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This TomoShout review covers the functionalities of its message app which is based upon TOMO. Also a token on the Tomochain network.

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TomoShout Review: Introduction

The use cases of blockchain technology are limitless, little wonder it has come a long way since inception. Even Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t foresee that a decade down the lane, new blockchain dApps may spread messages to a wider audience. In fact, which is a good thing, Highlander Network did! 

Highlander Network was launched as PoS project on the Ethereum classic network. Furthermore, Highlander Network has dialed it up a notch by developing another revolutionary project on a different blockchain. As a result, Tomochain made its birth.

TomoShout is a crispy new project built on Tomochain network that allows users to share messages which would be ranked on a leaderboard. Additionally, the goal of TomoShout is to help people reach a wider audience as it scales higher with more users.

Why Tomochain?

Tomochain is a fast-growing blockchain network with high security, low latency, and a near-zero transactional fee system. Also, Tomochain plans to adopt new scaling techniques such as sharding, EVM parallelization, and hardware integration. In general, these innovations are poised to enhance scalability and speed; a feature that makes Tomochain ideal for dApps like TomoShout. 

Important to realize is that we wrote an extensive review on Tomochain blockchain network. Additionally, it explains in more detail the plans and technology behing this promising blockchain project.

How does TomoShout work?

Keen to get started with TomoShout? Let’s have a review through the basics! 

TomoShout basically allows users to type messages with a maximum of 32 characters. These messages are placed on the leaderboard after payment in Tomo tokens. Although there are no payment thresholds, messages backed by higher amounts of tokens usually rank higher than those with lower amounts. Hence, messages are placed on the leaderboard according to the amount paid by the sender.

Besides, users can also make subsequent payments to improve the ranking of existing messages. For example, a simple analogy can be drawn from the leaderboard in the image below.

TomoShout review messages board

Let’s refer to the user whose message ranks fourth as user X. Additionally, User X paid 0.45 Tomo to have his message displayed on the leaderboard.

If he wants to rank higher, he can pay more Tomo token from the same wallet which the first payment of 0.45 Tomo was made. Furthermore, an additional payment of 2.55 Tomo will bring the balance to 3 Tomo. As a result, user X’s message will place first on the leaderboard.

TomoShout review: Tokenomics

TomoShout is a TRC21 standard project. In addition, the token standard allows users to pay transaction fees in the project’s native token(TOMO).

Features and benefits

  • Allows users to spread messages to their target audience easily and faster
  • Low cost means of advertising products or services
  • Full anonymity for users
  • Makes use of TOMO token for easy transacting
  • Highly scalable platform

TomoShout Review: Use case

Tom owns a fashion store in the heart of New York City. He aims to expand his business to enable people in other parts of the world to order and get goods delivered to them. Unfortunately, the major problem he faces is how to market his brand to the target demographic. Also, the cost of advertising is high, and there are no hopes of competing for target keywords with e-commerce giants such as eBay and Amazon.

Tom’s friend introduces him to Tomoshout dApp, a tool for sharing messages with people worldwide. He immediately buys some TOMO, writes a short message, and leaves a link to his store’s website. Moreover, rather than employing existing ideas, Tom decides to become one of the early adopters of Tomoshout; a bet that eventually paid off. Ultimately, Tom’s message got a lot of views which turned to leads and purchases from his store.


Want to leave a message for humanity? Get a Tomochain wallet, write and share on TomoShout!

Information and resources

TomoShout WebsiteTwitterTelegram
TomoShout YoutubeMedium

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