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This review, will cover the rich features of this fast-growing exchange including the CRO token, staking, and VISA debit card.

4.5/5 star rating Review: Introduction

Since the advent of bitcoin, individuals and organizations have found diverse unique ways to hasten its level of adoption. Since then, thousands of platforms and projects have been launched in the crypto-sphere. All this, to disrupt several industries and make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone across the globe. From a fair point of view, a great deal of progress has been made so far.

By offering many different features makes sure cryptocurrency becomes a household name in the world’s financial sector. Established in 2016, holds a long-lasting commitment to the crypto-sphere with a vision to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Aside from having one of the coolest domain names in the industry, they have a proven track record of providing unmatched services trusted by millions of users around the globe.

Recently, the platform made a major move to further bridge the gap between crypto and traditional fiat currency. Additionally, by launching an all-new exchange which comes with a lot of amazing trading features. The rest of this article provides a detailed review of the exchange.


This very young platform, recently introduced in 2019, provides a luxurious exchange with many additional features. Moreover, it’s fully engineered to provide users new and improved trading functions to ensure that they get the best trading experience. Also, this ultra-modern exchange is made up of a robust crypto-trading network fuelled by the platform’s native token, coin (CRO).

First of all, leverages cutting-edge technology to provide the best user experience. For instance, an advanced Vortex Liquidity System is designed to make sure that users get the best execution rates for every trade.

Furthermore, provides a decent user interface. Also, low trading fees as well as a top-notch security system. Specially designed to fend off all types of hack attacks.

Currently, the exchange has 38 market pairs on its trading list. In addition, it has plans to expand this list further in the coming months and years. Below is a comprehensive list of trading pairs available on 

Trading pairs available on exchange


User friendly interface. Relatively low number of trading pairs when compared to other exchanges.
Deep liquidity. High withdrawal fees.
Low trading fees. Intricate referral program.
Top-notch security. Long staking period.
High interest rates.
Data security and accountability.

The CRO token

In the first place, the CRO token is the native token being used on the Chain. Also, this utility token was created to facilitate a cross-asset intermediary currency settlement. As well as a wide range of other transactions across the ecosystem.

The platform plans to disrupt the traditional fiat payment structure. For example, in recent years, they have been proven to be rigid, slow, and susceptible to various forms of a hack. However, the launch of the CRO token paves the way for a flexible and secure payment tool also backed by blockchain technology. Finally, this review will deep dive into the details behind this native token.

CRO token: Numbers and details

TypeUtility chain
Current price$0.69
Market cap$
Circulation supply16.603.196.347 CRO
Total supply100.000.000.00 CRO

CRO staking

Staking CRO token

In particular, CRO staking is made available on the web portal of just like it is being done on the app. Although, staking on the exchange comes with additional features and benefits.

For instance, staking CRO takes up to 180 days to complete and the staked CRO can only be withdrawn in full once the period is over. Also, users can choose to top up their staked token at any time if they want to earn more interest. However, any top-up made would automatically cause the staking period to reset. In other words, it restarts the 180 days countdown once a new amount of CRO is added. review: benefits of staking CRO

Here are some of the amazing benefits users get to enjoy when they stake CRO on the exchange:

  1. A discount of up to 100% depending on the amount of staked CRO
  2. 20% APR interest paid daily
  3. Discount in the form of rebates on trading fees
  4. Direct access to the exchange Syndicate platform

For detailed instructions on how to stake CRO on the, visit here

The Syndicate of CRO exchange

Another interesting feature to review is The Syndicate program. Moreover, ‘The Syndicate’ is a fundraising platform set up by to help encourage new projects. Especially projects that show great promise by raising capital which will be used to fund the development of infrastructure critical to the growth of these projects.

In order to enjoy these benefits, projects will be required to provide an allocation of their own token. In addition, the token will be sold at a discounted price on the exchange. All the proceeds of the sale will be passed back to the projects. By doing this, can build a dynamic and sustainable crypto economy. It is important to note that only users who have staked CRO on the exchange can take part in the Syndicate token sale.

For more information on the Syndicate Program, visit here

MCO Visa card

MCO visa card review

In September 2019, moved the crypto industry a step further in its journey to attain global adoption by introducing the MCO Visa Card. Moreover, the MCO Visa card is a crypto-to-fiat card designed to allow users to buy real-world products with cryptocurrency. Also, users can download a mobile app to spend their mighty cryptos.

