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This article will explain 7 ways to make low-risk gains with cryptocurrencies. A must-read for starters willing to enter the volatile crypto markets.

You don’t have to be a crypto expert to make gains with cryptocurrencies. Although it’s no secret that trading can be risky and nerve-wracking whether you’re just starting or have been around the industry a few times. The price fluctuates regularly, and there are plenty of risks involved.

Beyond those worries, there’s always a silver lining. It would be best if you learned some viable ways to generate gains with cryptocurrency without too much risk.

7 Ways to Make Low-Risk Gains with Crypto

Below is a summary of methods, you can use to start making gains in crypto with very low risk.

1. Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage is buying and selling cryptocurrencies on different exchanges to take advantage of price differences, which leads to profits. To profit from crypto arbitrage, you need access to multiple exchanges that support the cryptocurrencies you want to trade. You also need to keep track of these opportunities as they arise through an arbitrage bot.

You need to create an account to trade on the cryptocurrency exchange markets. Once you’re done, you can start buying and selling cryptocurrencies by transferring funds to your digital wallet. Then you can use those funds to buy and sell digital coins. Once you’ve completed this step, all that remains is making trades based on price differences between exchanges. Moreover, you can do these trades manually if you want to do it yourself and don’t mind spending all day watching graph updates. You can also hire someone else who does it for a living. 

Additionally, you can even trade automatically by using software designed specifically for performing these kinds of transactions at high speeds while minimizing risk. This arbitrage software minimizes risk by trading only when there are evident disparities between pairs of currencies on different exchanges worldwide, resulting in low-risk gains.

2. Staking Coins

Staking is a great way to earn interest on your coins without risking money or time. You must buy some coins and leave them in a wallet supporting staking. The longer you leave them there, the more interest you’ll earn.

Staking is probably the safest way for crypto beginners to make money with cryptocurrency without risking their funds. But it’s important not to stake tokens from exchanges because they might get hacked. Instead, look for coins whose developers have been around longer than five years. These coins must also be reputable in the cryptocurrency community to avoid scams. Once you’ve found some good staking candidates, it’s time to decide where you’ll store those digital assets. You can try different review sites online, such as Shrimpy reviews, to help you make well-informed decisions.

Staking PoS coins
Most PoS coins can be staked

3. Long-term HODLs

Holding is a popular strategy for many investors who believe in the long-term value of cryptocurrencies. While there are several ways to hold on to dear life (HODL), one common practice is buying some crypto tokens at regular intervals (e.g., once every month). After purchase, hold onto those coins until their price increases so you can sell them for profit without taking too much risk from market volatility.

While this may seem like an easy way to earn money from crypto, it can be risky if the market moves down sharply during your period of buying and selling coins. You could lose all your money even though you were doing everything right. But by carefully timing your purchases and selling based on market conditions, you can minimize this risk while maximizing your profits.

4. Lending out your Coins

You can lend your coins to earn interest. This is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not just leaving your crypto sitting in an exchange or wallet, earning nothing while its value goes down. You can lend it to a friend or family member who won’t lose your coin over reckless trades. You can also lend to bots for low-risk gains through companies offering peer-to-peer lending bots online. Typically, users can post what they want and how much they need, then other users respond with offers based on their trust, risk tolerance, and interest levels.

Nexo platform
At Nexo you can lend out crypto at 12% APY

5. Airdrops

Airdrop is a method to give people a way to coins without needing to buy or mine them. An airdrop is based on holding a specific type of coin. Airdrops have gotten pretty popular recently with cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want free coins. These airdrops often happen with new coins that need to grow their value in the crypto market. By getting these airdrops, you can expand your portfolio. If the coin becomes valuable in the industry, you’ll see the profits over time.

6. Investing in New Coins Early

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, there are a lot of risks. But if you want to minimize these risks as much as possible, you should invest in new coins early on. This is because new cryptocurrencies tend to have lower market caps and smaller supply than the older ones. This means that their growth potential is much higher than other coins. Therefore, they have more room for growth before they reach the maximum supply of coins, and thus, their market cap becomes constrained by economics.

To invest in any of them, understand the fundamentals of the project. Consider if it’s scalable and who the competitors are. You should also identify who developed the coin and where it was developed. You should also research to know if you can trust them personally and professionally. In addition, you must ensure that they’re reliable enough to deliver on promises. If they seem certified, you can invest and watch the money rise with the coin’s value for your low-risk gains on the investment.

7. Buying the Dip(And holding)

Buying the dip can be a good one, but not always. When you think about it, there are only two ways to make money in trading.

The first is to buy low, sell high or buy high, and sell higher. This is called ‘buy low/sell high’ or ‘buying the dip‘ because you buy when prices are down and sell them at a profit when they rise again (or vice versa).

The second is to hold onto your coins until their value increases enough for you to make some gains. When it reaches that point, cash out before they plummet again (or vice versa). This strategy is called ‘HODL,’ which was discussed earlier. However, since you want low-risk gains on every investment, you can capitalize on these strategies to expand your profits.


Investing in crypto is a long-term game; don’t invest more than you can afford to lose at any time. Remember that investing in cryptocurrency is risky and a big commitment. But it doesn’t have to be a terrifying prospect. There are ways to do it safely and successfully with the proper knowledge and strategy like the ones mentioned above.

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