Top 10 best Polygon NFTs

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Learn to discover the best Polygon NFTs available to trade on the Polygon blockchain. Allowing you fast and cheap transactions for starters.

Polygon Blockchain, formerly known as Matic Network, has emerged as one of the most promising blockchain platforms for NFTs. Particularly, due to its low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and compatibility with Ethereum.

With the growing popularity of Polygon, the demand for popular NFTs that support Polygon is also on the rise. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best NFT Polygon projects based on trading volumes according to Coinmarketcap data. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner exploring the NFT world, this article will provide the necessary insights to help you get started with Polygon NFTs.

Take note that I’m just an enthusiastic NFT guy and not a financial expert. Therefore, the information below should be treated as educational content only.

Best Polygon NFTs for 2023: Summary

Again, what are the most popular NFTs on Polygon and where can you trade them? Below is the table where I’ll give you the 10 most traded Polygon NFTs based upon 30 days trading period.

©️ Polygon NFT project📈 30-day trading volume🙍‍♂️Owners📊Most traded marketplace
y00ts3,511,526.95 MATIC3454Opensea
NFT12,846,975.97 MATIC22950Opensea
Sandbox’s LANDs619,429.18 MATIC8121Opensea
Lens Protocol Profiles524,976.81 MATIC114412Opensea
Owlpha461,152.78 MATIC899Opensea
ArcheWorld_Land397,433.28 MATIC1191Opensea
League of Kingdoms Drago278,068.35 MATIC2407Opensea
Zed Horse277,204.51 MATIC69355Opensea
Trump Digital Trading Cards269,934.48 MATIC6847Opensea
Drill Club 366a1d267,326.83 MATIC1349Opensea
(* The data provided here is a snapshot from Coinmarketcap on 06-18-2023)

#1 y00ts

The y00ts NFT project is a generative art collection consisting of 15,000 unique NFTs created by Dust Labs, the team behind the iconic DeGods. Originally known as Duppies, the project underwent a rebranding after its Twitter account was hacked. Moreover, the y00ts collection is distinct from DeGods, with different artwork, website, and social media presence.

In particular, the project aims to challenge the traditional management of intellectual property in the NFT industry. It introduces a unique approach to ownership and copyright called ⓨ (represented by the letter “y”). Furthermore, this system, inspired by Creative Commons, allows y00ts NFT holders to empower sub-communities and businesses within the ecosystem.

They can create fan art, establish sub-DAOs, and even monetize their specific NFTs. Consequently, this approach enhances the value and engagement within the y00ts collection. Originally built on the Solana blockchain, the project faced challenges due to the FTX debacle. Accordingly, it had a significant impact on the Solana ecosystem. As a result, y00ts and DeGods decided to migrate to other ecosystems, including Ethereum and Polygon.

All in all, the y00ts NFT project has gained attention for its unique artwork, innovative community engagement, and its ambition to redefine intellectual property in the NFT space. With its transition to Ethereum and Polygon, it seeks to tap into the potential of these established ecosystems for further growth and adoption.

#2 NFT1

This interesting NFT project on Polygon introduces Royalty NFTs within the Meta Force program. Meta Force is described as a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and decentralized society. Meaning it has its own coin and marketing on smart contracts, which are publicly available on the blockchain.

The Royalty NFT program offers a passive income opportunity by providing a 30% bonus from product funds. Moreover, the program consists of different NFT status levels, each offering a specific percentage of the product funds as a royalty bonus. The levels range from Level 0 with a 0% bonus to Level 7, called the Millionaire’s Club, with a 25% bonus.

Finally, to activate these NFTs, one needs to buy or activate at least five levels in the Classic program. Furthermore, each NFT represents a share, and owning multiple NFTs allows for a greater share of the profits. NFTs can be upgraded by merging three NFTs of the same level, resulting in higher status and an increased percentage of royalties based on global turnover.

#3 Sandbox’s LANDs

The Sandbox Metaverse is composed of LANDS, which are parts of the world owned by players to create and monetize experiences. Transitioning into the topic, there will only ever be 166,464 LANDS available. These LANDS can be utilized to host games, build multiplayer experiences, create housing, or offer social experiences to the community. To delve deeper into the topic, the LAND token holds great significance within The Sandbox ecosystem, serving as the virtual real estate within the platform. It enables users to own and interact with different parcels of land in the metaverse.

