Multichain IDO Launchpads

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What are Multichain IDO launchpads? A deep dive into this new blockchain technology and also some interesting opportunities for investors.

The Initial DEX Offering or IDO launchpad is a new and popular way to fund forthcoming projects. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how IDO works and some of its benefits compared to traditional fundraising methods. We’ll also explore why Multichain may be a good choice for hosting IDO’s launchpad. Keep reading!

Initial Dex Offering

What is IDO Launchpad, and What are its Features?

IDO launchpads, also known as cryptocurrency launchpads, are platforms for introducing new cryptocurrencies. They are crowdfunding mechanisms used to raise funds for new coins and initiatives. If a project launches an IDO, it launches a currency or token through a decentralized exchange (DEX).

IDO platforms often raise funding by exchanging crypto tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Projects use IDOs to issue money or token through a decentralized liquidity market.

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is built on a liquidity pool where traders may swap tokens for one another, such as crypto assets and stablecoins.

An IDO launchpad is a decentralized site that hosts and lists possible IDO initiatives. Investors may invest in these emerging enterprises by purchasing IDO tokens. They rely heavily on the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool determines IDO token liquidity.

How does IDO Launchpad work with Multichain?

Currently, the crypto industry is no more centered on bitcoin and Ethereum. Open-source blockchain technology has aided the development of many new blockchains, including Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, and others.

In these blockchains, new crypto-based enterprises from various industries began to emerge. Because fundraising is critical, many ventures need a larger audience to search for funding. Launching the IDO at a launchpad that focuses on projects and users of one particular blockchain cannot reach a broader audience of potential investors.

As a result, Multi-chain IDO launchpads were developed. These serve as a platform for people to search for potential projects from many blockchains all under one roof. Likewise, it facilitates the project’s outreach to a broader market.

Today, almost every blockchain that is hosting new projects is EVM compatible. Any blockchain that is EVM compatible can communicate with other EVM-compatible blockchain networks. The ability of a blockchain to run code in the Ethereum environment is referred to as Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatibility.

The Polygon chain, Binance smart chain, Avalanche Contract chain or C chain, Polkadot, and others are some of the biggest EVM-compatible chains in the business. Also, these blockchains are compatible with tokens issued by other blockchains.

The benefits of using Multichain IDO Launchpad

As mentioned earlier, Multichain IDOs have a broader outreach and access to more liquidity. Other benefits are:

  • Integration- As the crypto industry expands, it will be vital to access innovative solutions that unify the market by offering simple and secure cross-chain technology. Multichain launchpads prove the possibility of such evolution.
  • Scalability-Multi-chain launchpads also contribute to the launchpad’s scalability concept. Blockchain technology is appropriate for any circumstance in which individuals who do not necessarily trust each other must collaborate. According to Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, this implies being able to handle an increasing number of people without breaking down.
  • Expansion of market access- Beyond their core blockchain, crypto projects will need to reach out to more consumers, attract more investors, and increase the utility of their tokens. A multichain launchpad can help with all three. Project tokens gain tremendous cross-chain visibility when they are launched on a multichain launchpad.
Multichain IDO launchpads

Projects that seek Multichain IDO launchpads

Since its inception, Initial DEX Offerings have offered thousands of crypto entrepreneurs and companies a fantastic chance to get the financing they deserve. Though some still prefer Initial Coin Offerings due to project restrictions, IDO remains the most desired because of its liquidity and instant trading alternatives for traders.

  • DeFi: IDO is used for fundraising by several decentralized finance projects. As previously said, they actively provide improved liquidity to the DeFi tokens by allowing for instant trading of the tokens on a decentralized platform.
  • Block-Chain Gaming: Play-to-Earn games built on blockchains are gaining popularity in the market right now. These IDO gaming tokens grant early access to game items and characters. Players can earn profits through minimum investment.
  • Metaverse: The new technology that actively uses blockchain technology. This is the early stage when metaverse projects are steadily emerging and aggressively raising capital through Initial DEX Offering.

Top 3 Multichain IDO launchpads

Below are some famous Multichain IDO launchpad platforms and their benefits summarized.


TrustPad is a decentralized multichain fundraising platform that enables organizations to solicit funding while guaranteeing early-stage investors that their investments are secure. The goal is to eliminate the friction associated with current systems to give consumers a fully integrated limit order experience.


AdLunam is the Web 3.0 Attention Economy’s first NFT-integrated Engage to Earn Proof-of-Attention seedpad and IDO launchpad. Moreover, the platform is one of the few launchpads that provides an IDO and a seedpad. In other words, AdLunam gives you access to transaction flow during the seed and private rounds.

AdLunam is the only IDO launchpad that uses an Engage to Earn Proof of Attention methodology. Users receive allocation depending on their Attention Rank.

DAO maker

DAO Maker is a secure start-up funding platform focused on retail. It has developed since its inception to foster low-turnout frameworks, allowing numerous retail investors and people to become involved in venture capital. Also, this initiative creates company growth technology and finance structures while mitigating investment risk. As a result, this is an excellent choice for anonymous projects who want to perform an IDO with as many users as feasible. Finally, DAO Maker is compatible with MetaMask, 1inch, Ronin, WalletConnect, and Wanchain.


So there you have it! A Multichain IDO Launchpad provides the solution to multiple projects being developed on different blockchain networks and seeking investment through an Initial DEX Offering. This way, investors and project holders can connect with each other without hassle, under one platform. All in all, If you’re looking to invest in some IDOs in the near future, make sure to keep an eye out for a multichain IDO launchpad!

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