stake. Remember that when you start staking NFTs you are actually performing transactions on the blockchain which cost you fees:

  • pay a gas fee for staking cars
  • claiming REV rewards
  • unstaking cars

Finally, the F1 Delta Time staking activity is set for a fixed time window(e.g. 24 hours or 30 days). During this period you cannot un-stake the car and it will be locked in the contract. Usually, an un-stake period lasts 24 hours and afterward, the REV rewards can be claimed.

REV token explained

As mentioned above the cryptocurrency token REV plays a very important role in the F1 Delta Time game. On top of that, the REV token can be used in a much broader scope as it belongs to REVV motorsport ecosystem.

Indeed, as explained earlier the REV coin is an ERC20 token that uses the Ethereum blockchain for processing transactions. Besides, the REV token has a limited supply of 3 billion tokens where 500 million has been allocated for the F1 Delta Time racing game.

Besides that, the REVV motorsport ecosystem contains a number of play-to-earn games where the REV token acts as a digital currency. Examples of games that are using the REV token are REVVRacing and MotoGP Ignition.

All in all, if you are interested in buying or selling the REV tokens you can do this at the bigger crypto exchanges like Kucoin, Bittrex, or GateIO.

F1 Delta Time Explained: How does the Racing Game work?

As mentioned earlier, F1 Delta Time is a full-blown blockchain-based racing game that allows you to earn rewards after every racing track.

Overall, the Racing Game presents the players with tracks from the official Formula 1 season playable from your browser. Players go head-to-head in qualifying sessions, before going into the final race. Similar to the Time Trial, car and driver compositions are key here. The right track requires the right composition, as well as the most suitable tires for the current weather.

During qualifying, the player is in direct control of their car and driver. The player needs to control the speed of their car, decelerating as the car enters a corner, and then accelerating back out. Timing and control result in better-maintained speed, and therefore better times.

How to join the Racing Game?

The F1 Delta Time game can be played directly from within a browser session and is supported by Firefox and Chrome. Also, because you have to own NFTs to play the game you need a cryptocurrency wallet to buy them. By far, the most popular one is Metamask which works as a browser plug-in. It allows users to make transactions using ETH.

Of course, if you favor other wallets you can use them as well. Below is a screenshot of supported crypto wallets.

All supported crypto wallets

In my opinion, signing up with a new account for the game was a very quick and smooth process. Below are the steps I had to follow when signing up with Metamask:

  1. Connect wallet
  2. Make sure you are logged into Metamask
  3. Give email-address and accept policies
  4. Sign Metamask transaction and Connect
  5. Finally confirm your e-mail address

That’s all you have to do to start playing the game. Make sure you have some ETH or REV tokens in your Metamask wallet and you can start buying Car NFTs here.

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Details of F1 Delta Time Grand Prix

Most Grand Prix races will run for 1 week or about 7 days. Also, the competition takes usually place across 2 circuits, however, this isn’t a certainty. Moreover, you can race in any kind of weather type but only the fastest track will count. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide in what kind of circumstances to race the game.

In the end, after seven days rewards are being given to all players, based upon the performance across all joined tracks. Besides points, your final placement will be announced on the leaderboard as well.

How to Earn Key Fractions

Start earning key fractions is a brand new feature in this young NFT sports project. Particularly, key fractions work similar to any other token, meaning a key can be divided into smaller portions. In addition, they come up in different sections: Legendary, Epic, and Rare keys.

When you start playing the game your car will be put into a particular competition and is based upon the NFTs you already own. Subsequently, when you have finished a track your rewards will be calculated based upon the finishing position of your car. Below is a scheme for the different Tiers and calculation points.

Weekly Key Fractions Calculations

❇️Position1️⃣Tier A2️⃣Tier B3️⃣Tier C4️⃣Tier D
10.1Leg + 0.5Ep0.1Leg + 0.25Ep0.1 Leg0.15 Ep
20.1Leg + 0.25Ep0.1 Leg0.15 Ep0.1 Ep
30.1 Leg0.15 Ep0.1 Ep0.05 Ep
40.15 Ep0.1 Ep0.05 Ep0.025 Ep
50.1 Ep0.05 Ep0.025 Ep0.015 Ep
6 till 100.05 Ra0.05 Ra0.05 Ra0.05 Ra
11 till 150.025 Ra0.025 Ra0.025 Ra0.025 Ra
Points 2+0.01 Ra0.01 Ra0.01 Ra0.01 Ra
* Leg = Legendary, Ep = Epic, Ra = Rare

To open a key and get the 5 NFTs inside you will need to own one full key fraction. For example, if you place 1st in Tier C 10 times, you would have earned 10 x 0.10 legendary fractions which equal 1 full Legendary key. Finally, it is good to know that all these key fractions can be traded for any other token if you want to take profits.

Final Words

In this guide, I tried to explain as clearly as possible all the options and functionalities of this interesting F1 racing game. If you are a big fan of F1 racing and online gaming then this is your chance to start playing with NFTs.

Even though the F1 Delta Time Grand Prix model was launched almost two years ago, the game engine is still in Beta modus. Similar to NFTs and blockchain technology which are still in their infancy the game needs ongoing improvements as well. All in all, this-play-to earn game introduces a new sports audience to blockchain technology and NFTs in particular.

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