Best Web3 Apps to earn money

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Meet 10 of the best web3 apps to earn money. This article deep dives into Web3 apps and explains the earning model of these applications.

Are you looking for ways to earn additional cryptos in Web3? Look no further! The world of Web3 apps offers exciting opportunities to earn cryptocurrency while engaging in various activities. From AI-powered assistants that provide crypto insights and smart-contract assistance, to play-to-earn games that integrate NFTs. In addition, by using blockchain technology, these apps are revolutionizing how users interact with digital applications.

Imagine racing for crypto rewards in innovative car racing games, completing microtasks for earnings, or even improving your sleep habits for cryptocurrency gains. With the decentralized nature of Web3, these apps empower users to stake tokens, sell NFTs, and participate in Metaverses for shopping and exploration.

Finally, by continuing to read this article, you’ll learn everything about Web3 apps and earn money with them.

Best Web3 Apps To Earn Money

  • ChainGPT(AI Chatbot for all kinds of blockchain tasks)
  • RaceFI(Web3 play-to-earn racing game)
  • JumpTask(Web3 App to earn money by doing simple ‘gigs‘)
  • HolyHeld(Crypto debit card for Web3 wallets)
  • TopGoal(Web3 football manager game using blockchain technology)
  • Bladerite(A Web3 play-to-earn battle game)
  • Trace Network Labs(Shop products in fashion & lifestyle Metaverse)
  • GEE(Earn money with short videos in Web3)
  • Sleepagotchi(Manage your sleeping hours and earn)
  • Landrocker(Web3 based space discovery game)

How Does Earning Money with Web3 Apps Work?

To start making money using Web3 apps you need to install a Web3 wallet like MetaMask first. Users need a Web3 wallet because it is an essential component in the decentralized universe. These wallets securely store cryptographic keys, allowing users to interact with blockchain networks.

To connect a Web3 wallet to a regular app, typically, the following steps occur:

  • Install a Web3 Wallet: Users install a Web3 wallet extension or app like MetaMask on their browser or mobile device.
  • Access the App: They navigate to a Web3 app in their web browser or mobile device.
  • Connect Wallet: When prompted, users connect their Web3 wallet to the app, granting it access to their wallet’s information.
  • Blockchain Interaction: With the wallet connected, users can perform actions on the app, such as sending/receiving cryptocurrencies, signing transactions, or accessing NFTs, all securely authenticated by their wallet.

When you connect to a Web3 wallet, you are using your private key to be able to access the blockchain network. This way you can use the various Web3 apps onchain.

Finally, before connecting to one of these apps, it’s advisable to fund your wallet with some crypto first(ETH, USDT, or USDC). A reliable platform to buy crypto is Binance.

Best Web3 Apps To Earn Crypto

Next a list of some of the brand new Web3 apps that you can use in combination with a Web3 wallet. In other words, by connecting MetaMask to these apps you can get paid instantly.


Think of ChainGPT as your trusty digital guide to the world of Web3 and crypto. It’s like having a knowledgeable companion, helping you navigate this exciting new digital world. This AI bot specializes in blockchain tech and can assist you in creating new smart contracts or tokens. All this without the need to be able to code.

ChainGPT has the following main features:

  1. Crypto Insights Buddy: ChainGPT scouts the latest crypto and Web3 news for you, providing concise summaries so you’re always in the know.
  2. Friendly Advisor: Picture chatting with a helpful AI friend. It can answer your questions about Web3, making the journey less overwhelming.
  3. Art and Earnings: ChainGPT empowers you to transform your imaginative ideas into digital art, which you can then sell to earn actual crypto money.
  4. Smart Contract Guru: If you’re interested in creating smart contracts for Web3 or new tokens, ChainGPT can assist you in crafting these codes and verifying their safety.
  5. AI Prompts Sharing Platform: Share your AI prompts on ChainGPT. If your ideas resonate, you might receive crypto rewards from others who appreciate your creativity.

How to Earn Money with ChainGPT

Staking: Earning crypto through staking involves investing your $CGPT tokens. By doing so, you help maintain the ChainGPT system’s smooth operation. In return, you receive additional FREEMIUM tokens as rewards.

Launchpad: Think of the launchpad as a designated area where new crypto projects commence. By investing your $CGPT tokens into these projects, you have the potential to earn more tokens if the projects perform well.

Selling Prompts as NFTs: Design AI prompts and sell them on the marketplace. Additionally, you can transform them into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and then sell them to others for crypto earnings.

Overall, ChainGPT is a valuable asset for both professional investors and beginners in the Web3 space. It facilitates learning, offers creative avenues for income, and serves as an informative guide. However, it’s important to recognize that no tool is flawless; ChainGPT might have some limitations and technical issues. Hence, it’s wise to integrate ChainGPT into your individual learning journey, maximizing the potential of Web3 while being aware of its intricacies and challenges.


