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What are the best methods to promote NFTs for free? This guide will give you some best practices giving you a headstart when promoting your NFTs.

It all started about 12 years ago with the launch of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Moreover, the entire market of cryptocurrency showed a massive rise(and fall) in total value during this period.

After cryptocurrency, the finance market is now seeing an increasing prevalence in non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, as crypto and traditional investors seek to own these assets.

NFTs are pretty much similar to cryptocurrencies, except each one is unique and represents ownership of a digital object. These may include a collectible, soundtrack, artwork, or even an in-game item. These tokens are called ‘non-fungible’ because no one can replicate them. After all, as stated earlier, each one is unique, making them irreplaceable.

Furthermore, NFTs aren’t available or purchasable in centralized crypto exchanges. Instead, you’ll have to find an online marketplace built explicitly for NFTs. These marketplaces are platforms where one can display, store, or trade NFTs.

In fact, after getting listed on one of the famous NFT marketplaces out there, it’s important to realize that your NFT art collection should go viral. How to do this properly?

As a result, this guide will help you by providing you with the 7 best methods to promote your NFTs. Moreover, almost all steps can be done for free and thus save you a budget.

Best Methods to Promote NFTs for Free

In short, the methods given below are based upon the NFT communities we recently researched, and also a best practice when launching our own NFTs.

  • TikTok(Videos can go viral easily 🔥)
  • Instagram(Easy to gain followers ‍🤝‍🧑)
  • GiveAways(Very good with using referrals 🎁)
  • Influencer Marketing(Give royalties when joining ✔)
  • Community Challenge(Use invites in Discord 🙋)
  • NFTCalendar(To announce NFT launch 📣)
  • RarityTools(Cheapest place for listings 💰)

Later on in this tutorial all details regarding the different promotion methods. At this point some basic knowledge in options to promote NFTs and why it is important to promote your NFT art.

Why is it important to Promote my NFTs?

Nowadays, most people are aware of NFTs, however, promoting your NFTs via the correct platforms allows you to interact with the right people. Achieving this audience can be very hard when every day new NFT launches are being announced.

Therefore most new and successful NFT drops seem already to have a strong community backing them. Moreover, having a large community backing your project is the key to success in this.

In the end, it’s all about supply and demand, and building a community by having a smart marketing campaign will affect the price of the NFTs in a positive way. Or in other words, the larger the community backing your NFTs, the more social media attention, which will make the price of the NFT go up.

What Are the Best NFT Promotion Services?

Suppose you don’t have the time available to execute the NFT promotion methods mentioned earlier. Alternatively, are there good promotion services available?

Certainly, there are! In general, the creation of NFTs and trading collectibles has reached the mainstream audience. As a result, many NFT related businesses and freelancers are offering their services that help you grow an audience.

For example, if you or your team have a good budget available you can use paid advertisements on Google, Facebook to drive traffic. Another possibility is to use SEO marketing to get some organic traffic and visibility for the brand new NFT project. Undoubtedly, this would be the best option as nowadays people rely on Google search results for clarifications regarding any queries or to get data analytics insights.

To hire a team of freelancers to do your NFT marketing make sure you check the Fiverr freelancers’ platform for this. In short, Fiverr is a reliable platform built for small businesses looking to complete simple projects without spending a premium.

Over the years the Fiverr platform has grown to the biggest services marketplace in the world visited by millions of people on a monthly basis.

Examples of ‘Fiverr Gigs’ to promote NFTs

🏷️Keyword(s)Total gigs❇️Average Rating(*)💰Average price
Nft promotion video26022.69$59
Nft Discord promotion74002.67$25
Nft Instagram marketing16302.91$40
Social media content creator102354.54$82
(*) Average rating ranges(1 to 5). All data can be tracked and traced on Fivlytics

>>Go to Fiverr for the latest ‘NFT gigs’

Best NFT promotion methods

As stated earlier in this guide, you can use several NFT promotion methods on Social Media for free. Ideally, these methods should be executed where you already have launched a Discord Server and a small but growing community backing it.


TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. Since its launch, the TikTok app’s popularity has been growing tremendously. In October 2018, it was the most-downloaded photo and video app in the Apple store, globally. The app reportedly has amassed over 500 million monthly active users and has been growing ever since.

Using TikTok for your NFT promotion can be beneficial, mostly because TikTok uses a uniquely designed algorithm. Specifically, this algorithm allows an equal opportunity for all users to go viral and grow an audience.

