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HUSL token is a decentralized online fitness and health application. This HUSL App review will cover its use case, usability, and some other interesting features.

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HUSL App Review: Introduction

Productivity is a function of one’s mental and physical wellbeing. To perform optimally at work, school, or anywhere, we must maintain sound health; after all, health is wealth.

Nowadays, firms are realizing the importance of keeping their workforce fit, and this has popularized new trends. Late last year, viral news of a Japanese firm paying employees to get full night’s sleep surfaced the internet.Besides, aside from increased productivity and weight loss, there are numerous other benefits of keeping fit. Increase in life expectancy, improvement of quality of life, reduction of injury and ailment risks, etc are other perks of physical fitness.

Despite the benefits afforded by physical fitness, only a few people engage in fitness-related activities. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) reports that only 19percent of US population was engaged in sports and exercise each day in 2017. On a global scale, less than 5% of adults participate in thirty minutes of physical activity each day.

From the stats, it is easy to conclude that many people are not concerned about their fitness, but in reality, willingness to exercise is usually not enough. In addition, the fitness and health industry is affected by shortcomings such as high cost of hiring fitness trainers, lack of innovative health and fitness facilities, difficulty in redeeming loyalty points, etc.

Blockchain In Healthcare

Blockchain technology is at the heart of many modern disruptive solutions. In healthcare, blockchain technology is changing the game for good. Furthermore, one innovative feature introduced is the decentralization of the patient’s medical records. This prevents medical practitioners and hospitals from misusing patients’ data without their knowledge and consent. Health service providers are expected to deploy blockchain-based medical record management, software-driven medical appliances, and other incoming applications of blockchain in the healthcare sector.

The Hustle Solution

HUSL App is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to promote health and fitness by providing solutions to industry challenges. The Hustle project identifies the root problems hindering the advancement of fitness and health-related activities in individuals and responses by integrating consumer-centric solutions in its mobile application, ‘HUSL App’.

Whatever your excuse is for not making the tiny fraction of fitness-savvy individuals, Hustle is here to welcome you to the fold!

Healthcare fitness training

Motivation to workout is an important factor that many people lack. To awaken the zeal, connecting with like minds is necessary. HUSL App connects people sharing the common goal of fitness and health together. Moreover, users can take advantage of this by drawing motivation and tips from other users on the platform. Also, they can set group challenges for themselves and occasionally review progress.

HUSL App review: No need to hire costly fitness experts

The high cost of hiring fitness experts is a vital reason for backing the founding of Hustle project. In remote areas, accessibility to fitness trainers is an even greater problem. On the HUSL App, users can easily access and work with professional fitness trainers. They can either choose to work remotely or connect with a trainer in their geographical location.

HUSL App incorporates different difficulty levels (novice to advanced) and well-structured fitness programs to ensure that users gradually scale up the fitness ladder in the safest possible manner. While on this, reward schemes are there to serve as a motivating factor. Also, for completing daily fitness challenges, users earn HUSL tokens. Additionally, accumulated tokens can either be traded on exchanges or redeemed in fitness facilities for membership.

Features and Benefits of HUSL App

In this HUSL App review a summary of the main features and benefits.

  • Promotion of health, wellness, and fitness
  • Motivating individuals through the reward system and loyalty programs
  • Enabling easy access to professional fitness trainers
  • Reduced cost of hiring trainers
  • Group fitness training
  • Progress tracker on Hustle App
  • Diet and nutrition plan depending on the user’s goals.

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Token economy

HUSL is an ERC20 utility token that fuels transactions in Hustle ecosystem. Fitness kit vendors and trainers on Hustle accept payments exclusively in HUSL tokens. Users are also rewarded for completing challenges with HUSL token.

Final Thoughts

Keeping fit is vital to living a healthy life. HUSL App desires to improve the quality of life of as many as possible by making fitness training programs and mentorship accessible to all.

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