Currently, this debit card accepts nine different cryptocurrencies and five fiat currencies. Also, you have the option to choose one of them as the base currency for your card. The MCO Visa card was designed to work like the conventional debit cards we all use to facilitate transactions on a daily basis, but unlike other debit cards, this unique card offers much more flexibility and competitive fees.

Finally, users who intend to get the MCO Visa card will only have to stake a stipulated amount of MCO tokens on the app. Additionally, depending on the kind of cards they want. Currently there are 5 types of cards available to review, each with unique features.

Overview of all types of MCO Visa Card

MCO Visa CardsFeatures and Benefits
MCO Midnight Blue CardFree i.e. does not require users to stake any MCO 1% cashback for MCO and non-MCO token holders. No additional fees for withdrawal below $200 and exchange below $2000. Daily withdrawal limit of $500Daily POS purchase limit of $10000
MCO Ruby Steel CardRequires users to stake 50 MCO for six months 2% cashback on every purchase 10% referral commission. Free Spotify Subscription. No additional fees for withdrawal below $400 and exchange below $4,000. Daily withdrawal limit of $1,000Daily POS purchase limit of $15,000
MCO JadeGreen/ Royal indigo CardRequires users to stake 500 MCO for six months 3% cashback on every purchase. Loungekey™ Airport Lounge access, free Spotify, Prime, and Netflix subscription. No additional fees for withdrawal below $800 and exchange below $10,000. Daily POS purchase limit of $25,000
MCO Icy White CardRequires users to stake 5,000 MCO for six months 4% cashback on every purchase. Loungekey™ Airport Lounge access for two Free Spotify, Prime, and Netflix subscriptions. 10% off your Expedia bookings. No additional fees for withdrawal below $1,000 and exchange below $20,000
MCO Obsidian Black CardRequires users to stake 50,000 MCO for six months 5% cashback on every purchase. Loungekey™ Airport Lounge access for two Free Spotify, Prime, and Netflix subscriptions. 10% off your Expedia and Airbnb bookings. No additional fees for withdrawal below $1,000. No additional fees for all Inter-bank exchange

For more information on how to apply for the MCO Visa card visit here

The Pay program

In particular, Pay is considered one of the most ideal payment channels for merchants. However, only for those who intend to get paid in cryptocurrencies for their goods and services. Furthermore, through this new payment channel, it’s possible for customers to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies using the Wallet App.

By reviewing this feature, I think the most fascinating aspect of this service is that the integration process is quite straightforward. For example, it doesn’t require you to possess any prior knowledge on how to go about it. Also, making purchases wouldn’t pose much of a challenge to your customers because they will only have to go through a few steps, just like every regular online payment process. 

For more information on how to make purchases with Pay visit here Credit Program review of Credit program

Another interesting subject to review is the Credit program. In particular, the Crypto credit feature enables users to secure an instant loan on the app. Additionally, users can make a deposit that can be used as collateral. Besides, acquiring a loan on this platform is stress-free and considerably easy compared to other platforms. Especially, because most platforms require you to meet a credit score before granting any loan. credit loans attract low-interest rates and users can get loans of up to $1,000,000. These loans are currently issued out in only four currencies now. They are TUSD, PAX, USDC, and USDT.

Notably, repayment of loans is required to be made in the same currency as that which credit was received. In addition, failure to repay the acquired loan within the stipulated period given will cause your collateral to be liquidated.

For more information on how to acquire a loan from Credit, visit here Earn

The final feature to review would be Earn. The Crypto Earn service provides users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies by accruing daily interests from their initial deposits. Additionally, to enjoy this service, users must visit the app first.

The next step will be to click on the “Earn” button, select their preferred terms, and choose the type of currency. With this currency users are allowed to make deposits (although some restrictions apply within certain regions). Once the deposit is confirmed, interests will start to accrue immediately. 

Users can make multiple active deposits as far as they don’t exceed the required threshold for all combined deposits. Users could receive interests of up to 18% based on the kind of investment plan they choose.

For more information on Earn, visit here 

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Final thoughts

In recent years, we have witnessed how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are being leveraged to achieve progress in virtually every sector of our lives. Recent happenings across the globe all point clearly at the fact that the world is gradually moving towards an era driven by digital currencies. Thanks to platforms like, this digital revolution is happening sooner than we all expected. Finally, to end this review, I hope you have a clear vision of all the features available on their platform.

DISCLAIMER: Trading in cryptocurrencies involves substantial risk of loss and is NOT suitable for every investor. Any content on this site should not be relied upon as advice or misconstrued as providing recommendations of any kind. We are not investment advisors or analysts. Everything provided here is purely for informational and educational purposes.

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