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Karvuon Review: Creating Sustainable Energy for the Future of Bitcoin

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This Karvuon review covers its ambitious plans for creating a sustainable energy grid for all blockchain projects in the world.

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Karvuon Review: Introduction

The growing need for energy in our world today is close to unimaginable. With over 7.5 billion people currently living on the planet today, this vital resource has proven to be really integral for their daily survival. A fascinating statistic released in 2015 shows that man’s journey in terms of energy consumption has come a long way. In fact, the total energy currently consumed on a global scale annually has been estimated to be 25 times more than it was in the 1800s, according to Energy Access.

In the first place, the importance of energy in basically every major sector driving the world’s economy cannot be overemphasized. Also, the rise in the level of innovation by most of these sectors is causing a major growth in the rate of energy consumption. To fulfill this need the search for alternative energy resources is paramount to match our ever-growing energy needs.

Global energy consumption is growing at an exponential rate

Since the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in 2009, the total energy consumed by the internet-sphere has grown exponentially. Furthermore, it is no news to any blockchain-savvy individual, how much energy is needed for the mining of cryptocurrency on a daily basis. Additionally, many experts in the industry have big concerns on how to embrace the massive adoption of digital assets.

Currently, this new expanding technology is having a devastating effect on the global energy consumption rate. Moreover, many fear that if this trend continues, a massive energy crisis is imminent. For example, recent research shows that the current amount of energy used in crypto mining is enough to power Ireland (about 24Twh) for a whole year. Additionally, further reports also suggest that this figure will only triple in the coming years. Next in this Karvuon review, a deep dive in the project teams’ ambitious plan to come with a sustainable solution for this.

About Karvuon

Karvuon Review and sustainable energy

Karvuon is poised at providing sustainable large-scale energy to the blockchain industry. In fact, they plan to do this by harnessing the cleanest forms of energy on the planet today. Moreover, Karvuon intends to provide a vast energy distribution network that cuts across every section of the industry by leveraging green energy. 

Karvuon’s big plan goes beyond just building a vast energy network. In addition, it is aimed at revolutionizing the whole blockchain industry by creating a whole new ecosystem. In detail, this ecosystem is a robust network of infrastructure aimed at blockchain development for small and medium projects. Also, this infrastructure will be located in Mongolia; a perfect place for green energy.

A brand new industrial park in the low-density area of Mongolia

Located in East Asia, Mongolia is one of Asia’s major green energy hub. With its total renewable energy potential estimated to be over 2.6 terawatts, this region is obviously one of the most suitable for a project of this magnitude. In this eco-friendly environment, Karvuon plans to construct an industrial park. Moreover, this is the place where large scale blockchain data processing, as well as crypto mining, can be facilitated. As a result, creating a fully profitable eco-system for shareholders/token holders.

By taking full advantage of solar, wind and coal energy, Karvuon intends to create the largest power grid in East Asia. Moreover, this power grid is not only dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-related activities but to sustain the energy demand of other industries. In fact, with over 327 million tons of JORC-approved coal deposits already in place, the first phase of energy generation is already in motion.

One fascinating thing about the Karvuon project is that anyone from anywhere in the world could be a part of this history-defining project. By taking advantage of their IEO and STO campaigns, users can now acquire tokenized energy in form of a fully unique utility token which could later be exchanged for security tokens at the start of the STO campaigns, giving them full entitlement to certain dividends

Features and Benefits of KARVUON

  • Cost-effective and reliable energy generation
  • Vast blockchain data network
  • Unmatched cryptocurrency mining ability
  • Massive Job Creation through the development of the Karvuon Industrial Park
  • Top-notch customer service and support

Token economics

Karvuon, is creating a vast token economy, unlike anything we have ever seen in the crypto-sphere. With the help of a fully capable team, Karvuon is able to provide a dual crowdfunding campaign model using the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and Security Token Offering (STO). 

Although both will run on the ERC20 token standards, each campaign will be facilitated with both a utility and security token respectively.

Video Review: Supplying power for the blockchain industry

Karvuon(KVN) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens1.246.840.000 KVN
Emission rateNo further coins will be created
IEO supply860.319.600 KVN
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 KVN = 0,02 USD

Final Thoughts

With a full-scale energy crisis imminent, the development of a sustainable source of energy to power major industries across the globe couldn’t come at a better time. Karvuon is a project not just poised at providing immediate intervention to our energy needs but to create a sustainable and robust energy network for the future generation. Finally, and to end this Karvuon review, Bitcoin could benefit most when this project succeeds. Moreover, it currently has an image problem with its PoW miners ‘wasting energy’ on calculations.

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