Best ways to buy Safemoon

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What are the best ways to buy Safemoon? This guide explains the Safemoon buying journey in detail. Gives the 3 best options depending on your situation as an investor in this promising crypto project.

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, lots of new coins have been appearing. Indeed, according to Coinmarketcap – a famous cryptocurrency data website – there are more than 17000(!) cryptocurrencies in existence. One such example is SafeMoon(SFM), which has been in existence for just under a year. During this period the value of the coin first rose 1,374,900% in value, from $0.000000001 till the ATH of $0.00001375 in April 2021.

Unfortunately, this ATH price of $0.00001375 for 1 SFM was short-lived and until today the price has dropped more than 90% to a price of $0.000002019 at the time of writing.

Therefore, is Safemoon dead? If you just consider this volatile price action many experienced investors would agree upon this, however, this is also the crypto market where nothing is impossible.

Moreover, if you follow the activity of the project on several social media channels the project is far from dead. For instance, on their Twitter account @Safemoon they have more than 1,3 million(!) followers, on Instagram, the Safemoonhq has more than 125K followers and on their Discord server there are 121K members. All this is very impressive for a cryptocurrency project that is less than a year old.

Besides the huge following on social media, the developers who are running the project are very active. Recently, they released the Safemoon V2 upgrade which gained a lot of excitement.

In summary, it’s very safe to consider this project as alive and kicking instead of being a dead crypto project. Thereupon, if you are interested as an investor, this guide will help you through the somehow ‘difficult buying journey‘ of this rising crypto project.

Best Ways to Buy Safemoon(SFM)

As stated above, the buying journey for Safemoon is quite difficult, due to specific characteristics of the project(more on this later). In short, you have 3 options to buy Safemoon and it’s up to you to decide what’s the best option.

  • Buy Safemoon(SFM) with Trustwallet
  • Purchase Safemoon with their Wallet App
  • Acquire Safemoon with Metamask

Later on in this Safemoon buying guide, a detailed step-by-step journey for each option. First of all, a deeper explanation of the history and background of this coin.

What is Safemoon? How does Safemoon work?

Safemoon has two founders, John Karony(CEO) and Thomas Smith(CTO), and functions as a company in the cryptocurrency industry. As of today, only Karony is being active for Safemoon.

Safemoon can be considered a brand new DeFi protocol in which the token SFM functions as the heart and veins of this blockchain. Because Safemoon functions as a DeFi protocol, each trade executed on the network has its consequences. Particularly, executing a trade has four functions: Reflection, LP acquisition, Token burn, and Growth fund.

Simply put, if you decide to sell/swap your Safemoon for another token you are ‘penalized‘ with a 10% fee. Meaning, 4% of this swap is being redistributed to all existing SFM holders, 3% will be added to the liquidity pool(BNB). In addition, 2% of the trade will be burned, and finally, 1% of the fees will be added to the project growth fund. Keep in mind that this trade will be executed by a smart contract and therefore fully automated without any third-party intermediaries.

In fact, this high 10% selling fee makes sure that a lot of people just ‘HODL‘ Safemoon also because every trade rewards these token holders with 4% reflections(new SFM tokens). Or in other words, it’s ‘Safe‘ to hold SFM and wait for it to moon 😆.

The benefits of holding Safemoon(SFM)

Holding SFM in a wallet and waiting for it to ‘moon’ can be very beneficial in the end. The reflection rewards can give you an 80% APY, which is staggering when compared to traditional interest accounts. SafeMoon protocol will gain value over time thanks to its coin-burning strategy, making it a deflationary digital currency.

Safemoon V2 Protocol

💵Market capitalizationCirculation supply🧑‍🤝‍🧑Holders📊SFM APY
$1 Billion567 billion SFM600K(+)80.00%
💰Sell SFM Fees
💰General Fees
To Holders4.00%Swap fees2.00%
To Liquidity pool3.00%Wallet transfers2.00%
Burned SFM2.00%Sell SFM10.00%
Growth fund1.00%

All characteristics regarding Safemoon V2 protocol

The future(roadmap) of Safemoon

Just remember that this crypto project is less than a year old and there’s a lot in the works for 2022 and beyond. Also, as an investor, you are still very early and also a great opportunity to participate in seeing this project grow and (maybe) become mainstream one day.

What is exactly being worked on at the moment? Recently, at the end of 2021, the project launched its own wallet app which is available for Android and IOS for download. Next, the following items will be delivered in chronological order:

  • NFT marketplace(Buying NFTs with SFM tokens)
  • Own blockchain(Currently on Binance Chain)
  • Safemoon exchange(Swap tokens on Safemoon blockchain)
  • Hardware wallet(A hardware ‘cold’ wallet)

What is the best way to buy Safemoon?

As mentioned earlier, trying to buy at least 1 SFM can be quite difficult. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Safemoon acts as a protocol instead of a regular crypto coin. As a result of this, buying and selling SFM on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase is very hard.

Of course, the Safemoon team is fully aware of this and on their website, they will guide you through the process as easily as possible. Despite these efforts of the team, there isn’t one best option available to buy Safemoon and many investors find it hard to acquire SFM coins. Moreover, buying Safemoon also depends on the level you have as a cryptocurrency investor in general.