RaceFI is a pioneering play-to-earn car racing game on Solana’s Web3 ecosystem. It integrates AI and NFTs, allowing players to own game parts. Earn crypto by racing with strategic choices based on weather and conditions. Stake tokens, collect parts, and sell NFTs for profit.

Game Features

First of all, it’s a fully AI/ML-integrated game. Meaning, RACEFI is the first car racing game on the Solana ecosystem that integrates AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technologies. Secondly, it offers different game modes: Pure Race and Battle Race.

  • Pure Race: Includes PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes.
  • Battle Race: Involves upgrading cars with battle features like guns and shields, with the objective of being the last survivor in continuous racing and battles.

Finally, users playing this game can earn in the native currency $RACEFI. It’s utilized for all in-game activities and transactions.

Web3 Earning methods

To earn crypto, you can use the built-in exchange to trade your NFTs or car parts. Also, you can use the in-game currency $RACEFI to collect new NFTs.


JumpTask, a Web3 app to earn money by revolutionizing the gig economy. It connects a global workforce to tasks, capitalizing on blockchain and its own cryptocurrency, JumpToken (JMPT). This platform offers flexible earning opportunities for users, empowers businesses with on-demand outsourcing, and aims to become the largest crypto project worldwide in terms of user base within two years.

JumpTask offers users a range of simple microtasks to earn money. These tasks span various categories like Attention, Action, Data, and Others. They don’t require specialized knowledge or significant time investment.

Users can complete tasks such as sharing opinions through surveys or contributing resources like network connections. These quick tasks enable users to earn productively during their spare moments, making it an accessible source of income for a diverse user base.

How to earn money with JumpTask

Below are the most common ways to start to earn money:

  • Offers – Playing simple games or watching videos
  • Sharing – Share your mobile bandwidth and receive rewards
  • Staking – Stake your earned $JUMP tokens
  • Surveys – Take short surveys from businesses
  • Games – Play the latest Web3 games


HolyHeld offers a debit card for those who get paid in crypto. Also, when you contribute to a DAO, trade on DEXs, and collect or mint NFTs. It’s the one card for all crypto natives. With this web3-supported card, you can pay from your phone, use your wallet, and pick your crypto.

If you already have some DeFi or Web3 tokens in your MetaMask, you can use the HolyHeld app to pay anywhere VISA is supported. Additionally, you will be in full control and custody of your crypto by using your own wallet as a debit card.

Moreover, you can add the HolyHeld virtual or plastic card to your Apple or Google Pay account.

Use HolyHeld with Apple Pay

For Instance, below are the steps to add the HolyHeld card to Apple Pay:

  1. Click “+” at the top right corner
  2. Click “Enter card details manually” at the bottom
  3. Go to Holyheld web or mobile app
  4. Click “Manage card” icon
  5. Click “Card details”
  6. Copy card number, expiry date, and CVV information
  7. Paste card information in Wallet app
  8. Read and accept Terms and Conditions
  9. Validate your card with the security code via SMS
  10. Your card is now activated

Finally, you can earn additional cryptos on daily purchases. If you are a Metal cardholder you can earn 1% back on every crypto you spend(USDC, ETH, USDT).

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TopGoal is a Web3 game merging football and blockchain technology. It offers officially licensed NFTs representing iconic football moments and player cards. Users can build dream squads, participate in blockchain-based football games, and engage with legendary players’ achievements, creating a unique virtual football metaverse experience.

To start playing this football manager game, you must collect NFTs first. You can do this at the Binance NFT marketplace or the integrated marketplace within the app. Every week, when there is a new match you can edit your lineups or add new players(NFTs). Alternatively, you can participate in different airdrops to get new ALL-STAR packs.

Finally, you can earn points in $GOAL tokens or increase rankings depending on which league you are in. Additionally, you can use some digital collectibles for staking purposes.


Another Web3 app to earn money is Bladerite. It is introduced as a free-to-play battle royale game with a focus on cold weapons. Players engage in battles within a wasteland battle arena, competing for rewards in a distinct gameplay environment.

In particular, Bladerite’s mission is to develop an engaging player-versus-player (PVP) game that leverages blockchain technology. Instead of using cryptocurrencies, the game monetizes through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), aiming to enhance NFT trading volume and contribute to the growth of the NFT economy.

All in all, playing this game for money you have to deal with the following features:

  • Free-to-Play: The game doesn’t require players to purchase assets beforehand, making it accessible without upfront costs.
  • No Tokenomics: Bladerite does not involve any form of cryptocurrency issuance, distinguishing itself from other blockchain games.
  • Loot Mode: A core game mode that offers a play-to-earn model, enabling players to monetize their victories by selling loot on a built-in marketplace.
  • Sponsor System: This system allows players to support high-skilled or professional players by providing in-game assets for them to use during battles. If the sponsored player wins, rewards are split between the sponsor and the player.

