SaTT Review with advertising

SaTT Review: Revolutionizing Advertising via Blockchain

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In this SaTT review the use of blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional advertising industry. Also a deep dive into their token model.

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SaTT Review: Introduction

The global advertising industry is currently at a stage that experts often refer to as the apex Stage of any industry’s life-cycle. The level of development that this industry has experienced in recent years has been nothing short of mind-boggling. Today, modern technology is being leveraged to achieve a high level of productivity and profitability in this vast industry which raked in over 560 billion dollars in 2019.

It is no news to any media expert that this multi-billion dollar industry is being faced with several challenges threatening to stunt its further development. Over the years, advertisers and publishers have gone at loggerheads with each other over various issues ranging from technical failure which has led to late payment of agreed fees, to delay in meeting campaign targets, as well as a long list of other associated problems.

The several costs for advertisers are just too high

Advertisers have also had to deal with the prohibitive cost of entry and monthly billings for campaigns without any assurance that these adverts would reach their target audience. Also, with the centralized advertisement agencies, payment of commission to affiliates may take several months, resulting in exorbitant transfer fees and blocking where the minimum billing amount is not met.

Advertising costs per click

The list of problems associated with centralized advertisement agencies are countless, and for this reason, many have questioned its level of effectiveness in the aspect of achieving maximum productivity. Having to deal with frequent cyber-attacks which has led to the loss of data as well as valuable time, has raised the need for a suitable alternative, i.e. a much more decentralized, secured, and transparent alternative that can serve at the best interest of every party involved. In this SaTT review a solution for this with blockchain technology.

About SaTT

Firstly, the Smart Advertising Transaction Token(SaTT) is developed by Atayen Inc. In addition, it provides a convenient and secure transaction medium between advertising companies and content developers. SaTT is designed to function via an array of instructions put together in a smart contract. Furthermore, this contract lists advertising offers with all its data securely held in the Ethereum blockchain.

In the first place, SaTT has been designed to bring total disruption to this industry through the use of blockchain technology. In addition, this technology provides a decentralized and transparent system. Moreover to fairly assess the results of various advertising campaigns based on some standard criteria already registered on the smart contract.

Smart contracts are very useful in the advertising industry

Also, the introduction of this smart token clearly brings an end to the era of centralized advertising agencies, technical difficulties, excess human workload, and delayed payments.

In particular, SaTT recognizes the true aim of advertisement. Meaning to ensure that information about the products or services to be rendered is being made public to potential customers. Additionally, and for this reason, SaTT provides a simple, fast, and powerful tool that identifies the best communication medium.

Oracle: A tool on the blockchain to regulate campaigns

Also, this tool is very effective for a particular kind of campaign. In particular, it locates potential customers/partners, as well as maximizes the penetration rate of these advertisements. Furthermore to ultimately increase visibility and generate traffic and sales opportunities.

SaTT review with their wallet

In detail, Oracle, is one viable tool associated with the SaTT smart contract. It is an application which can be developed by Atayen Inc, or by any third-party developer via the SaTT API. Also, it is responsible for providing information on the performance of a campaign through statistical analysis. For example, on a number of clicks, a number of views, the ability to participate, and validation of campaign integrity. With these data, the system can determine if the conditions of the smart contracts are fulfilled and then facilitate payment to the involved parties.

Features and Benefits of SaTT

  • Decentralized, secure and distributed database that guarantees data integrity
  • Smart Contract
  • High Ad penetration rate 
  • Reduced costs and high transaction speed
  • No middleman 
  • Access to relevant statistics by every party involved.


The Smart Advertising Transaction Token(SaTT) has been uniquely designed to run on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, the token can be used in order to facilitate transactions between advertisers and publishers. In general, this utility token can be easily stored on the traditional SaTT wallet, any ERC20 wallet, or on a Nano ledger key. 

SaTT coin: numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens20.000.000.000 SaTT
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supplyUnknown
Token formatsERC20, ERC223
Nominal price1 SaTT = 0.0042 USD

Final thoughts

In a world fully driven by technological advancement, the need to minimize human workload and improve productivity is really vital. Moreover, by leveraging the best form of technology in order to achieve this is a really commendable effort by Atayen, Inc. Finally, it couldn’t have come at a better time where SaTT has provided a bright future for the advertising industry. To end this SaTT review: Let’s all embrace it!

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