To speed up the buying process and make it a more easy exercise I’ll guide you through the 3 best ways to buy Safemoon depending on what suits you best.

Option 1: Buy Safemoon with a Discount(Use Binance)

The first way to buy Safemoon is by using Binance cryptocurrency exchange which is the cheapest option if you calculate all fees for buying and swapping tokens.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange among traders on a global scale. Also, based on daily(24h) trading volumes, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

As a result of this, it is very easy to trade BNB for fiat or another cryptocurrency, which you should do as well at this point. Besides, the trading fees on Binance are the lowest in the world(0.075%).

Reason to buy Safemoon with BNB

Why BNB? As mentioned earlier, Safemoon acts as a DeFi protocol and can only be bought using a smart contract on the Binance Chain(BSC). Meaning, to buy Safemoon(SFM) you first need to buy or own BNB which resides on the Binance Chain. Below are the steps needed to purchase BNB on Binance with money(*).

📣Pay attention: Unfortunately, Safemoon(SFM) is NOT listed on the Binance exchange and therefore you can’t trade SFM directly here. Instead, you have to buy BNB first!

Buy BNB on Binance

  • Create a (Email or mobile phone)
  • Upload ID(Every crypto exchange asks you to identify or KYC)
  • Deposit funds(EUR, USD, GPB or any other)
  • Trade your funds for BNB on the Binance platform

(*) If you already own some crypto but don’t have a Binance account. Alternatively, you can deposit crypto to Binance and trade this for BNB instead of depositing new fiat money.

Withdraw BNB to Trustwallet

Additionally, to start to buy Safemoon with BNB, you need to withdraw BNB from Binance. To do this you need to install Trustwallet first. After this, start to withdraw BNB from Binance. Below are the necessary steps to do this.

  • On Trustwallet: find BNB token, make sure it’s Smart Chain(BNB)!
  • Click deposit BNB and copy BNB-address
  • On the Binance platform: Go to ‘Wallet
  • Choose ‘Withdraw‘ button
  • For coin select BNB and choose BSC as network
  • Confirm by clicking ‘Withdraw‘ button
Withdraw BNB from Binance on BSC network
Withdraw BNB from Binance on BSC network

Swap BNB for SFM on Trustwallet

When you receive BNB in Trustwallet, the next thing to do is buy Safemoon with it.

  • On Trustwallet: Choose ‘DApps‘ below in menu
  • Search for PancakeSwap
  • Click Exchange / PancakeSwap
  • On PancakeSwap: Choose ‘Connect Wallet’
  • Choose for Trustwallet here and ‘Confirm’
  • Click ‘Settings‘ and enter 12% for ‘Slippage‘ value
  • Go to and copy contract address below ‘Safemoon (SFM) V2 contract‘ to clipboard.
  • On PancakeSwap: Click BNB symbol
  • On searchbox: copy SFM contract address and choose ‘Import
  • Now Swap BNB for SFM(V2)
Add Safemoon(SFM) symbol to PancakeSwap
Add Safemoon(SFM) symbol to PancakeSwap

Option 2: Buy SFM from within Safemoon Wallet(Fast)

Are you not interested in creating an account at Binance to buy BNB? Luckily for you, there is another option to buy Safemoon without Binance. This way to buy Safemoon is therefore fast as you can use the Safemoon Wallet App to directly buy SFM there.

So what has the new Safemoon Wallet to offer? The wallet is easy to understand, even for crypto and blockchain beginners. Furthermore, the calculator will break down exactly which tokens you’re purchasing, opening the door to the world of decentralized finance.

Besides SFM coins, Ethereum, and BNB are some of the most popular crypto tokens that can be traded here. Finally, the Safemoon Wallet is safe where Face ID 2-layer security and Google authenticator can be used. The Safemoon Wallet is available for download on Android and IOS devices.

Safemoon Wallet for Android
Safemoon Wallet for Android

Buy BNB with Moonpay is Expensive

Again, buying Safemoon with Safemoon Wallet can be a very fast and easy exercise. However, remember that buying Safemoon(SFM) this way can be quite expensive. To acquire Safemoon with USD you need to buy BNB with USD or EUR first.

Indeed, the Safemoon Wallet uses a third party called Moonpay for buying BNB with USD or EUR. Particularly, MoonPay lets people exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat, or government-issued, currencies using major payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, along with debit and credit cards. was one of the earliest customers.

The fees for buying with Moonpay are divided into two parts: A flat fee of $4.99 + 3.5% will be applied on top of any purchase below $141. Once you purchase $142. and above a fee of 7% will be applied and deducted from your total amount. Additional fees: You may be charged a foreign exchange and foreign transaction fee (depending on the terms of your card issuer).

