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This Juiice review will go in further detail about the solution this team is trying to solve with centralized social media platforms.

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Juiice Review: Introduction

Blogs, social media, print media, and every other means of communication and information dissemination thrive on content creation. In addition, marketing and advertisement also depend on solid content. This, to attract and create engagement with the target demographic. 

With the advent of the internet and social media platforms, content creation has assumed an entirely different dimension. In fact, almost anybody can create viral content with their mobile devices from the comfort of their homes. However, the downside is; unlike conventional print media where content creators are duly rewarded for their efforts, online influencers and content creators hardly get rewarded for theirs. Firstly, every viral post is an opportunity for social media platforms to further enrich themselves. Secondly, content creators suffer from the difficulty in establishing ownership of intellectual property, a factor that promotes plagiarism.

social media platform and content creators

The market potentials are staggering. Also, platform owners earn billions of dollars in revenue annually, with a huge portion of that coming from advertisements and other user-created content. In particular, you and I are unpaid employees of these social media platforms. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they do all their best to keep users in the dark on their advertisement revenue.

To create better cyberspace for content creators and intellectual property owners, steps must be made to grease their wheels. In the first place, they must be rewarded for their input. Also, current practices that allow social media platforms to monopolize returns must be adjusted to attain a user-friendly and incentive-driven ecosystem.

About Juiice

This Juiice review starts with its noble mission to incentivize the social media space. Moreover, platform owners would no longer possess sole control of advertising and content revenue; instead, there would be a seamless circulation of funds to content creators and intellectual property owners.

In the first place, Juiice will reward users for their activity and will share advertisement revenue with them. Also, it presents the first fully decentralized, community-driven platform that places the concern of users at the forefront of operations. As a matter of fact, users are the decision-makers on Juiice.

Influencing and content creation is just about to be lucrative. For example, spending money on data and sharing posts, everyone deserves a ‘piece of cake’ in this multibillion-dollar industry. Viral or not, Juiice will reward you for sharing your content and contributing to the growth of the platform. As a result, this motivates casual users to lend their voice more often on the platform. Users can also express endorsement or likeness for posts by tipping the author with tokens. Finally, this will encourage content creators to deliver more quality and valuable content.

Juice review with gamified system


When a user amasses up to 1000JUI tokens from tips, rewards and ad revenue, a new account level known as ‘Juiice Power Account’ is unlocked. Furthermore, users can attain this level by purchasing the same amount of JUI tokens. In fact, Juiice Power account signifies a certain level of user commitment and helps curb multiple account creation, false information dissemination, and other menaces. 

Especially for brands seeking promotion, Juiice helps to simplify their influencer hiring process. With stats, rankings and track record of top influencers, online advertisement just got better and easier. Besides, brands can also post gigs and requirements for qualified influencers to apply.

Features and benefits of Juiice  

  • Free account creation
  • Fully incentivized ecosystem
  • Community driven platform with no central authority
  • Influencer tools to enable brands hire top influencers 
  • Daily bonuses for users who complete quests
  • Referral bonuses 

Video review

Token economics

Total amount raised for ICO500K US dollars
Total number of tokens50.000.000.000 JUI
Emission rateNo further tokens will be generated
Circulation supply30.000.000.000 JUI
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 JUI = 0.0002 USD

Final thought

After all, Juiice presents a radical solution to everyday challenges in cyberspace. Additionally, every participant is a winner on Juiice. As macro-influencer, brand, content creator or casual user, there’s something for you on Juiice.

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