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Karuschain Review: Disrupting the Precious Metal Supply Chain through Blockchain Technology

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This Karuschain review will discuss its plans to disrupt the precious metals sector with a brand new supply chain supported with blockchain.

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Karuschain Review: Introduction

Man’s interaction with precious metals could be considered as old as time itself. Firstly, prior to the introduction of modern methods of value transfer including coins and paper money to mention a few metals have been popular also. Additionally, these highly valued metals were utilized in various countries to transfer assets worth billions of dollars.

The level of sustainability the precious metals industry possesses makes it highly sought after by key investors around the world. For example, the industry was estimated to be worth over 700 billion dollars in 2019, and research shows that it is set to experience major growth in the coming years. The major concern, however, is how the activities carried out within this vast industry are monitored effectively. In fact, reports show that billions of dollars are being lost annually due to the lack of transparency in the global supply chain of precious metals. Also, to make things worse, experts have raised concerns about how illegal mining activities have sky-rocketed since the price of metals rose exponentially in the early 2000s.

precious metals with supply chain

Although several measures have been implemented by various government agencies in regions where these illegal activities are predominant, only a little progress has been made to curb this crisis in recent years. Furthermore, it is imperative that the development of this multi-billion dollar industry isn’t stunted by these long-existing problems highlighted above. Finally, the need to integrate a fully transparent and effective system is really crucial at this point. Next, in this article a thorough review of the Karuschain project.

About Karuschain

In the first place, Karuschain is a project poised at providing all-round transparency to the precious metal supply chain. Additionally, Karuschain aims at providing a fully disruptive and decentralized system powered by blockchain technology. In fact, this system will be responsible for the effective tracking of the production process. In addition, it tracks the distribution, and supply of precious metals across the globe with zero fear of hitch within the chain.

With Karuschain, every key player in this vast industry is given full priority. Moreover, players in the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry will benefit from this innovative system. In detail, it provides unmatched tracking services through a decentralized data framework where immutability is inherent to prevent fraudulent activities. Besides, this modern approach adopted by Karuschain will help ensure that the whole supply chain is fully functional. All this in a bid to improve productivity on a global scale.

Karuschain review market for precious metals

Tracking of precious metals in a fully digitalized way

In the first place and in full compliance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) guidelines. Moreover, these guidelines envision a fully digitalized industry. In fact, Karuschain is able to leverage the immutability and security provided by blockchain technology. Additionally, blockchain technology facilitates the easy distribution of data across each of the various sectors in the industry.

Now, tracking of all outputs and inputs across the supply chain in the upstream and downstream sector of the precious metal industry can be done in real-time.

Karuschain will partner with major players in the industry, as well as with one of the largest enterprise software firms, MineRP. Furthermore, this cooperation is needed in order to ensure the major adoption of this project on a global scale. Also, the expected market penetration rate projected by the Karuschain team is unlike anything we have ever seen in the blockchain-sphere.

Features and Benefits of Karuschain

  • Full transparency across the precious metal supply chain globally
  • Integration of blockchain technology for seamless data distribution across major sectors in the precious metal industry.
  • Secure and immutable database to curb illegal activities.
  • Smart contract implementation for easy and smooth transactions

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The KRS token is the traditional token that will be used to facilitate transactions on the Karuschain ecosystem. In addition, this unique token will be made available in the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) campaign for the general public to key into this promising project.

Karuschain(KRS) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens500.000.000 KRS
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supplyUnknown
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 KRS = 0.10 USD

Final thoughts

In the fight to ensure the sustainability of one of the oldest industries in our world today, the need to provide a lasting solution to problems rocking this industry is paramount. In fact, Karuschain is trying to achieve this by integrating one of the most modern forms of technologies present in our world today. Also, by utilizing its abilities to curb these existing problems is obviously the best form of intervention this industry has been in need of for decades. In general and to end this review, Karuschain is not just like any other blockchain projects, it is revolutionary.

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