Steps to Buy Safemoon with Safemoon Wallet

  • Create a wallet – Download the SafeMoon Wallet and follow the steps to make your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret! Do not share it with anyone ever!
  • Purchase BNB – Click on the ‘Buy‘ button at the top of the app, and select Smart Chain (BNB). Continue through with the purchase. This step is not instant and may take a few minutes to complete your transaction.
  • Swap BNB for Safemoon – Click on the swap button at the bottom. Ensure that the slippage is at 12%, that Smart Chain (BNB) is in the top slot, and that SafeMoon is in the bottom slot. Just click swap!
  • HODL(Hold) – Just hold SFM here and start earning reflections right away!

Option 3: Buy Safemoon using Metamask

Are you in the possession of ETH or any other token on Metamask? Also, do you favor Metamask for buying new crypto instead of Trustwallet or Safemoon Wallet? No problem! This section will explain to you in detail the best way to buy Safemoon using Metamask.

In short, Metamask is a very popular web wallet that can be used as a browser extension. Moreover, because Metamask was initially designed for the Ethereum blockchain it is mainly used to buy NFTs. Additionally, Metamask is also the most popular wallet when using DeFi on Ethereum.

Is it possible to buy Safemoon with ETH using Metamask? In a way it is, however buying Safemoon with ETH straightaway isn’t possible at the moment. To buy Safemoon with Metamask you’ll need an external exchange like or Kucoin to swap ETH for BNB. Similarly, swap BNB for SFM as explained earlier in this guide.

Configure Metamask for using Binance Chain(BSC)

Ultimately, to buy Safemoon with Metamask you need to add the Binance Chain as a blockchain network first. In this guide, I assume that you already installed and used Metamask before, if not you can install Metamask here.

To start from within Metamask it’s very important to add Binance Chain first. Additionally, you can do this by clicking above on the drop-down list ‘Ethereum Mainnet‘. A new window appears where you just click on ‘Add Network‘ button.

Next, a Metamask ‘Settings‘ window appears and you are asked to add the new network parameters. For adding the BSC mainnet enter the following values:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block-explorer URL:
Add BSC network to Metamask
Add BSC network to Metamask

Finally, to add Binance Chain to Metamask wallet, just click the ‘Save‘ button. The Binance Chain is now selected as a blockchain network in your wallet. Next, go with the mouse to ‘Account’ and copy this to the clipboard.

Your BNB-address on the Binance Chain
Your BNB-address on the Binance Chain

How to Buy Safemoon using Metamask

The steps for buying Safemoon with ETH or any other crypto from within your Metamask are similar to the Trustwallet journey in Option 1 of this guide. Also, in this example, I’m using Binance again to acquire BNB but you can also use another exchange for this. For a free account at Binance click here.

  • On Metamask: Deposit ETH to Binance(a few minutes)
  • On Binance: Convert ETH to BNB
  • Now Go to ‘Wallet’
  • Choose ‘Withdraw‘ button
  • For coin select BNB and choose BSC as network
  • Copy the BNB address from clipboard(See step above)
  • Confirm by clicking ‘Withdraw‘ button

Swap BNB for SFM using Metamask

  • Go to and copy contract address below ‘Safemoon (SFM) V2 contract‘ to clipboard.
  • On Metamask: Click on ‘Assets‘ tab and click link ‘Import tokens
  • Paste the Safemoon contract address from clipboard here
  • Click ‘Add token‘ and then ‘Import
  • Next, go to the PancakeSwap website/app, and in the top right corner, click ‘Connect‘ and select your MetaMask wallet.
  • Now click on button ‘Trade now
  • If you are using Pancakeswap for the first time you have to add SFM token first
  • Click on Cake symbol and paste the ‘Safemoon (SFM) V2 contract‘ in the search box
  • Click on ‘Import‘ button twice
  • Before you make the swap: Make sure the slippage is set to 12%
  • Swap BNB to SFM here
Swap BNB for SFM using Metamask and Pancakeswap
Swap BNB for SFM using Metamask and Pancakeswap

Finally, you have your SafeMoon in your possession and safely secured in your MetaMask wallet!


Most investors consider Safemoon(SFM) as a popular meme coin that has primary gained value due to social media channels. Other Safemoon like coins that are being hyped on social media are Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Evergrow.

At the time of writing Safemoon resides on the Binance Chain. Subsequently, to buy or swap Safemoon(SFM) you need BNB for it. So at the moment, the answer is no. However, the Safemoon team is working actively on the roadmap and is planning to launch a brand new blockchain network in 2022.

SafeMoon was designed to incentivize long-term investing and punish selling. Any investor who sells is charged a painful 10% fee. Half of that fee is added to a liquidity pool to support price stability. The other half is distributed to SafeMoon’s existing holders. Moreover, Safemoon acts as a company and is launching green renewal energy projects in Africa(Wind turbines).

Safemoon can be bought on Safemoon Wallet using Moonpay, Trustwallet using PancakeSwap, and crypto exchanges GateIO and WhiteBIT.

To raise its value and make SFM easier to list on other exchanges, Safemoon’s developers are introducing a 1000: 1 consolidation. This means that every 1,000 SAFEMOON you had before on v1 will now be counted as 1 SAFEMOON on v2. If you had 100,000 SAFEMOON before, just divide 100,000 by 1,000. This means you now have 100 SAFEMOON at 0.001854 (time of writing).

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