Trace Network Labs

Trace Network Labs pioneers a Metaverse called “PARIZ” for Fashion & Lifestyle, blending Web 3.0, 3D & AR/VR tech with eCommerce. It revolutionizes shopping with its “Buy in Metaverse, Delivered at Home” feature, fostering Meta-Commerce. PARIZ boasts a vibrant Shopping District, Events & Lounge areas, hosting daily transactions and numerous fashion brands like Madame, Zivame, and Aditya Birla’s Style-Up for immersive shopping and interactions.

This Web3 app is the Metaverse for Fashion & Lifestyle. In fact, this Metaverse is built upon 4 layers:

  • Avatars – You can create a Trace BUDDY Avatar. Which are NFTs, and real human-like Avatars usable in different Metaverses on multiple chains.
  • Experiences – Trace is bringing a complete suite for enterprises to launch metaverse experiences related to business like internal/external gated collaboration, shopping, etc.
  • Commerce – In the Metaverse, ‘Experience Shopping stores’ will be available with integrated payment components for commercial transactions.
  • Web3 Powered – Trace Metaverse experiences are powered with NFTs and blockchain, moreover, it will be available across multiple chains.

Finally, you can earn additional cryptos by staking the native $TRACE token and be able to shop in this brand-new metaverse.


Gee is a pioneering global app that merges short video sharing with blockchain technology. It encompasses short videos, gaming, social networking, DeFi, NFT trading markets, and physical goods markets. Gee’s focus is on user data security and privacy, aiming to be a leader in the Web3 domain. It seeks to integrate blockchain with digital life for richer experiences.

Gee distinguishes itself from traditional short video platforms by combining blockchain with short videos. Furthermore, it emphasizes security, efficient e-commerce, original video creation, fair rewards, intellectual property protection, and blockchain standardization. It focuses on fostering a sustainable Web3 project with real profit-making capabilities.

How to earn money with GEE

This Web3 social app allows you to earn rewards based on the content provided. Consequently, there are four ways you can earn additional $GT tokens:

  • Complete daily video missions to get GT airdrops
  • Watching ads can speed up daily video tasks
  • The more friends you invite, the more extra GT airdrop rewards you can get every day
  • Win free NFTs by completing additional random tasks


Another interesting Web3 app to earn money is Sleepagotchi. By using this app you can boost your sleeping hours. Meaning, Sleepagotchi is a sleep health mobile app. In Sleepagotchi, you get 1 Free Collectible every morning, and 2 Free Collectibles if you slept well using a wearable device (i.e., went to bed and woke up at a consistent time).

By using Sleepagotchi, you can set your own sleep goals and use the app as a way to remind yourself of what your goal is. Whether it is to get more sleep or to get more consistent sleep, this is the app to help you do that. By using the app daily, you will constantly be reminding yourself to set your phone down when it is time to go to sleep.

Finally, you can use the sleep analytics built into Sleepagotchi app to reach your goals. By studying your sleep history, you may identify patterns of inconsistent sleep or lack of sleep. Adjust your sleep schedule accordingly or plan ahead of time in order to meet your goals.


LandRocker is a unique Play-to-Earn game centered around discovery and space exploration. Players embark on intergalactic journeys for mining missions, uncovering valuable resources like NFTs, crypto tokens, and crafting materials. Additionally, the platform employs blockchain technology for transparent and unpredictable reward distribution.

Specifically, LandRocker’s gameplay blends exploration, strategy, and rewards. Players navigate uncharted planets using their Rover, mining rewards based on the Rover’s strength and fuel availability. Besides, the game offers a downloadable 3D version and a web-based 2D version to cater to diverse gaming preferences.

The LRT Token

$LRT serves as the primary governance and utility token in the LandRocker ecosystem. It’s used for buying in-game items, staking, purchasing NFTs, acquiring Fuel, and participating in the Treasure Hunt Universes.

How to Earn Money

Finally, players can earn through mining rewards by purchasing fuel or collecting valuable items like NFTs and materials. On top of that, you can craft NFTs for additional earnings. Crafting NFTs and staking $LRT offer further earning opportunities.

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Final Thoughts: How to Make Money in Web3?

Overall, the apps provided above, are a range of opportunities for users to earn crypto with Web3 apps. In addition, by playing games or doing various activities and interactions within the entire metaverse. Therefore, is playing Web3 apps, the answer to the question of how to make money in web3? At the time of writing, this new industry is rising fast and you’ll have a big chance of becoming part of this.

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