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What are the essential elements to launch a successful NFT Discord Server? This guide will come up with a template for all necessary chat channels!

Launching new NFT projects is all the hype of 2022. According to some latest search data on Google trends NFT related searches are outperforming ‘crypto’ and are approaching bitcoin-related searches. As a result, launching new NFT projects has exploded in popularity. Also, the most popular NFT projects are thriving on the communities backing the project.

Particularly, to have a loyal and growing community it is vital to launch an NFT Discord server where the community can have close contact with the team members of the project. Consequently, to avoid all the fuzz and distractions with a growing community(10K+ members) on Discord channels, we are going to present you with a blueprint that can be used for launching a new NFT Discord server.

Included are the top channels, categories, roles, and bots for NFT Discord servers. So let’s kick-off 😀

Essential Elements to Launch NFT Discord Server

The first step in creating your server is setting up the categories and channels. This is the template of your server and how you set these up will largely influence the flow of your community’s ability to communicate with each other. First, let’s start with some statistical info regarding the NFT Discord Server.

Verification System

A good functioning verification system is a safe space for you and your people to enjoy. But sometimes toxic people or bot accounts can raid your Discord server and ruin your whole experience.

For such cases, having a Verification System in your Discord server will at least filter out a major chunk of the raiders. It’s a simple and effective way to protect your Discord Server from unwanted guests.

A good example of such a Verification System is to make a welcome channel and let the users pass a simple test before seeing all the other available channels on the server.

Server Stats Section

A server stats section can be split up into several items but mostly it represents two sections: total members and online members. Particularly, these sections can be configurated by special bots that calculate this data automatically.

Music System Section

The music or audio section can be an essential tool in the NFT Discord server because the team can play audio files for instructions or just create a music playlist when members are on the discord server. All this can benefit the mood and influence the members and makes them more feel at home.

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Public Chat Channels

Correspondingly, the NFT Discord server is built upon different channels where the members can have the necessary information or just chat with another. Additionally, almost all these channels are public and therefore accessible to anyone who did pass the Verification System.

Moreover, if you are looking for an NFT Discord server template to be used on your server. Pay attention and follow the Discord Channels that we will be mentioned next in this guide.

Welcome Message✋

Characteristics: public, read-only

Every NFT project needs a short introduction about the project, team, and other elements involved. Therefore, the welcome message channel should be on top of your discord template.

Ideally, a lot of starting NFT projects are using this section to run a bot that sends an automated message to the newly arrived member.

Example of a welcome message in NFT Discord Server
Example of a welcome message in NFT Discord Server


Characteristics: public, read-only

It’s important like within any other community whether online or offline that we act accordingly and with respect to each other. Meaning, launching this channel gives the team an opportunity to set some rules.

In general, you can leave a short statement(pinned message) summarized in 5 points on how members should behave and what isn’t tolerated. Besides, it’s also a good opportunity to let the community members give feedback on the project.

General Chat💬

Characteristics: public, read/write

This is the most important room where the team members are free to communicate with each other. Makes sure you have a system administrator/moderator available who can answer questions and keep conversations going.

Frankly, this is an open forum for discussion and will be the most visited channel in your NFT server.

Characteristics: public, read-only

In this room, the members should have access to several resources which are reliable and secure. Good options are:

  • Website url of NFT project
  • Official Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • Minting url of pre-sale


Characteristics: public, read-only, follow

A popular channel used by the team to communicate important news regarding the project. Mostly these will be pinned messages and can be followed closely by the project members.


Characteristics: public, read-only

Similar to any crypto project that ever launched, NFT projects have a roadmap that clearly defines their goals. In this channel, the project can present deliverables on a quarterly basis(Q1 till Q4) or at least link to an external document.


Characteristics: public, read-only

The FAQ section is a perfect place to educate the community about specifics regarding your NFT collection. At least, one of the team members should give answers to commonly asked questions/problems. Good examples are:

  • Explain the persons behind the team
  • When will the NFTs be minted(pre-sale)
  • How many NFTs will be minted?
  • Where to find more information?
  • How to get white-listed


Characteristics: public, read-only

This channel should be focused on the minting process from start to end. In other words, for every newbie, it should be clear what steps have to take place before the NFTs can be minted. For example, first start with what crypto you should buy(ETH, SOL, or any other crypto) including crypto exchanges to use. Additionally, make clear which crypto wallets to use and where the minting URL will appear.


Characteristics: public, read-only

Similar to the ‘How-to-mint’ channel it should be very clear what options you have to buy the NFT when the mint has taken place. A very good option would be to link to all the NFT marketplaces where the NFT collection will be listed.


Characteristics: private, read-only, follow

The team can use this channel to give specific information to community members that have been white-listed. Or in other words, they have gotten a seat for the pre-sale. This channel info is therefore a *secret* channel and only visible to these members.


Characteristics: public, read-only, follow

Another popular channel to give the growing community an extra boost. Moreover, the team should use this channel to arrange special contests where members can win free NFTs or other special prerequisites. In general, a very powerful tool to make the community grow in a short timeframe.

Discord Bots

To launch a successful NFT Discord server having configured several discord bots is key here. Most fast-growing NFT communities that are using Discord can’t be handled by humans alone. Also, Discord has a built-in feature where it’s very easy to configure new bots from a dashboard.

Particularly, when promoting an NFT project in Discord some specific bots can be very useful to help you by growing the community.

Moderation Bot

Using a moderation bot is essential to keep all communication on your NFT server clean and it also avoids a lot of spammy content going around in the community. What functions does a moderation bot fulfill?

  • Scan the general chat channel on violations rules(language, spam, spoilers or external links)
  • Give ‘bad’ users a ban

Meme Bot

In general, the characteristics or profile of the average NFT user is quite young sometimes they are even teenagers. As a result, it’s very useful to have modern functionality like memes available.

Therefore, configuring a Meme Bot could help. Specifically, the bot can pull up the right meme in any conversation. For example, if you need a meme of an owl, just type ‘pls hootyboi’ and a meme of an owl will appear. You can also generate your own memes with this bot.

Invite Checker

Invite Tracker is a powerful Discord bot that offers many features such as invite tracking, an advanced verification system, giveaways, message tracking, and more.

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Configure Roles

Maybe you already have been on a Discord server before. Additionally, you should have experienced that not every channel is public where you can join conversations. Configuring several roles is a utility of Discord and the server administrator has several options:

  • Team(Grants full permissions to everything)
  • Moderator(Moderate specific channels)
  • Bot(Bots can have full permissions in specific channels)
  • Member(Give read, write or follow permission to certain channels)

Emojis Pack

Finally, to have a great chat experience users should be able to use several emojis. Moreover, the Discord server is famous for this and is, therefore, a great utility. A great website for installing free emojis for Discord or Slack is

Final words

Is it hard to configure an NFT Discord server yourself? I think this depends on the level of your ability to configure automated chat platforms like Discord server.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily find professionals on platforms like Fiverr that can help you out with this.

All in all, giving you an example of an NFT Discord server template in this guide, should give you a headstart in launching a successful Discord server.

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