Available on both the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks, the LAND token is an ERC-721 token, ensuring the uniqueness and indivisibility of each parcel. This means that every LAND token represents a distinct piece of digital land, with its own set of characteristics and possibilities.

LAND owners enjoy the freedom to shape and transform their virtual properties. They have the power to terraform the pre-built terrain, alter landscapes, and construct various structures and environments on their land. This opens up a world of creative opportunities for users, allowing them to build games, art installations, social hubs, and much more.

Additionally, LAND owners can actively participate in the platform’s economy and generate revenue. They have the ability to host interactive experiences and rent out their land to other creators. Also, to stake NFT tokens for passive rewards, organize events and contests, and even sell virtual assets associated with their properties.

#4 Lens Protocol Profiles

Lens Protocol, a blockchain-based social graph, aims to revolutionize social media in the Web3 era. Diverging from centralized platforms, it offers a permissionless and composable network where users own their digital roots. In addition, they have complete control over their information and connections. Built on Polygon, Lens Protocol utilizes nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to represent users’ profiles, empowering them to create, own, and monetize their content.

The protocol’s open architecture fosters interoperability, allowing seamless integration with other blockchain-based social media platforms. Notably, modularity is a key feature, enabling easy implementation of new features and fixes.

Moreover, Lens Protocol’s censorship-resistant environment ensures that no content can be removed or censored by centralized authorities. However, it faces challenges such as limited on-chain storage capacity and potential security vulnerabilities.

All things considered, Lens Protocol provides a decentralized and customizable social media experience, effectively preserving freedom of speech and putting power back in the hands of users.

#5 Owlpha

Owlpha, an innovative NFT collection built on the Polygon blockchain, offers its holders a unique blend of utility, community, and long-term value. Particularly, this NFT draws inspiration from the story of Owlpha Prime. Means, a powerful cyborg owl leading a hive of owl-like cyborgs, this collection aims to provide a compelling experience for NFT enthusiasts.

Each Owlpha NFT serves as an access pass to the future Owlpha analytical tool, providing holders with high-level analytical capabilities. Transitioning seamlessly, this tool promises to unlock valuable insights and enhance decision-making for the Owlpha community. Furthermore, Owlpha NFT holders gain exclusive members-only benefits, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences within the community.

Operating on the Polygon blockchain, Owlpha ensures efficient and cost-effective transactions. Provided that it enables users to fully leverage the benefits of the collection without worrying about high fees or scalability issues. The collection’s utility-first approach, coupled with the use of Polygon’s robust infrastructure, facilitates seamless interactions and enhances the overall user experience.

All things considered, Owlpha stands out by offering a combination of storytelling, utility, and social value, positioning itself as more than just a digital collectible. With its focus on long-term value and a thriving community, Owlpha aims to create an engaging and rewarding NFT ecosystem, solidifying its place as one of the best NFT projects on the Polygon blockchain.

#6 Arche World Land

Next on the list of best Polygon NFTs is The Land NFT in ArcheWorld. This NFT represents a unique ownership opportunity within the game’s immersive open world. By owning a Land NFT, players gain permanent control over a designated piece of land. Additionally, by granting them the freedom to shape and utilize it as they see fit. They can build their own structures, establish resource production facilities, or even lease the land to other players. Provided that they receive a recurring monthly rent paid in Blue Salt (BSLT) tokens.

Owning Land NFTs not only provides a sense of pride and control but also opens up avenues for revenue generation. Players have the option to produce valuable resources like Archeum on their land, contributing to the game’s economy. Additionally, leasing the land to other players allows for a steady stream of BSLT tokens as rental income.

These Land NFTs contribute to the dynamic player-driven economy and foster a sense of community and collaboration within ArcheWorld. Landowners become real estate moguls, creating their own thriving microcosms within the larger game world. Whether it’s cultivating resources, constructing impressive structures, or engaging in commerce through leasing. For this reason, Land NFTs offer players a tangible and rewarding ownership experience within the game’s virtual universe.

#7 League of Kingdoms Drago

Drago NFTs are dragon-like creatures that players can acquire and utilize in the League of Kingdoms game. These non-fungible tokens are based on blockchain technology, ensuring their uniqueness and ownership. By owning Drago NFTs in their blockchain wallet, players can bring these dragon companions into the game and incorporate them into their gameplay.

