Spot Trading Bitcoin

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Learn spot trading Bitcoin by using as little risk as possible. This guide, explains the several options beginning traders have in crypto.

Bitcoin spot trading is a popular method for traditional investors willing to enter the cryptocurrency markets. In short, spot trading Bitcoin is like buying and selling Bitcoin(BTC) right away at their current prices. Imagine a market where you can swap your coins for others or even cash instantly. It’s like going to a store and buying items at the displayed prices, no waiting. This direct trading is done on platforms called crypto exchanges.

Spot trading is excellent for quick trades and beginners, as it doesn’t involve complex agreements or waiting for future prices. Just buy BTC at market price(BTC/USDT), and trade – all on the spot!

By continuing to read this guide, you’ll learn the basics(including benefits) when trading Bitcoin at spot price:

  • How to profit when spot trading bitcoin
  • The difference between spot trading and futures trading
  • Best strategy to use when spot trading bitcoin
  • Discover the best apps for trading Bitcoin on the spot

Finally, I want to mention that this content is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research before investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin.

The rising BTC chart during Bullrun in 2021
The rising BTC chart during Bullrun in 2021

Spot Trading Bitcoin: A Practical Example

Meet Bobby, a starting crypto trader residing in the United States. To start out he signs up for the Kucoin exchange(US residents allowed). Here’s how Bobby can navigate the process:

Step 1: Creating a KuCoin Account

Bobby starts his journey by creating a free account without any capital checks. He clicks on the “Sign Up” button and provides his email address and a strong password. After verifying his email, Bobby sets up two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Now, he’s ready to start out.

Step 2: Depositing USD

Now that Bobby’s KuCoin account is set up, he’s keen to deposit some US dollars to start trading. At Kucoin there are many payment methods and Bobby decides to use his credit card to deposit funds.

Step 3: Use stablecoins

Kucoin doesn’t use fiat trading pairs like USD. Instead, you can use stablecoins like USDT for this. On the platform, Bobby decides to convert some of his USD into USDT (Tether).

Step 4: Spot Trading BTC/USDT

Now comes the exciting part – trading Bitcoin against USDT. Bobby navigates to the “Spot Trading” section and selects the BTC/USDT trading pair. Here, he has two main trading options:

  • Market Order: Bobby can place a market order to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly at the current market price. This is ideal when he wants to execute a trade quickly.
  • Limit Order: Bobby can also use a limit order. He sets the price at which he’s willing to buy or sell Bitcoin. If the market reaches its specified price, the order is executed automatically. This is useful for Bobby when he wants to enter the market at a specific rate.
Executing a limit order(BTC/USDT) on Kucoin
Executing a limit order(BTC/USDT) on Kucoin

Managing Risk: Stop-Loss and Sell-Targets

Bobby knows that successful trading involves risk management. He sets up a stop-loss order when placing a buy order. This means if the Bitcoin price falls below a certain level, his order will automatically sell to limit potential losses.

Additionally, Bobby doesn’t want to leave his profits to chance. He sets a target price at which he intends to sell his Bitcoin for a profit. He places a sell limit order at this target price.

With this practical approach, Bobby begins spot trading Bitcoin on KuCoin. Over time, he refines his strategies, explores technical analysis, and is on his way to becoming a profitable crypto trader.

Is Spot Trading Bitcoin For Beginners?

Spot trading Bitcoin is an excellent starting point for beginners to enter the volatile cryptocurrency markets. Here are some reasons why this is a suitable choice:

  1. Simplicity – Spot trading involves buying and selling Bitcoin for immediate delivery, making it straightforward for newcomers. You purchase the asset at its current market price, eliminating complex derivatives and leverage.
  2. Low entry barrier – You don’t need a massive investment to get started. Many traditional stock trading platforms ask you for a minimal investment capital of 10K. Instead, Bitcoin can be traded at a low barrier entry level($100).
  3. Learning opportunity – Spot trading offers an educational experience. As you trade, you’ll gain insights into market dynamics, chart analysis, and price trends that will be valuable if you decide to explore more complex trading strategies in the future.
  4. High liquidity – Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency in the world. Meaning, it is traded at high volumes on a 24h basis. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or at what time; you can buy or sell instantly.
Kucoin 24h Spot Trading Volume
Kucoin 24h Spot Trading Volume(Screenshot:2023-09-19)

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the risks. Cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile, leading to significant price swings. Beginners should exercise caution, start with small investments, and conduct thorough research before diving in. Always be prepared for the potential loss of your capital.

