Xaya Review and blockchain gaming

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This Xaya review will cover its decentralized blockchain gaming platform which enables developers to build and users to earn tokens.

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Xaya Review: Introduction

Recently, the gaming industry has experienced a major upsurge in revenue and user base. Also, thanks to the era of digitization and technological advancements that have significantly improved gaming experience. A look at the compound growth rate makes it ever glaring that the industry is ripe with potentials.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality constitute the backbone and framework of a modern-day gaming interface. Additionally, aiding the creation of breathtaking visuals through three-dimensional modeling that perfectly depicts real human semblance, character, as well as real-life environments. Furthermore, multiplayer features provide a competitive atmosphere. Also, allowing thousands of players to compete against each other over the internet. Moreover, vying for a prestigious spot on the leaderboard or the highly coveted bragging rights. All these and many other features promote healthy interaction and engagement within the gaming community. In fact, any business in this industry has a big chance of earning massive returns, revenue-wise.

To summarize, the gaming industry is in a good place considering the pros, but it is still far from attaining its full potentials. 

Xaya review gaming with artificial intelligence


On the other hand, there is this new wave of decentralization and blockchain technology. In like manner, it may just be the final piece of the puzzle. In general, this technology has proven to possess disruptive capabilities that, for example, can pioneer a new world of endless gaming possibilities. Additionally, it can benefit gamers through fair gameplay systems and developers by easing gaming deployment processes. In this Xaya review, the full potential blockchain technology has in the gaming industry.

About Xaya

Gaming is fun, but only developers are aware of the underlying challenges involved in developing these games. Finally, and as a result of this hard work, we(the users) derive so much joy from it. Moreover, ensuring smooth application performance is never an easy task. For instance, developers must ensure that the game is in synchronization with the specifications of hardware components. This to prevent lagging, overheating, and poor performance. As a result, much time is spent trying to get the required balance to create a flawless outcome. Additionally, in terms of gaming architecture, performance, and user-interface.

In the first place, Xaya is a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem. Also, this system aims to revamp the industry by simplifying the developer’s task and creating an overall better gaming experience for users. In detail, Xaya makes the life of developers easier by providing them a full library of tools and game engine templates. In addition, these templates can be used to build their games, thus making game deployment less expensive, less tasking, and less time-consuming. As a result of being a decentralized system, costs involving server maintenance and upgrades are eliminated.

Create decentralized blockchain games with Xaya

Blockchain technology enables the incentivization of gaming

Provided that gamers enjoy a host of benefits on Xaya. Furthermore, they are exposed to unique game genres with rich virtual gaming universes. In addition, these games are only made possible through the decentralized autonomous universe. In fact, users also enjoy gameplay in an incentivized manner. Moreover, they can earn valuable virtual assets that can easily be traded for money when they successfully carry out periodic challenges or defeat online challengers.

Due to the rising value of virtual assets and its easily tradeable feature, the blockchain is a very helpful tool. For instance, it provides with cheats and players who aim to disrupt the game flow for others. Xaya places this in check through an effective fraud-proof system. Given that it brilliantly checkmates fraudulent acts on the platform.

Features and benefits of Xaya

Genres currently supported by Xaya:

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games

Some features that will be available on newly developed games are:

  • Provably fair
  • Decentralized and autonomous environments
  • True Item Ownership and fair acquisition
  • 24/7 Up-time
  • Play to Earn gaming Experience
  • Fraud proof trading

Video Review


CHI token is the native currency used for all transactions within Xaya’s ecosystem.

Xaya(CHI) numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICO1.620.000 USD
Total number of tokens150.000.000 CHI
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supply115.000.000 CHI
Token formatsUtility
Nominal price1 CHI = 0.1261 USD

Final thoughts

In general, Xaya is showing the world what can be achieved in the gaming industry through blockchain technology. Additionally, in the coming years, it is expected that its ideas will go mainstream and form the bedrock for a new era of gaming.

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