Best Crypto Trading Youtube Channels

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What are the best crypto trading YouTube channels? Meet the best crypto traders and decide which one suits your best interests.

Are you looking for resources that can help you grow as a profitable crypto trader? Or are you new to the crypto markets and are looking for some reliable trading channels? Search no further! In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, staying informed and educated is crucial for success. To guide you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 Best Crypto Trading YouTube Channels.

From seasoned experts offering in-depth analyses to educators simplifying complex concepts, these channels cover a range of topics. Whether you’re interested in Bitcoin, altcoins, technical analysis, or market trends, these channels provide valuable insights for traders of all levels. Dive into the world of crypto trading through these channels and learn how to become a profitable crypto trader from day one.

Best Crypto Trading YouTube Channels

  • Into The Cryptoverse(YouTube channel hosted by Benjamin Cowen)
  • Cryptos R US(Weekly insights provided by George Tung)
  • Crypto Casey(Popular trading channel hosted by Casey Leigh Henry)
  • Craig Percoco(Daily insights from a veteran crypto day trader)
  • Eric Krown Crypto(Focuses on Bitcoin trading and trading tools)
  • Blockchain Backer(Hosted by Charles Shrem and covers BTC and XRP charts)
  • Crypto Mason(Hosted by Mason Versluis and covers XRP, HBAR, ALGO and BTC)
  • Bob Loukas(Veteran trader who covers monthly insights and trading cycles)

Which Crypto Trading YouTube Channel is Best?

In general, being a successful crypto trader is a personal journey. This means trading can be done in many ways. For instance, you can do many trades in 1 day on the lower time frames. The opposite is just doing a trade once in a few months by having a more long-term view.

To measure the best crypto trading YouTube channel in the list above, you can take the number of subscribers as an indicator. Additionally, with about 780K subscribers Benjamin Cowen can be considered as the best YouTube trading channel in crypto.

Are YouTube Crypto Trading Channels Free?

In short, yes they are free to watch. Like any other YouTube channel, the videos are public and you can subscribe to them. However, more experienced crypto traders like Craig Percoco, Eric Krown Crypto, and Blockchain Backer are offering paid trading tools and online courses.

The Top Crypto Trading YouTube Channels to Follow

Next, a list and a more detailed explanation of the best crypto trading YouTubers. Most of the figures have a decent background in the young crypto industry and therefore a reliable track record.

Channel 1: Into The Cryptoverse

The YouTube channel Into The Cryptoverse hosted by Benjamin Cowen, has 786K subscribers and features around 2K videos. This channel focuses on providing high-quality cryptocurrency education by delving into the metrics driving the market.

Unlike many other sources that rely on memes and price predictions, Benjamin, an academic with a science/engineering/programmatic background, offers a practical approach. He presents complex metrics in an easily understandable manner for the community.

The channel covers a range of topics related to cryptocurrencies, with a focus on analysis and information valuable for researching different coins. His latest video titles include discussions on Bitcoin dominance, Ethereum, market support bands, S&P500, and Bitcoin’s current status. Finally, Benjamin aims to provide insightful content that helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the volatile crypto markets.

Channel 2: Cryptos R US

The YouTube trading channel Cryptos R US hosted by George Tung, focuses on cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. With 667K subscribers and about 1.8K videos, the channel offers weekly insights and updates about Bitcoin’s market.

In particular, George provides regular recaps, discussing Bitcoin’s challenges, history, and potential future trends. Besides, the channel’s sponsor is ITrustCapital. Video titles like “Bitcoin Will Go PARABOLIC Because Of This…” and “Buy Bitcoin Because of These MAJOR Catalysts” highlight George’s analysis of Bitcoin-related news, price trends, and events.

Overall, the channel aims to educate viewers about Bitcoin’s market dynamics and potential opportunities. Both passionate traders and long-term investors can learn much from the provided content.

Channel 3: Crypto Casey

Next on the list of best crypto trading YouTube channels is Crypto Casey. Additionally, a popular YouTube trading channel hosted by Casey Leigh Henry, with about 513K subscribers. This female trader focuses on simplifying complex cryptocurrency, blockchain, and financial tech concepts for everyone.

Casey breaks down topics, from Bitcoin’s potential price movements to decentralized finance (DeFi) explanations, aiming at both beginners and advanced enthusiasts.