How Do You Profit From Spot Trading Bitcoin?

Generally, crypto traders buy Bitcoin when markets are in the accumulation phase. Often at a low price and wait for their value to increase before selling them. Because of the nature of spot trading, this method of investing allows you to hold your tokens for multiple years.

Additionally, many traders use spot markets to dollar-cost-average(DCA) into their favorite cryptocurrencies and wait for the next bull market to realize their profits. Since most crypto coins eventually go up, patient traders generally make good profits.

It is important to remember that the profits only become real after you sell your crypto for fiat currency or your stablecoin(USDT or USDC) of choice. In other words, buy low and sell high and you can make a good profit when spot trading Bitcoin.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin Spot Trading and Bitcoin Futures Trading?

Bitcoin spot trading involves the immediate purchase and sale of actual Bitcoin at the current market price. It is a straightforward and direct way of owning and trading the cryptocurrency. In contrast, Bitcoin futures trading involves contracts that specify the price at which Bitcoin will be bought or sold at a future date. Here’s why Bitcoin futures trading is riskier:

  1. Leverage – Futures trading often allows traders to use leverage, meaning they can control a more substantial position with a smaller amount of capital. While this amplifies potential gains, it also magnifies losses.
  2. Price Volatility – Cryptocurrency markets are already known for their price volatility, but futures contracts can be even more susceptible to rapid price swings. Traders may be forced to liquidate their positions if prices move against them, resulting in significant losses.
  3. Time Sensitivity – Futures contracts have expiration dates, and traders must close or roll over their positions before these dates. This time sensitivity can lead to added pressure and increased risk, especially for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of futures markets.
  4. Margin Calls – When using leverage in futures trading, traders may receive margin calls if their positions move against them. This means they must deposit additional funds to cover potential losses or their positions may be forcibly closed, resulting in losses.
  5. Complexity – Futures trading involves understanding not only the cryptocurrency market but also the ins and outs of futures contracts. It includes factors like expiration, settlement, and maintenance margins. This complexity can be challenging for beginners.
Trading BTC on Binance Futures platform
Trading BTC on Binance Futures platform

Different Types Of Spot Trading Markets

In the world of Bitcoin trading, there are two main types of spot markets that you should know about. Think of them as two distinct pathways to enter the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

  1. Exchange Trading: This is where most people start their journey. Exchanges are like bustling marketplaces where buyers and sellers come together. Imagine it as a one-stop shop for all things crypto. Here, you can easily buy or sell Bitcoin at the current market price. And the exciting part? You get to peek at something called an “order book” that gives you an actual overview of price levels and where large orders are being placed. This can help you to set certain limit orders to enter or exit the market.
  2. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Trading: Now, this is where the trading game gets a bit more personal. OTC trading is like a secret handshake among Bitcoin enthusiasts. It’s where buyers and sellers connect directly, without a middleman or exchange calling the shots. The beauty of OTC is that you and your trading partner can agree on prices that suit both of you, whether it’s above or below the market rate. Plus, OTC isn’t just about price; it’s a place to hash out other important details too. Often large investors(whales) are using this approach to trade large volume orders without affecting the market price.

What Is The Best Strategy For Bitcoin Spot Trading?

When it comes to Bitcoin spot trading, a combination of strategies can help you navigate the often volatile cryptocurrency market effectively. Two essential strategies to consider are Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Buying the Dip:

Dollar Cost Averaging(DCA)

DCA is a method that involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of the current Bitcoin price. This strategy is ideal for beginners and risk-averse traders, as it minimizes the impact of market fluctuations. Here’s how to implement DCA:

  • Choose a fixed amount of money you’re comfortable investing regularly (e.g., weekly, monthly).
  • Stick to your schedule and buy Bitcoin with the set amount, regardless of whether prices are high or low.
  • Over time, this strategy averages out your purchase price, reducing the risk associated with trying to time the market.

