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This MedicoHealth review covers the features of its newly created decentralized system which will improve Healthcare and data security.

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MedicoHealth Review: Introduction

The healthcare sector is in dire need of a complete revamp. For example, lack of access to physicians has forced many people to resort to self-medication and other unsafe treatment practices. Often, the result is an aggravated condition, sometimes fatal. 

Poor healthcare accessibility heavily accounts for the high-soaring mortality rate. Besides, according to Merritt Hawkins, it took an average of 24 days for a patient to secure a doctor’s appointment in 15 cities in the USA. Needless to say, emergency cases have extremely low treatment rates. 

Another problem with the health sector is the incessant abuse of patient data. In general, many health institutions have indulged in the commoditization of patients’ medical records for their selfish gains. Moreover, patients’ private data are being sold to individuals and businesses without the owner’s consent. Finally, to checkmate this, currently adopted centralized methods of storing data must be replaced. Also, this review will deep dive into the solution of MedicoHealth which comes with a decentralized solution.

About MedicoHealth

Medicohealth is a blockchain-based platform that provides a radical solution to the problems of the modern healthcare sector. In this case, with leveraging blockchain and IT, MedicoHealth has built an innovative IT system. Meaning, this system helps to connect patients with qualified health personnel for consultations and treatment. 

Proximity and access to health centers is not an issue with MedicoHealth. Moreover, with a smart device and internet connection, anybody from any part of the world can seek medical expertise. Also, this expertise comes from specialists for an affordable fee.

MedicoHealth boasts of a rich database containing the information and ratings of over 2.5 million physicians. Furthermore, these physicians are specialized in diverse fields of healthcare. In addition, MedicoHealth provides patients with a wide range of specialists to choose from and ensures that they have enough information. Additionally, this information is required to get the best possible service. Furthermore, prices and availability of health practitioners are also indicated. Firstly, their licenses are verifiable on an immutable and secure database which is frequently updated for accuracy. Secondly, the patient’s medical records and data is also uploaded on the database. Provided that the data can be accessed by doctors once the owner’s permission is granted. This way, the problem of data theft and commoditization is also effectively solved. 

MedicoHealth Review

As Medicohealth employs immutable smart contracts to make and process payments on the blockchain. Meaning, the smart contract also serves the purpose of ensuring a high quality of service. Additionally, the patient’s fee is usually escrowed by the smart contract until completion of the service. Furthermore, this allows them to contest poor service quality. Finally, if there are no disputes, doctors who aid patients are rewarded with tokens.

Features and Benefits of MedicoHealth

  • Seamless access to physicians at low cost
  • Large database of reviews of patients and doctors
  • Complete anonymity and privacy
  • Highly secure
  • Decentralized data storage with access approval

MedicoHealth Review: Use case

Greater Volta is a small city with limited access to top-notch healthcare services. Also, its inhabitants like Annie often face challenges getting healthcare services, as the nearest standard hospital is about 5km away. In fact and thanks to Medicohealth, the tides have turned.

Annie can get her health needs attended to on her smartphone. Besides, with MedicoHealth app, she can easily connect with an expert physician. Also, this expert will pre-offer solutions after accessing her medical records. 

To summarize, Annie, like many others, can now access healthcare services easily and affordably on Medicohealth. 

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Token Economy

MHP Token is a utility that fuels the MedicoHealth ecosystem. It serves the following purposes:

  • Access management and secure data storage
  • Secure payments
  • Physician identification and license validity check.

MedicoHealth(MHP) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICO23.000.000 USD
Total number of tokens500.000.000 MHP
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supply325.000.000 MHP
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price0.08 USD

Final Thoughts

Efficient healthcare service is key to improving the quality of human lives. Unfortunately, it is a luxury rather than a norm in our present dispensation. Medicohealth is determined to correct this by ensuring that quality healthcare service is accessible to every man irrespective of social status, location, income, and other limitations.

Information and Resources

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