Fieldcoin Review with agriculture

FieldCoin Review: Leveraging Blockchain Technology for a Sustainable Agro-sector

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This Fieldcoin review will cover its plans to conquer the agricultural industry with the help of decentralized blockchain technology.

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FieldCoin Review: Introduction

Real estate billionaire Andrew Carnegie in 2019, boldly claimed that 90% of millionaires got their wealth through land investment. This claim, when analyzed from a technical perspective, shows that, no matter how exaggerated this statement might seem, it still has some iota of truth in it.

Since time immemorial, land ownership has been considered a measure of wealth. Moreover, the inclusion of several other agricultural assets makes it even more profound. For instance, Warren Buffet and Donald Bren are some notables names on the list of successful investors. Additionally, these investors have earned huge dividends from this multi-trillion dollar industry. 

agricultural assets

It is, however, important to note that the purpose for which a piece of land is being purchased today determines how economically viable such investment will be. Also, agricultural practices have been proven to be one of the best ventures. In fact, they increase the economic viability of this fixed asset. Statistics show that we currently use 50 percent of global habitable land for agriculture, which yields over 2.4 trillion dollars annually.

In the past years, the agricultural industry has been in heavy decline

Studies have shown that the agricultural industry has experienced a major decline in recent years. Also, experts believe this problem could be associated with the fact that many regions in the world today favor other sources of revenue generation over agriculture. For example, Geographical representation shows that thousands of hectares of land are currently being converted to refineries or power plants. Originally, all this land was being used for agricultural purposes, instead, various other industries have been replacing it.

In order to save this rich industry, it is of great importance not just for revenue generation, but for human survival generally. Also, this industry, unlike any other, is important in every facet of human life. Experts fear that if this situation of lack of agricultural practice in our world continues, the world should brace herself for a global food crisis in the nearest future. Finally, to come with a proper solution, this FieldCoin review will cover it all.

About FieldCoin

In the first place, Fieldcoin is a blockchain-powered project aimed at delivering unmatched services in the aspect of land acquisition. Additionally, it is providing a robust network where agro-business can thrive on a global scale. In detail, Fieldcoin intends to develop a vast marketplace for the easy acquisition and management of landed properties. Furthermore, this acquiring of land can be done in a fully decentralized manner by using digital currencies.

Fieldcoin review traceability

This revolutionary project recognizes the important role the agricultural sector plays in our world today. Moreover, this project is able to integrate modern technology into the agro-business sector, by creating a transparent network for land-owners and farmers. Furthermore, it is able to conduct agro-business activities on a fair platform. Also, by leveraging the super ability of blockchain, investors can now trace the distribution network of agricultural products. Additionally, it tracks within a particular locality, as input and output data are being stored on the chain in real-time.

The FieldCoin project is leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization

Before now, countries like Sweden, Russia, and India, to mention a few, already practice the blockchain-based land registry system. Fieldcoin however, intends to take this practice to a whole new level by creating a tokenized land acquisition scheme. In addition, this scheme is fully powered by a unique token that will enable investors to acquire land properties. Moreover, it also guarantees that holders of this token maintain full proprietary rights. By doing so, Fieldcoin will be able to provide lasting solutions to the growing global monetary crisis. Besides, its solution is simple because it has built an eco-system where liquidating land property and real estate assets are feasible. 

The Fieldcoin’s Trade-Back Token and Proof-of-Asset protocol will help ensure that the effects of market pull-backs are minimal. This protocol will also help in tackling the problems of liquidity, accessibility and ownership security in the ecosystem; thereby creating a cohesive framework for easy implementation of agro-development on a global scale.

Features and Benefits of FieldCoin

  • A disruptive and decentralized agricultural business powered by blockchain technology
  • An innovative method of land tokenization
  • Easy means of tracking the agricultural products distribution network
  • Empowering landowners and Farmers
  • Provides a feasible solution to the imminent global food crisis

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The Fieldcoin token economics is pretty robust, unlike anything we have ever seen before in the blockchain industry. Fieldcoin intends to work with two tokens which have totally distinctive functions instrumental to the general development of the ecosystem.

The first token is the well-known ERC20 utility token which will be distributed during the Field Coin Offering (FCO) launched to finance the project. The second token is an ERC721 token. It will be used by investors to purchase land properties on the network which guarantees full property rights to the holder.

FieldCoin(FLC) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens1.000.000.000 FLC
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supplyunknown
Token formatsERC20, ERC721
Nominal price1 FLC = 0.05 USD

Final thoughts

In a world where land is being regarded as the most valuable fixed asset one can acquire, the need for modern blockchain technology is appreciated. Moreover, by leveraging this technology it improves how these assets could be managed the right way. In fact, managing these assets well is key to the major development of the world’s economy. In general, Fieldcoin will be able to incorporate four of the most disruptive innovations; IoT, Blockchain technology, Agribusiness technologies, and Crowdfunding. Finally, to end this Fieldcoin review, to conquer this multi-billion dollar industry, is obviously a major challenge for this young blockchain project.

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