In particular, to be successful on TikTok and make the videos go viral, you should focus on the following steps:

  1. Hook your audience within 3 seconds
  2. Focus on a niche(NFT)
  3. Jump on trending audio
  4. Use the ‘Beta‘ version to experiment with new features
  5. Use on screen texts/captions

All in all, every short video you make should mention your NFT Discord server and NFT collection in general.


I assume you already know what the Instagram platform is, but you probably won’t link this to a starting NFT project. Moreover, most people use Instagram to show their daily lives or follow famous people who have a large following. Why would you promote an NFT project here?

Similar to TikTik mentioned above, Instagram is an ideal platform for gaining followers. For instance, on Instagram, you can be in close contact with your followers by sending them direct messages(DM’s). Also, you can use DM’s to contact new people and share your Discord link or NFT website URL.

Remember, to avoid being a spammer and start sending direct messages to random people. Make sure the people you are targeting are interested in NFTs. A good example would be to search on NFT related tags and then contact the people who liked the post.


Another good method to promote NFTs is by using giveaways. Firstly, giveaways aren’t tied to a specific social media channel and can therefore be used repeatedly. How should you design a good giveaway strategy? Particularly, most giveaways are standard text messages that can be sent to your followers on every social media channel.

Also, the messages should contain certain requirements that will get the attention of your audience making them ideal for NFT promotion. For example, you can allow your audience to win a prize if they join a contest.

Example of GiveAway arranged on Twitter
Example of GiveAway arranged on Twitter

Especially when you are on a low-budget using free giveaway campaigns allows your followers to participate and win. After all, having a happy audience is key when growing a larger userbase here.

Another tip when launching a giveaway would be to take a clearer look at the timeframe of the campaign. For instance, letting it run for 24 hours only is too short, instead, let the campaign run for about a few days(5 a 7) including all social media platforms you are using.

Influencer Marketing

The next method to promote your NFT project is influencer marketing. Particularly, influencers can be defined as people that have a profile on social media accounts with a large following(100K+). Additionally, it will be the goal to find an influencer willing to promote your NFT project. Remember that as you are trying to do this on a low budget(or even for free) it can be hard to find someone.

Moreover, most online influencers are making a business out of it by promoting starting projects in a particular niche for money. How can you find someone for free?

Well, the idea here is that you allow the influencer to become part of your project by giving them a royalty fee. Or in other words, you can give them a certain percentage(1 or 2%) of all the NFT sales that will take place in the pre-sale.

Know that this method of finding an influencer willing to do this based upon royalties is quite hard. However, I would strongly recommend it because if you eventually find someone it would really give a boost to the promotion of your NFT project.

Community Challenge

Similar to the method described with giveaways you can arrange a community challenge from within your Discord Server. In addition, an important prerequisite is that your server already is loaded with members interested in buying the pre-sale.

In detail, your Discord server admin can open a hashtag option #whitelist where anybody can go when interested in getting whitelisted. Meaning, anyone who gets on this list has automatically a place in the pre-sale. Consequently, has premium rights in buying or minting the NFT.

Furthermore, to get on this whitelist the member should follow some requirements like creating a unique link and sharing this on social media. Moreover, if for example 15 or more friends sign up for the Discord server the member has the right to get whitelisted.

In the end, you want to start some sort of chain reaction where every new invite to the server automatically starts inviting new friends too. If executed the right way big chance your community will grow exponentially.


Do you finally have set a definite launch date? Also, did you find a popular NFT marketplace where the NFTs can be listed? (more on this later). The next step will be to drop these new NFTs.

NFTCalendar is the first calendar in the NFT Universe and therefore on the watchlist of many other NFT projects. The mission of the NFTCalendar is to support the creators and contribute to their development in the crypto art field. That’s why any creator can add his drop or event in the NFTCalendar for free.

Again the listing is for free and is one of the best NFT promotion methods. All in all, it only takes a few minutes to enter a signup form and add the NFTs to the calendar.

NFT Marketplace Listing

Unfortunately, this last method isn’t for free, however, I think it’s important to mention assuming you are on a low budget.

If you are serious about your project and want it to succeed you should get listed on one of the main NFT marketplaces. The bigger ones like OpenSea or Nifty Gateway are expensive or very hard to get listed on. Therefore, a good option is RarityTools which still has a good trading volume and is visited on a global scale.

At the time of writing, getting listed on RarityTools costs 2 ETH which is a fair price for a smaller NFT project.

Final Words

In this guide are summarized the best methods to promote NFTs when you have zero budget. The key to success here is making a good kick-off session. If you follow any of the steps in the roadmap mentioned above, big chance you will get a huge fanbase. It is important to realize that a large community is a must when dropping new NFTs.

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