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In this Uptrennd review the launch of this social media platform based upon decentralized blockchain technology aimed at rewarding its users first.

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Uptrennd Review: Introduction

All our lives, we were made to believe that the internet was created to foster the much-needed change our world was desperately in need of; a digital sphere where anyone from anywhere in the world could share his views, perceptions, and thoughts without being censored. In particular, a global database where we could all store our private data and be sure of unmatched security and accountability.

It is however sad to know that this same internet has grown to become a digital fabric. Weaving us together through communication, finance, data storage, and beyond. Also, this digital highway seems to be gradually tearing apart. As a result, due to the activities of some stakeholders who feel the need to place their selfish desire for profit over users’ satisfaction. Today, corporations have resorted to selling users personal and private data to the highest bidder with the sole aim of hoarding profits for themselves.

Users of current social media platforms are seen as commodities

Besides, the core values of the social media industry have diminished over the years. Especially, because top players in the industry are more concerned about wealth generation. Sadly, users of these social platforms are now being seen as commodities. For instance, their personal data are being exploited in ways they don’t understand and all for-profit generation. Finally, these major problems pose a great threat to the social media market. Additionally, the need for urgent intervention at this point is highly necessary. In this Uptrennd review the launch of a new decentralized social media platform.

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About Uptrennd

In the first place, Uptrennd is a web 2.0 social platform poised at delivering value back to the real owner; the user. In addition, this modern platform is uniquely designed to uphold four fundamental pillars on which the internet was initially built on Freedom of speech, Data Security, Equality of opportunity, and Fair distribution of wealth. Finally, Uptrennd’s introduction truly marks the beginning of a new era in the social media industry. 

In order to create a trusted and profitable social economy, Uptrennd plans to invest 80% of all generated revenue back into the platform. This way, users are sure to be in control of a large percentage of the value generated on the network. Additionally, users now have various ways through which they can earn this value. Firstly by creating content, meaning reposting, or receiving donations from other users. Secondly by watching promoted videos or reading promoted articles. Also, daily login bonuses, participating in contests, and inviting new users to the platform are the possibilities.

The creation of valuable content will be rewarded

In particular, Uptrennd creates a perfect avenue for all content creators to monetize their content. For instance, by earning the platform’s traditional token. Also, for every post created on the platform, users can now generate value through a process called Upvoting. This process is totally free and is uniquely engineered. Meaning, the value created can be fairly distributed on the network based on users’ level of engagement. In this manner, a user can generate more value on upvoted content as he progresses on the platform.

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Besides, Uptrennd promotes a community-driven network where users can join to socialize with people who share the same interest as them. In order to promote quality content, a team of moderators with vast experience in the sector has been assigned. Also, these moderators are from various communities on the platform and they ensure that users stick to the guidelines while creating their content. Finally, this team of moderators is also responsible for checking for plagiarized content on the network. 

Features and benefits of Uptrennd

  • Freedom of speech and equal opportunity for every user
  • Data Security and Transparency
  • Fair distribution of wealth to the primary owners; the users
  • Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency
  • Community-driven
  • Promotes quality and original content

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1UP is a unique token designed for the Uptrennd platform. Moreover, users can earn this token by performing a wide range of activities on the platform. Also, it is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Uptrennd review: Numbers & details

Token symbol1UP
Circulating supply83.149.706 UP
Maximum supply998.687.526 UP
Coin price$0.004

Final thoughts

For decades, online users have been deprived of their social rights by the same people who promised to uphold them. As a result, the decentralized Uptrennd platform was launched in order to give its users the right to share opinions freely and without being censored. Also, the right to data security and privacy. At this platform, users are rewarded for value generation from their contents and also for sharing content. Finally, to end this Uptrennd review, I think with the launch of Uptrennd the online community is back on track again.

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