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In this Publish0x Review a detailed view of the unique features of this online blogging platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency.

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Publish0x Review: Introduction

Blockchain technology has shown great prospects in its ability to disrupt virtually every industry one could possibly think of. Its trustless, transparent, and decentralized nature gives it an overwhelming edge over the traditional off-chain systems.

In fact, by being public ledgers, they are verifiable, immutable, and indestructible. Additionally, these systems are making blockchains the ideal choice for applications where transparency is a primary concern.

In particular, blockchain technology is often commonly associated with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, online digital money was the first use case of blockchain technology that is using a public distributed ledger.

The mainstream adoption of blockchain is still in its infancy

Despite the potentials of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, real-time deployment and mainstream adoption are showing a slow pace. Though there are a number of reasons this can be attributed to, the foremost remains the fact that only a few are familiar with the concept of this young technology.

Publish0X and blockchain technology

In particular, these are decentralization, digital assets (and every other blockchain/crypto jargon you can think of), and computational networks. Meaning, blockchain, and crypto are synonymous with complexity only used by some tech-savvy millennials. In this Publish0X review, a deep-dive in their project to get their platform the mainstream attention. Moreover, they are using blockchain technology to incentivize online bloggers.

About Publish0x

First of all, Publish0x is all about enlightening people about crypto, blockchain, and its numerous applications. Also, Publish0x is providing a platform where authors can air their views on crypto and blockchain-related matters. In addition, authors are sharing their wealth of knowledge to an ever-growing audience base.

When you think about on online platform for authors, Steemit or Medium may pop-up. Moreover, these are online platforms that are rewarding their authors for publishing content. Publish0x is doing the same, however, they have added some fascinating features that make them stand out. Here are some of them.

Authors approval

The Publish0x platform is aiming at high-quality content. Therefore aspiring authors have to undergo an extensive sign-up procedure. This is in contrast to other famous crypto blogging platforms where anonymity thrives. To sign up new authors have to fill in a detailed application form that will be checked and approved within a 24-hr timeframe. It is also worth mentioning that authorship can also be attained through an honourary invite from PublishOx’s team.

Publish0X review and sign up

Incentivized blogging system

Similarly, Publish0x boasts a two-way rewards system to ensure that authors get properly rewarded for quality content. Moreover, authors get tipped for their content by readers/curators, who also earn in the process. Interestingly, the tipped funds are outsourced by neither parties, but from Publish0x’s reward pool. For a start, rewards will be paid in BNTY tokens. Besides, plans are made to add other ERC-20 tokens as well. 

Beneath every article on Publish0x, there is a sliding tipper. Furthermore, the tipper allows readers to tip authors by simply adjusting the tipper accordingly. In detail, this can be done by giving the percentage measure of which they wish to reward the author, leaving the rest to themselves. A brief video review that depicts how the sliding tipper operates is shown below. 

Earning through the ambassador program

Correspondingly, another way users of the platform can earn is through invitation/referrals. Whenever you refer someone to Publish0x, you are eternally entitled to 5 percent tips revenue. Meaning, whatever crypto token tips the referral user claims from reward pools. Presently tipping is done from the pool of Bounty0x(BNTY), Project HydroDAI Stablecoin, and BAT.

Firstly, this feature will not only ensure members participate actively in growing the ecosystem. Also that every player benefits financially and knowledgeably.

Besides, Publish0x’s ambassadors will also enjoy benefits such as early access to premium bounties. Furthermore, the unparalleled privilege of placing articles on featured lists, thus, reaching a wider base without any costs.

Explore crypto categories with Publish0X blogging

Present features and possible future improvements on PublishOx

In this Publish0x review, I mentioned earlier that they are using decentralized blockchain technology to add unique features to the platform. Below is the list that the team could use to improve their platform.

  • In Publish0x’s beta state, rewards are paid in BNTY tokens. Other ERC-20 tokens will be added at later stages.
  • Publish0x’s team is working to add premium paying bounties in subsequent versions.
  • Publish0x has no native token of its own (as at the time of writing). They are crypto agnostic.
  • Currently, there are limitations that ensure writers cannot be tipped below 20 percent. This may also be subject to subsequent alteration when operation fully commences.

Final thoughts

The introductory section of this article specifically highlighted the growing popularity of decentralized blockchain technology. Moreover, Publish0x is trying to leverage this young technology by introducing a new publishing platform for authors.

Publish0x aims to revolutionize crypto blogging through a fully incentivized system. In addition, they are aiming at quality content written by authors. Also, the platform has a highly professional and user-friendly interface that other platforms may seek to re-enact in the near future.

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