Buying the Dip

Buying the dip” is a strategy that involves purchasing Bitcoin when its price experiences a significant drop or correction. While it requires a bit more active monitoring, it can be rewarding for those willing to seize opportunities when prices fall. Here’s how to approach this strategy:

  • Keep an eye on Bitcoin’s price movements, either through technical analysis or market news.
  • Identify significant price dips or corrections.
  • When prices drop to a level you find attractive, purchase Bitcoin. This strategy aims to capitalize on potential discounts during market downturns.
Example of Buying The Dip Strategy for Bitcoin
Example of Buying The Dip Strategy for Bitcoin

Remember that Bitcoin trading involves risks, and no strategy guarantees profits. DCA is a more passive and low-risk approach while Buying the Dip is more active and requires timing. The best strategy for you depends on your risk tolerance, time commitment, and trading goals. Finally, make sure to diversify your portfolio to spread risk and maximize potential returns.

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The Best Bitcoin Spot Trading Apps

To start trading Bitcoin you have to install an app first. Most of them are mobile applications that allow users to trade and manage various cryptocurrencies directly from their smartphones or PCs. These apps provide a user-friendly interface to access cryptocurrency markets, make trades, check real-time price data, and manage portfolios.

Binance and Kucoin are prime examples of popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, but there are many more and it also depends on your local situation. However, these two platforms are reputable and are accessible to a more mainstream audience.

  • Binance(The most popular platform and well-known cryptocurrency exchange globally)
  • Kucoin(Another reputable cryptocurrency exchange with a mobile app, it allows Bitcoin trading for US residents)
Go to BinanceGo To Kucoin

How Does Creating an Account at an Exchange Work?

Creating an account at a platform like Binance is free and can be done in minutes. Overall below are the steps you have to take:

First, create an account with your mobile or email address. This is very straightforward. Next, you have to undergo the verification process(KYC). It requires the following steps:

  1. Upload official documents(passport, identity card, driving license, or else)
  2. Take pictures of both sides of the document
  3. Make a selfie

Finally, when the account is created, you can decide to add a credit card or use a bank account as a payment option. From here it’s a matter of depositing funds and starting trading 😁

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Spot Trading Risky?

To enter the world of cryptocurrencies, it is a good idea to start with Bitcoin spot trading. Also, Bitcoin spot trading can be captivating, and challenging where both beginners and seasoned traders struggle to become profitable. To reach this goal, you first have to acknowledge that trading Bitcoin comes with risk. However, it’s a risk that can be managed and even used to your advantage.

Throughout this guide, I have tried to explain the ins and outs of Bitcoin spot trading, demystifying its fundamental concepts, strategies, and practical tips. I have shown you that while risk is an inherent part of trading, it doesn’t mean beginners should avoid this type of market. Rather, it should motivate you to adopt a disciplined and informed approach.

For instance, strategies like Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and the art of Buying the Dip, can help you recognize market psychology and volatility. Moreover, these strategies will help you to make rational decisions, reducing the impact of impulsive emotions.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in Bitcoin spot trading. Your strategy should align with your risk tolerance, goals, and time commitment. Diversification can also help spread risk.

Finally, may your trades be profitable and your journey rewarding. Happy trading!


Is Bitcoin Spot Trading Expensive? What are the Fees?

Creating an account at a crypto exchange is easy(no capital checks) and free. However, crypto exchanges earn their money on trading fees. It depends on the size of the trade, but overall you have to pay about 0.1 – 0.2% for every single trade.

Also, if you are serious about Bitcoin trading and want to use higher volumes(amount) the fee will drop significantly.

Can You Spot Trade Bitcoin in DeFi?

No, spot trading Bitcoin in DeFi or Web3 is not possible. However, there is an alternative where you can trade WBTC tokens. Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 with the BTC price. It is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded with MetaMask(WBTC/USDT).

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