Swissborg Review

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This Swissborg review will cover the new features of their crypto portfolio management platform. Additionally, this platform targets the very young crypto-asset markets.

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Swissborg Review: Introduction

Digital assets are quickly becoming an integral aspect of human existence. Especially since the numerous flaws of government-controlled fiat currencies have become apparent to all. Also, more people are embracing the idea of using cryptocurrencies because it restores total control of their assets. Additionally, cryptocurrencies have a unique property that is not dependent on government economic policies.

On the other side of the coin, cryptocurrencies are known to lack interoperability since their use is restricted to the confines of their ecosystem. Furthermore, this hard to use ecosystem has negatively impacted crypto asset management. In detail, existing blockchain networks are very difficult to integrate with current IT systems including crypto asset management applications.

Current portfolio and asset management systems aren’t compatible with the crypto markets

The existence of numerous coins and tokens, including their inherent volatility introduces the need for decent asset management plans. This in order to yield maximum possible returns and reduce risks to the barest minimum.

For instance, current legacy systems lack proper functionality to deal with data available on blockchains. Also, to ensure that the gap between crypto and fiat money is effectively bridged, the need for proper blockchain applications is growing. This includes investment strategies, asset management, risk mitigation schemes, etc to open the gate to the world of digital assets.

About Swissborg

Swissborg is a blockchain-based platform that adopts a community-centric approach towards cryptocurrency wealth management. Additionally, they are achieving this by enabling community members to benefit immensely from a well-layered asset management ecosystem. For instance, their platform is designed to keep track of crypto assets and mitigate risks from arising volatility. On top of this, the platform provides top-notch investment solutions. 

portfolio management with Swissborg

Swissborg has tailored to suit the diverse nature and varying needs of industry participants through the adoption of SI (Swarm intelligence) technology. Meaning, SI efficiently decodes the collective behavior of individuals and decentralized systems. In addition, it offers viable asset management plans and investment schemes that best suits the particular entity. Besides, the smart mandate powered by Ethereum blockchain is another interesting feature on Swissborg. In particular, it enables seamless access and offers users full customization options through an intersection of highly secured layers of cryptography.

Features and Benefits of Swissborg

Proof of Meritocracy concept

Swissborg ecosystem thrives on a meritocratic system where wealth/income and social status are assigned through competition and merit. In general, being a community fueled platform, every member can contribute their quota towards its development in exchange for rewards.

Swissborg indexes

Swissborg indexes are sets of strategically arranged cryptocurrencies with useful market data. This, to help users’ vet properly and map a solid investment plan.

cryptocurrency portfolio and asset management

Easily accessible

Swissborg ensures that users stay connected from virtually any part of the world through the Swissborg community application. Moreover, this application is available on android and iOS. Also, the application has a sleek, intuitive interface that will be discussed in a later section of this article.

Safe and Secure

The Swissborg platform is highly secured with multiple layers of cryptography. This makes it less susceptible to hacks.

How private and institutional investors can benefit from Swissborg’s asset/wealth management platform

  • Swissborg helps the private and institutional investor to manage their crypto assets from different portfolios in an effective manner. Such compact crypto asset management will simplify the creation of inventory reports.
  • Frequent crypto assets assessment ensures that institutional financial statements are reliable and error-free.
  • Cryptocurrency loans are rapidly becoming as popular as their fiat counterpart. For instance, institutions and individuals providing this service can use Swissborg to ensure that their amortization rates are precise.
  • Proper cryptocurrency asset management can help users identify risks and take necessary measures to avoid them.
  • Investors can also bank on the services of Swissborg Investment Management Division (a team comprising of expert financial advisors and portfolio managers). In detail, to devising an efficient investment and risk management plan.

Swissborg Community Application

The Swissborg community app is an application that allows users to predict the price of bitcoin in a risk-free manner with the chance to earn rewards for correct predictions. The application comes in handy for new market entrants looking to explore the opportunities of the cryptocurrency market without bearing the risks involved.

Users earn points for accurate predictions and stand a chance to win from a prize pool of $500,000. The more points amassed, the higher a user is ranked. This ranking will place them in line to get early access to the Swissborg Wealth app which will be released soon. 

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Token Economics

The CHSB token is the ERC-20 native token of the Swissborg ecosystem. In particular, holders of this token are vested with the power to vote on referendum proposals and are rewarded in the process. Additionally, like Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, voting power is delegated according to the number of tokens held by the user. This, eliminating chances of corruptibility and ensuring that decisions reached are in the best interest of the platform and its members.

Where to buy CHSB Token?

Swissborg ecosystem with its token CHSB is already available at several bigger cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, below the places to go with the highest trading volume:

ExchangeTrading pairs

Swissborg(CHSB) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICO50.000.000 USD
Total number of tokens1.000.000.0000 CHSB
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supply575.800.000 CHSB
Token formatsERC20
Nominal price1 CHSB = 0.10 USD

Final Thoughts

Efficient asset management is a pro-business hack that has formed the backbone of many successful businesses and investments. In fact, it has proven to be important in our digital world, if not more. Finally, to end this review, Swissborg assists digital asset investors to manage their portfolio properly. Furthermore, it ensures that they do not miss out on promising investment opportunities.

Information and resources

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