The latest video titles cover diverse subjects, such as potential Bitcoin trends and security awareness. With the aim of making crypto accessible, “Crypto Casey” serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights, news, and instructional content about the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Channel 4: Craig Percoco

The YouTube trading channel Craig Percoco hosted by Craig Percoco, has 322K subscribers and has so far 129 videos. Started in 2015, Craig shares his journey of leaving college at 19 to become a day trader.

The channel documents his growth, mistakes, and lessons, while also teaching trading and investing to viewers. Video titles like “10 TRADING Rules I learned From 7 Years of Day Trading” and “LIVE TRADING CRYPTO – How To Profit $8,755 In a Week | 10x Strategy” highlight trading rules, strategies, and market analysis.

Finally, with a focus on day trading insights, the channel aims to educate and provide practical advice for those interested in day trading cryptocurrency assets.

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Channel 5: Eric Krown Crypto

Next on the list of best YouTube crypto trading channels is Eric Krown Crypto, hosted by Eric Crown. The channel offers insights into cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, with 183K subscribers and about 2.9K videos, the channel focuses on Bitcoin analysis using technical tools.

For instance, Eric discusses Bitcoin’s price movements and trends in videos like “Bitcoin’s History Repeating With Ethereum?” and “Bitcoin Is This Max Opportunity?“. The channel provides viewers with trading strategies, analysis, and statistical tools for informed decision-making.

Besides, he also promotes trading tools and educational programs, however, Eric’s content aims to help starting crypto traders understand market dynamics and potential trading opportunities.

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Channel 6: Blockchain Backer

Firstly, The Blockchain Backer YouTube channel, hosted by Charles Shrem, boasts 262K subscribers and over 1K videos. Furthermore, the channel focuses on cryptocurrency content, delivering the latest news and analysis. It specializes in chart analysis for various cryptocurrencies, including XRP and Bitcoin, and provides motivation for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Recent video subjects highlight discussions about extreme market conditions, liquidations in Bitcoin, XRP’s price performance, and market dynamics. Overall, the channel aims to keep viewers informed and engaged in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Channel 7: Crypto Mason

The YouTube trading channel Crypto Mason, hosted by Mason Versluis, has 166K subscribers and offers 984 videos. It focuses on teaching beginners about cryptocurrencies and making them experts.

The channel covers a range of crypto news, with a specific emphasis on Bitcoin and XRP. Mason provides unique insights by blending spiritual and esoteric knowledge with his crypto trading setups.

For instance, the latest video titles, such as “This Is Why XRP Will Go To $10” and “Ripple & XRP Are TAKING OVER Bitcoin,” indicate the channel’s primary focus on analyzing trends and news related to Bitcoin and XRP. By combining cryptocurrency education with spiritual perspectives, “Crypto Mason” offers viewers a distinct viewpoint to understand and navigate the volatile crypto markets.

Channel 8: Bob Loukas

Last on the list of the best crypto trading YouTube channels is Bob Loukas. This trading channel has 110K subscribers and so far only 40 videos. The reason for this low posting rate is that this YouTuber only posts once in a few months. Particularly, Bob is a seasoned trader with over 25 years of experience, focusing on Gold Markets and Bitcoin/Crypto, along with US Equities, Forex, and Crude Oil. He emphasizes the study of Market Cycles as his main trading tool, having followed cycles for nearly 15 years.

Recent video examples:

“Green Lights” – Bob discusses historically favorable times for exposure and introduces a personal project supporting Web3.

“The Most Difficult Part of the Bull Market” – Part of the “4 Year Cycle Journey,” focusing on challenges within the bull market.

Finally, Bob’s channel combines trading insights with a focus on cycles and a deep understanding of different markets, including cryptocurrencies. With a monthly posting schedule, Bob aims to provide valuable content for traders seeking knowledge about trading Bitcoin/Crypto and other assets.

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Final Thoughts

Is it hard to become a profitable crypto trader? The answer lies in the diversity of trading strategies and the evolving nature of the crypto market. The YouTube channels mentioned here offer a spectrum of insights, catering to traders of varying experience levels.

From Benjamin Cowen’s data-driven education to Eric Krown’s technical analysis and Craig Percoco’s practical journey, each channel provides a unique perspective. While some channels offer free educational content, others delve into premium tools and courses.

Remember, success in crypto trading requires thorough research, disciplined learning, and a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. These YouTube channels act as valuable resources, guiding traders toward informed decisions, and helping them navigate the exciting yet volatile world of cryptocurrency trading.

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