Most in demand blockchain jobs

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What are the most in-demand blockchain jobs for 2022? This article comes with 5 options that should give you a better view of a career in crypto.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are shaking up the financial world. These decentralized assets have become wildly popular among investors as the value of currencies like Bitcoin soared to record highs in recent years. And as demand for crypto grows, so is the number of jobs in this field.

Blockchain jobs are some of the highest paying in the IT industry. This is partly due to the fact that there aren’t many professionals with extensive blockchain knowledge.

Most in-demand Blockchain Jobs

Here are the five most sought-after blockchain jobs that are sure to be universally popular in 2022.

Blockchain Developer

Salary: $60,000 – $160,000

Blockchain developers design secure blockchain technologies, craft the architecture of the blockchain system, and develop web apps and interfaces. Here, it’s important to sort developers into two separate categories.

Core blockchain developers are responsible for developing the architecture, the consensus protocol, and all other security-related blockchain system decisions.

On the other hand, blockchain software developers create decentralized apps or Daaps. In particular, from the protocols and architecture developed by core blockchain developers. These experts work on smart contracts, interactive front-end Dapps design, and blockchain-based back-end development and supervise the entire stack running their Dapps.

This role requires extensive technical knowledge and skills. Aside from knowing at least one programming language such as Python, C++, Solidarity, or Java, a blockchain developer needs a unique set of blockchain tech-related skills.

Being familiar with blockchain architecture is critical. Developers need to be well versed in consensus, cryptographic hash functions, and distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, they need to have in-depth knowledge of data structures such as a Merkle Patricia tree.

One of the pillars of blockchain technology is advanced cryptography. As such, blockchain developers need to have a good grasp of how KECCAK256 (Ethereum) and SHA256 (Bitcoin) hash functions are used. That’s in addition to asynchronous cryptography, a process that uses a pair of keys to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Hash function vs SHA-256

Another important functionality is a smart contract development, which enables the application of business logic to the blockchain.

Blockchain Architect

Salary: $185,000 – $220,600

A blockchain architect is responsible for leading a blockchain project and creating the roadmap that the rest of the team follows, with both software and business goals in mind. They work with R&D teams, developing new solutions and performance standards. In short, an architect oversees blockchain engineers and developers.

Blockchain architects need to be familiar with how the blockchain system works to develop it while minimizing all risks. Well-developed coding skills are a must, as well as the ability to make business and technical decisions.

All of the aforementioned developer skills are equally important here, but this role is even more demanding. You’ll have to be knowledgeable about blockchain architecture, data structures, cryptography, and know one or more programming languages. Additionally, you’ll need good leadership skills to guide your team.

It goes without saying that a blockchain architect should know about front-end and back-end web development. You won’t need to code everything, but you’ll have to create map designs that are heavily reliant on coding concepts. Skills in blockchain operability, product specification, and the implementation of strategy development are all necessary.

Blockchain Project Manager

Salary: $23,500 – $199,500

Blockchain project managers are the bridge between developers and clients. They work on realizing the client’s requests in accordance with the project’s scope. A project manager oversees the team and works with them on the database system, the token economy, and processing systems. If the project doesn’t have a token economy, project managers supervise the blockchain infrastructure process.

A manager observes, reports, and deals with security protocols and transaction management systems. A competent project manager will strive for peak reliability and efficiency. This role involves everything from developing roadmaps at the beginning of the project to deploying the actual solutions at the end.

Blockchain Manager

To be a blockchain project manager, you’ll also need intimate knowledge about the development life cycle of blockchain projects and blockchain risk management. And just like in any other profession, a project manager has to possess good management and leadership skills.

Blockchain UX Designer

Salary: $80,000 – $140,000

Amid the soaring popularity of blockchain technology, the visuals have to become more accessible and appealing to everyday users.

Blockchain UX designers are responsible for making a visually appealing and accessible user interface. They’re focused on designing a product that makes blockchain more digestible for crypto beginners. A UX designer will turn smart contract variations into clear and visually straightforward suggestions. They’ll show users what’s going on at the back-end through easy to comprehend visual UX cues.

As an emerging branch of the industry, there is no fixed set of rules for achieving UI goals. This gives blockchain UX designers plenty of freedom to tackle the representation problem. As for skill requirements, UX designers have to be well versed in UX/UI design implementation and know-how to work with wireframe and mockup design tools such as Figma, Sketch, or Adobe Creative Suite. Moreover, familiarity with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will mean a lot for aspiring UX designers.

Blockchain Engineer

Salary: $55,000 – $160,000

Blockchain engineers create and implement digital blockchain solutions for enterprises. For example, they analyze what the company needs, then develop accelerators, or assets. Additionally, they analyze and develop the infrastructure setup process around those requirements. Engineers often rely on Ethereum or Hyperledger platforms to do their job.

They also comb through lines of code and train junior employees. More often than not, a blockchain engineer will have to ensure back-end functionalities and create documents for the infrastructure.

Naturally, the job requires extensive knowledge of blockchain architecture, cryptography, and data structures. Knowing front-end and back-end development is also crucial, as well as in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language, like C++, Solidarity, or Python.

Wrapping it Up

Suppose you want to start a career in crypto – one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors on the globe. In that case, this article has given you the 5 most in-demand blockchain jobs for 2022. In short, below is a list:

  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain architect
  • Project manager
  • UX designer
  • Blockchain engineer

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