Poker hand ranking chart

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Are you interested in playing the famous poker game? Read this helpful guide to poker hand rankings chart to get a headstart!

If you wish to get yourself acquainted with the best hands in poker. Then this guide is for you. Regardless of where you play poker – on the internet or in a local casino – it is important to learn how the order of poker hands works, from the best to worse. To explain further, this guide will provide an insight into the poker-hand rankings chart. Keep on reading!

Importance of Poker Hand Ranking

In many cases, you will find players that are new to the game of poker struggle at first when it comes to recognizing the strength of the hand they hold. Oftentimes, poker players consider poker to be less of a gambling game and more of a skill-based game, especially when compared with other casino games.

For this reason, it is imperative for players to raise the understanding of their gameplay and strategy to become successful players. To achieve this, the first step is to understand and get acquainted with how the poker hand rankings work.

Poker hand ranking
All Poker rankings

Oftentimes, these rankings are memorized by poker players and this ensures that they can make an informed decision when they decide on the right way to play their hands. Fortunately, players can adopt the same ranking when playing several variants of pokers.

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Royal Flush

Based on standard poker hand ranking, this is considered to be the strongest possible five-card hand. You can get a royal flush when you make a ten-to-ace straight with all five consecutive cards from a single suit. This hand is also the rarest and the probability of making such a hand is 0.000154%.

Straight flush

This is the second-strongest hand and will beat all other hands, except a royal flush. You can make a straight flush with five consecutive ranking cards of a single suit. The strongest straight flush you can obtain is the king-high version. The probability of making a straight flush is 0.0015%, which is higher than that of a royal flush.

Four of a Kind 

Besides a royal flush and a straight flush, this hand can beat all other hands. You can make a four-of-a-kind by four of the single ranking card. For example, four kings or four aces. The probability of making this hand is 0.024%. Oftentimes, opponents find it unlikely to hold four of a kind.

A Full House

You can make a full house by holding three cards of the same ranking, in addition to two cards of different ranks. For instance, a full house can be a five-card hand of three kings and two aces. The probability of making this hand is 0.1441%


A flush can be made by holding any five cards of the same suit. However, the sequence of the cards has no consequence, unlike the royal and straight flush. The strength of a flush depends on the highest card of the five. In Texas Hold ’em, a flush can be made only if three or more cards of the same suits hit the board. The probability of making a flush is 0.1965%.


This hand can be made by holding five consecutive ranking cards. When you have a ten-to-ace straight, you have a broadway straight, which is the strongest version of a straight. This hand can beat three of a kind, two pair, pair, and high cards. The probability of holding a straight is 0.3925%.

Three of a Kind 

This involves three cards of the same ranking. Also known as trips or a set, the probability of making this hand is 2.1128%. This hand is stronger than two pair, pair, and high card.

Two Pair

This involves holding two different pairs of cards of the same ranking. For example, two aces and two kings will make a two pair hand. The strength of the hand depends on the pair with a higher ranking. In Texas Hold ’em, two pairs can make a strong hand and can win a big pot. The probability of making this hand is 4.7539%.


This hand involves two cards of the same ranking. For example, a hand like J-J-T-7-2 can make a pair. Anytime two opponents hold pairs of the same ranking, then the winner is determined by the next-highest card. The probability of holding this hand is 42.2569%. This hand will beat a high card.

High Card 

When you hold a hand like A-J-6-3-2, you are holding a high card. When two high cards have the same highest-ranking card battle, the winner is determined by the next-highest card. The probability of holding this hand is 50.1177%.

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