This simple bitcoin converter will help you convert the actual Bitcoin price into any fiat-currency you want! Pretty awesome huh?

The default setting of this simple converter is BTC to USD. Of course it’s also possible to switch conversion by clicking the arrows in between. As a result, conversion from USD (or any other fiat-currency) to BTC is also possible!

What is a Bitcoin converter

A bitcoin converter can be used to convert the actual value of Bitcoin to the actual value in fiat-currency. Moreover, it’s a tool to know what the value is in terms of price.

How to use the simple bitcoin converter

This helpful tool will allow you to enter a certain amount in the upper textbox. Next thing to do is to set the BTC and fiat-currency list box in proper order. It’s also possible to switch conversion by clicking on the arrows.

Simple Bitcoin Converter Switch

How does the tool work

This tool will get any value which is inserted by the user. It only works with numbers and alfanumeric characters aren’t allowed. Users who are trying to do this are shown an error. Also there is no limit to the amount of numbers inserted. Finally, its important to know that conversions are calculated instantly.

Which users can use this tool?

It doesn’t really matter from which country you are. All local fiat currencies are included. It’s good to know that alt coins are not included in the list. The default setting is BTC to USD, but it’s really up to the users to decide.

Where can I find more information on cryptocurrencies?

If you want to know more about the technology behind cryptocurrencies, I’ll advice you to read this article about Blockchain technology. To profit from it, you can also start trading Bitcoin. It’s totally up to you!

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