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Bitcoin known as the currency of the internet will have a major impact in the near future to come. Many younger people believe this and this cryptocurrency is growing fast in popularity on a global scale. Besides, Bitcoin is the first currency in history which is entirely borderless and has no central authority or country making the rules. If you didn’t get on the bandwagon already it still isn’t too late. Moreover, in this article, I’ll explain 4 ways to get free Bitcoin when starting to invest in this cryptocurrency.

What is Bitcoin and What makes it Unique

Bitcoin can be considered as the first Blockchain-based cryptocurrency ever created. One of the most famous properties of Bitcoin is its limited supply which is capped to a maximum of 21 million ever to be created. Look at this, 21 million in total is less than the total amount of millionaires currently living on earth!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and can be defined as online digital money. This kind of money uses cryptography as a form of security. The use of cryptography is very important because this technology offers security against falsification and double-spending.

Bitcoin gets Huge

Decentralization of Bitcoin

The most important property of a cryptocurrency lies in its decentralized form. This decentralized property uses a Blockchain network of computers and has no owner. This Blockchain technology can be described as a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. The main difference compared to fiat money used by our banks today is in its deflationary form.

Why Should you Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been on the news several times and mostly it was negatively. This very young technology is still in its infancy resulting in exchange hacks, false facebook advertisements and market manipulation of big investors(called whales). Moreover, many people think it’s some sort of pyramid scheme where only the early investors will profit in the long run. In my opinion, Bitcoin is some sort of fraudulent technology that is very far from the truth.

Firstly, it solves a real-world problem of trust, non-sovereign store of value and double-spending in computer science, including traits like:

  1. Self-sovereignty of your assets (you control your assets, not some bank).
  2. Tamper-proof accounting (data on the blockchain can’t be corrupted or falsified).
  3. Censorship resistant (governments cannot stop you from sending your assets in any way).
  4. The ability to verify authenticity (without the need for a “trusted” third-party).
  5. The ability to transfer assets worldwide and records nearly instantaneously and at low costs.

These are massively valuable attributes. And Bitcoin developers have barely scratched the surface when it comes to building new layers of application on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Now that you know that this technology is future proof and still has a large upside, you might be curious how to get free Bitcoin and profit from it before the large crowd does.

So is it really possible to get free Bitcoin without doing anything in return? The answer is yes, but it isn’t easy. Next, I’ll explain some ways to get free Bitcoin and what you should do for it.

Get Free Bitcoin with Coinbase

The first way to get free cryptocurrency is maybe the easiest way to start with. As a matter of fact, the only thing you have to do is simply signing up and spend a minimum of $100 dollar in trades. As a result, you will get $10 dollar in Bitcoin for free in return. How to do this? Use this Coinbase link and you are ready to go. The next thing you can do is after signing up, use your Coinbase referral link and give it to friends. When doing this, you additionally get free Bitcoin or $10 when your friend spends $100 also. To summarize, every time someone uses your referral you get rewarded $10 in free cryptocurrency. It sounds like a pretty good deal or not!?

Get Free Cryptocurrency with Coinbase Earn

But there is more. Coinbase being one of the biggest exchanges in the world based on daily volume has recently started a very interesting education program. Earlier in this article, I explained that Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before getting mainstream. As a result, Coinbase launched a new project in which it tries to educate its users on new cryptocurrency projects and tokens. This interesting platform is called Coinbase Earn. How does it work?

After signing-up on Coinbase, scroll down and find the ‘Earn crypto’ button.

Earn Free Bitcoin with Coinbase

The next thing to do is simply hit the Button which opens a new screen that asks you to earn crypto by watching educational videos of new cryptocurrency tokens. In other words, earn free Bitcoin by educating yourself just by watching 3-5 minutes of videos!

Get Free Bitcoin with earning on Coinbase

Get Free Bitcoin With eToro

Next in the list of free cryptocurrency possibilities is this interesting trading platform called eToro. Just like I explained above in the chapter about Coinbase, you will need a referral link that gives you a free Bitcoin discount of $25. How does this work?


Before getting more into detail about the Bitcoin discount, I’ll give some short explanation of what this trading platform is all about. Etoro is the first platform in the world that uses copy trading.

Copy trading is a new online phenomenon that was being introduced by stockbrokers in the traditional financial world. At these platforms, inexperienced stock traders can copy successful traders and have the opportunity to learn. As a matter of fact, a very low-risk opportunity to get some profit out of your crypto.

Also, the successful stock traders are rewarded with commissions for sharing their trades. This way both parties have the ability to benefit from it.

Earn free bitcoin with eToro

Etoro is a social trading and investment network that enables users to watch the financial trading activities of other users, copy them and make their own trades. The Company’s products, OpenBook and WebTrader, allow traders to learn from each other, share live trading information and capitalize on their collective power.

Getting free Bitcoin or $25, you can use this eToro link for signing-up. Beginning with trading requires a minimum deposit of $200, also this deposit gives you $25 dollars back or a Bitcoin discount.

Mining Cryptocurrency & earn free Bitcoin

Another common option to earn free Bitcoin is cryptocurrency mining. If you are already familiar with cryptocurrency then you must know that Bitcoins are mined instead of minted. This by using a lot of electricity to mine the several blocks on the network.

Get Free Bitcoin with cloud mining

Nowadays, it’s also very easy to join online cloud-mining services. These online services allow you to hire hashing rate for a certain subscription on a monthly basis. How higher the hashing rate, the higher the possible reward will be. One of my favorite online services is genesis-mining. You can get start earning Bitcoin with a discount of 3% by using this action code(PJOqFD) when signing-up at genesis mining.

Get Free Cryptocurrency with Airdrops

Last in the list, I want to mention this rare opportunity which now and then occurs in the crypto community.

Airdrop is when free coins are distributed. Yes, the coins are really free. On one hand, it may look too good to be true but there is business sense even in giving away free coins. These coins are distributed in various ways and their distribution depends on various factors. But it is essentially free tokens.

To participate in an Airdrop you already need to own some cryptocurrency tokens. Especially for cryptocurrency HODLERs this would perfectly fit your strategy. To be able to participate in such projects the biggest chance is owning some crypto from within the top 20 on Coinmarketcap. Good examples are Ethereum, NEO, TRON, EOS, and Syscoin.


In the first place, I want to mention that nothing comes for free in this world and the same goes for cryptocurrency. However, to earn some crypto without directly buying, there are several ways to do so. A good example is Coinbase earn that wants to educate new users about the growing cryptocurrency space. Also, because this technology is still in its infancy, it’s still possible for new users to get Bitcoin for free and start spreading the word to friends and family.

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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