Breeding and trading Drago NFTs are key features of this collection. Players can breed their Dragos and engage in transactions with other players, creating a dynamic marketplace for these dragon creatures.

The native utility token for the League of Kingdoms and Drago breeding game is $DST (Dragon Soul Token). Players can earn $DST through various in-game activities, events, and quests, but they need Drago NFTs to participate. Thereupon, the $DST token has multiple utilities within the game, including the ability to breed Dragos.

Additionally, the Drago Sticker NFT collection offers a unique opportunity for players to earn a whitelist for the Drago Genesis. By collecting a set of special stickers, players can exchange them for a complete sticker pack, which serves as a whitelist ticket. Besides, the Drago Sticker NFTs will be distributed through community events and guild distributions, adding an element of excitement and engagement for players.

Overall, Drago NFTs provide players with the chance to own and interact with dragon companions in the League of Kingdoms game. Additionally, by also participating in breeding, trading, and collecting activities within the game’s ecosystem.

#8 Zed Horse

Zed Horse NFTs are digital representations of horses that exist exclusively as nonfungible tokens on the Zed Run platform. These unique NFTs possess their own DNA, bloodline, and individual characteristics, making each horse one-of-a-kind. Owners can participate in virtual horse racing, breeding, and other activities with their digital horses.

Diverging from most NFTs, which are typically static collectibles, Zed Horse NFTs are referred to as “breathing NFTs” due to their dynamic properties. They can race, breed, pass on genes, and develop their own racing careers. Also, players can enter their horses into races, compete against other participants, and potentially earn prize money.

The popularity of Zed Horse NFTs has grown rapidly, attracting crypto enthusiasts who perceive them as investment opportunities. Some horses have sold for significant sums, with entire stables fetching six-figure amounts. Given that, the Play-to-Earn model offered by Zed Run allows players to not only buy and sell NFT horses. Also, they earn money through racing and breeding activities.

Finally, Zed Horse NFTs are part of a growing metaverse where virtual and physical realities converge, creating a unique space for fans to engage in digital horse racing. The platform has gained attention from investors, celebrities, and athletes and is expanding its user base. However, as with any investment, caution is advised, as the long-term value and sustainability of Zed Horse NFTs remain uncertain.

#9 Trump Digital Trading Cards

The Trump digital trading cards collection comprises limited-edition NFTs featuring cartoonish images of former President Donald Trump. These superhero-style cards are priced at $99 each and have gained significant attention and revenue. Moreover, the first batch of 44,000 NFTs sold out within a day, generating around $4.4 million in revenue.

The second round of the collection includes 47,000 digital cards, with 46,000 available for sale on the platform. Equally, customers can purchase up to 47 cards using credit cards or up to 100 cards when using cryptocurrency.

Buyers receive a limited license that grants them the ability to view, display, and publish the cards, although commercial uses are subject to restrictions. Given that, the release of these NFTs has garnered both enthusiasm and skepticism, with some questioning the value of digital assets in recent months.

As Trump looks to rally his base and raise funds following his historic indictment, the success, and reception of the Trump digital trading cards collection will be closely observed. This venture represents an effort to tap into the growing popularity of NFTs. Provided that to leverage Trump’s online presence for financial gain and continued influence.

#10 Drill Club

Finally, the Drill Club is a rising star among the many Polygon NFT projects. It represents a vibrant and inclusive community of 6,969 Mandrills. And they are committed to bringing art back to the forefront of the crypto world.

Similarly, their mission is to create the perfect RÉ-NAO – a fun, lively place with an inviting vibe that makes you want to be there.

This Drill, Chill, and Vibe culture foster positivity and inclusivity for everyone. Additionally, they are excited to offer a free mint on the Polygon Blockchain. Also, they can’t wait to see what the future holds for their community. Overall, the Drill Club is a rising star in the Polygon NFT ecosystem.

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Closing words on Best Polygon NFTs

In conclusion, this article provides a list of some of the best Polygon NFT projects. As these projects span a wide range of categories, from gaming and virtual real estate to social media and art.

Each project offers unique features, utility, and community engagement, contributing to the growing NFT ecosystem on the Polygon blockchain. Whether you’re a collector, investor, or enthusiast, exploring these projects can offer exciting opportunities to participate in the world of NFTs and blockchain technology.

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