Triip protocol review for travel industry

This Triip protocol review will cover it’s Dapp technology, functionality and explain their plans to conquer the online travel industry.

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Triip Protocol Review: Introduction

The travel industry exceeded $5.29 trillion in spending in 2017, with international tourism growing rapidly in the previous years. According to new research, it is the second-fastest growing industry in the world. Furthermore, this comes as no surprise, considering that commutation is part of the everyday life of the average human.

Despite notable progress, the travel industry is far from attaining its peak. Meaning, this is partly because the modern tourism industry is too large and fragmented. Also, it affects all industry players and impacts negatively on the ease of conducting business. For example, travel service providers find it difficult to locate customers despite paying for high-end advertisements and vice versa.

The current market structure and strategies adopted by travel service providers heavily suggest that priorities are indeed misplaced. Besides, rather than investing time and effort in getting high search engine rankings, tourism service providers need to focus on more organic engagements. 

For tourist centers, innovative solutions such as receiving alerts when new tourist books a ticket to their city will provide more business value than paying for fake online reviews. Additionally, they can reach out to potential customers, pitch their services, and deliver great service quality and have them spread the word.

The peer-to-peer feature in blockchains can deliver a unified tourism industry for all participants. As a result, this technology harnesses the power of the collective and is able to steer it to greater heights. Notably, this is the main objective of Triip Protocol.

About Triip Protocol

Flow diagram of TIIM token in use

Triip protocol is a B2B2C blockchain-powered platform developed to mitigate the drawbacks of the travel industry. In detail, this platform enables all industry players to align interests and enjoy the benefits of a unified network. Furthermore, Triip Protocol aims to cut the cost of customer acquisition for service providers. Additionally, it provides an incentive system for travelers in an eco-friendly manner.  

Triip Protocol’s mode of operation is based on intelligence through blockchain. As mentioned earlier, travel service providers spend a lot of money on advertising hoping to attract travelers. In fact, this idea is not only inefficient, but it takes away revenue that should circulate within the industry and facilitate its growth. As a result, Triip Protocol proposes a more viable way for them to reach their target market – travelers. 

TriipMile(TIIM) tokens based upon Tomochain

Travelers are paid TriipMile tokens to share their travel details (Proof-of-travel) to service providers in their destination. Although they are encouraged to share travel plans, they can also keep them private. For example, travel firms receive data from travelers and provide useful insight into the location. Also, the flow of customer travel data between firms is permissible to enable them to pitch their services to travelers. In addition, travels firms get feedback on customer preferences. Moreover, this broadens customer options, stiffens competition amongst service providers/tourist centers, and ensures improved service quality.

Triip Protocol is based on Tomochain blockchain. Furthermore, it is open and decentralized. Besides, being transparent affords non-industry participants the opportunity to contribute to its growth. Also, locals can earn from providing travelers with info about their city, acting as translators and carrying out other petty tasks.   

After all, Triip Protocol users get to enjoy fast speed, scalability, and a near-zero transaction fee, courtesy of Tomochain.

Features and Benefits of Triip Protocol

  • Unified ecosystem for tourism industry players
  • Direct customer-service provider relationship. No middlemen 
  • Decentralized, immutable and trustless
  • Full privacy and anonymity for travelers when desired
  • Reduced operating costs for service providers
  • Incentives for travelers who share proof-of-travel

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Token economy

TriipMiles(TIIM) is the native token used for transactions and rewards on Triip Protocol ecosystem. Furthermore, it is a dual standard token (ERC 20 and ERC 677). In other words, this TriipMiles token is compatible with two blockchain systems: Ethereum blockchain network and Tomochain blockchain network.

TriipMiles(TIIM) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICO$700.000
Total number of tokens500 million TIIM
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Tokens available165 million(33%)
Token formatsERC20, ERC677
Nominal price1 TOMO = 55 TIIM / 1 ETH = 8800 TIIM

Final thoughts

Blockchain technology has played a major role in improving several industries in our modern world. In addition, the travel industry is set to join the list, as Triip Protocol sets it on the path to unprecedented growth.

Information and resources

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