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Yachtco Review: Cruise on Life’s ‘Boat of Opportunities’

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This Yachtco review will cover the possibilities their decentralized system has to offer for tourists. Also, this system tracks boats and other issues in this sector.

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Yachtco Review: Introduction

Engaging in recreational activities from time to time is a great way to improve physical health and productivity. Also, for many people taking part in games, sports and tourism provide the perfect leisure experience.

Tourism is unarguably at the forefront of leisure activities. Furthermore, its economic contributions are mind-blowing. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and tourism industry is worth over $8.27 trillion.

Lack of resources in the ecosystem of boat cruising and sailing trips

Narrowing down on leisure and tourism, boat cruising and sailing trips is a fun aspect of traveling that many tourists participate in. For example, a memorable sailing trip with friends and family is often achieved with proper planning and utilization of resources. Regrettably, only a few tourists enjoy this. As a matter of fact, the number will continually decline in the absence of a resource sharing ecosystem.

Many tourists have trouble in finding the best service providers and boat cruise plans that fit into their budget. For others, payment problems, poor data security/privacy and lack of access to service providers ruin the fun in a supposed pleasurable experience. For this reason, the Yachtco project raised an ICO successfully and this review will cover it in detail.

About Yachtco

Yachtco intends to change the game through well-tailored blockchain solutions. In addition, it correctly asserts that most of the problems experienced by industry players are borne out of a lack of access to resources. As a result, this lack of resources leads to mismanagement of time and money. Yachtco is a decentralized ecosystem that connects all industry participants (guests, fleet operators, charter agencies, skippers, yacht builders, investors, etc) for the purpose of sharing resources and improving tourist experience.

boats and sailing trips on the blockchain

Yachtco’s multifaceted solution ranges from boat chartering, buying and selling, yachting jobs, price quotes for tourists, etc. In fact, Yachtco’s repository of over 30,000 private yacht rentals in about 150 destinations is designed to meet the needs of millions of travelers worldwide. Additionally, through this open repository, tourists can plan boat trips according to their budget even before landing their destination. In general, this will help save time and money required to hire third-party travel guides.

Yachtco comes with a decentralized system for all participants

Yachtco acknowledges the importance of informing tourists about events and recent happenings in their prospective destinations by integrating a yacht-related news section. In detail, with this column, people can learn about present weather conditions and their impact on sailing conditions, new yacht types, and specifications, etc.

The importance to realize is that guests are not the only industry participants that can benefit from Yachtco. In fact, a decentralized database will help fleet operators to manage bookings more effectively. They can also get reviews and respond to them accordingly. Skippers, crew, and cooks can also collect payments easily and update their availability on the platform. Finally, insurance companies that carter for fleet operators can easily reach out to potential clients, add their offers/ insurance policies and monitor the status of insured properties on the platform.

In general, Yachtco’s marketplace allows people to buy and sell yachts, boats and their parts. Besides, the marketplace is open-source, decentralized and is fueled by the ‘Yachtco’ token.

tourists can rent catamaran with Yachtco blockchain

Features and benefits of Yachtco

  • Seamless yacht charter and boat rental for tourists
  • Easy access to yacht rental service providers and other industry-related resources
  • Open marketplace for buying and selling boats and their parts
  • Access to hundreds of yachting jobs
  • Free price quotes for travelers based on their preferences
  • Option to charter skipper and crew for a better experience

Video Review

Token economics

Yachtco token is the native token of the ecosystem. Furthermore, it is a utility token built on Waves platform.

Yachtco numbers & details

Total amount raised for ICOUnknown
Total number of tokens1.000.000.000 Yachtco
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Circulation supply700.000.000 Yachtco
Token formatsNative token of Waves platform
Nominal price1 Yachtco = 0.20 EURO

Final thoughts

A decentralized ecosystem is undoubtedly key to bridging the gap in the industry. In fact, Yachtco avails tourists the benefit of a secure, resource-filled community for them to conveniently cruise through life on a boat of opportunities.

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