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How to execute the best marketing strategy after you have published a brand new NFT collection? Try partnering up with an NFT marketing agency!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a part of the blockchain family, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. These tokens represent an asset you have, such as art or media in cryptocurrency, and they show proof of ownership of the assets.

Like any other blockchain component, NFTs are relatively new in the market, and there’s a need to market appropriately for your business to get clients. Also, to do this effectively, you need to seek the services of an NFT marketing agency. As with any other investment, you might be wondering how hiring an agency will bring value for your money.

This article will address this concern by discussing the advantages of partnering with an NFT marketing agency. Read on to learn more about this.

Advantages of Partnering with an NFT Marketing Agency

Partnering with an NFT marketing agency gives you the following key advantages.

1. Gives You Access To A Pool Of Resources

When working independently, you might have a limitation on the number of resources you have. The limit extends to both physical and human resources. It might be challenging to keep up with marketing tools with the changing technology. The lag will affect your NFT marketing since you’ll be utilizing old technology, which might be ineffective today, even if it was effective before.

You might have a limiting workforce for various reasons, meaning one worker will handle several marketing aspects. It can be disadvantageous since there’s barely a jack of all trades in marketing; there’s a need for a vast pool of talent.

Human resources for NFT marketing

However, when you work with an NFT marketing agency, you have access to various services. For one, their service provision is solely marketing, meaning they’re likely to invest most of their finances in acquiring the best technology there is in marketing. Most will do this to serve their clients better, you included. The agency will utilize the latest innovations to meet your NFT marketing needs.

Also, the agency will have a team of experts. Each worker is proficient in a given aspect of marketing, whether content marketing, SEO, or graphic design. Here, everyone will do what they do best to ensure quality and efficient service delivery.

2. Saves Time

Without utilizing the services of a marketing agency, you’ll spend a lot of time implementing strategies. That is because you’re likely to be operating through trial and error. There’s also a possibility that all the marketing strategies you’ve formulated won’t work, taking you back to the drawing board and consuming more time.

As previously stated, an NFT marketing agency will serve your company from the point of know-how. With this, they’ll get it right the first time, eliminating the need for constant rework. Reworks and constant re-strategizing consume a lot of time, which is undesirable.

3. Provides Quality Services

A marketing agency is good at what they do, thanks to the experience they’ve had working with other customers. It means they’ll meet your NFT business needs from the point of know-how rather than trial and error. Due to their experience working with other NFT businesses, they can anticipate your needs proactively.

Most NFT marketing agencies are professionals, meaning they’ll first assess your business needs and listen to your marketing goals before implementing any strategy. With the survey, they’ll know the ones that’ll work and those that won’t.

Operating from the point of know-how, anticipating needs, and providing strategies based on your business needs all depict quality services. Quality services more or less assure you that the marketing strategies implemented by the marketing agency will work.

4. Saves Money

Partnering with an NFT marketing agency saves you a lot of money. Without them, you have to hire a whole marketing team that isn’t cheap to maintain. You’d have to pay them their monthly compensation, including offering benefits, insurance, and saving for their retirement schemes. The expense doesn’t end here; you also have to train them constantly in marketing to keep up with the trends in the industry. Besides human labor, office space could also be an expense, especially where you’ve rented the space. Having a large team means renting more space and increasing your rent. All these costs pile up and might end up causing financial strain on your company.

However, your expenditure will be lesser when you work with an NFT marketing agency. The agency will have a team of experts, eliminating the need to have a whole in-house marketing team. Some agencies will work remotely, only requiring you to come into your office when necessary. Here, you won’t spend too much money on rent.

With an agency, you’ll pay them a fixed amount of money for various services, and you won’t need to take up insurance covers for them. It avails more money that you can invest in your business to enhance its growth.

5. Increases Productivity

NFT marketing isn’t an easy task for any team; it involves various time-consuming activities. You’ll first assess your current marketing state and goals before formulating strategies. The strategizing stage often consumes a lot of time, after which you need to acquire resources and allocate them to your plans. With implementation, it may not work and may take your team back to the drawing board. The back and forth process can be frustrating to your team and may affect their morale. Low morale, in turn, reduces your workers’ productivity levels. Also, your company will suffer from unproductivity since there’s a likelihood that the marketing team also has other responsibilities to fulfill in your company. The consuming marketing processes will make the workers neglect other operations, which is undesirable.

However, once you partner with an NFT agency, they’ll take over your marketing operations. The takeover allows your team to focus on their other responsibilities, increasing your company’s productivity levels. How? With the agency handling one aspect and your team handling another, you’ll achieve more within a day.

Also, your team will no longer get frustrated due to unworking strategies. With no frustrations, their morale will be high, increasing productivity.

6. Ensures Compliance

The NFT industry has many regulations governing it, hence the need to be familiar with them. Also, these laws keep changing, with new ones coming up. Considering you have other operations to manage, it might be challenging to keep up with all these as a business owner. Due to the divided attention, there’s a likelihood of you not being aware of a new law overnight, making your business susceptible to lawsuits and penalties.

An NFT marketing agency is aware of the volatility of the NFT laws; hence, they’ll keep up to ensure your marketing operations are legal.

7. Gives You An Unbiased Overview

In running your marketing operations, you’re likely to get complacent. Complacency arises from doing things the same way without making changes. Here, your marketing team might believe everything is working well, whereas it might not be so in another person’s eyes.

When you partner with an NFT marketing agency, they’ll view your operations with unbiased eyes. Most will give you feedback without fear of reprimand, as your team would. It is crucial since they’ll identify bottlenecks and redundancies leading to inefficiencies in your marketing. The agency will also bring in new ideas and ways of doing things, bringing life to your operations.


Partnering with an NFT marketing agency will benefit your business, including its workers, in the ways this article discusses. Therefore, you need to consider hiring the services of a marketing agency. However, the decision is yours; make the right one to avoid future regrets.

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