Is Truth GPT legit

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Use this guide as a checkmark to find out if Truth GPT is a legit crypto project. Explore the features, market data, and community here.

Introducing TruthGPT, the groundbreaking meme coin inspired by Elon Musk’s tweet targeting ChatGPT. With a mission to combat censorship and bias, TruthGPT aims to build an AI chatbot. Additionally, this chatbot spreads honest and unbiased information, offering an alternative to existing platforms.

Embodying the vision of Elon Musk, this crypto project seeks to become a beacon of truth and honesty in the world of artificial intelligence.

In this article, we delve into the legitimacy of Truth GPT, exploring its features, market data, and community-driven strategies.

What is Truth GPT?

Truth GPT ($TRUTH) is a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. In particular, Truth GPT is an innovative crypto token and AI project that has gained attention due to its commitment to combatting censorship and promoting unbiased information. It was inspired by Elon Musk’s tweet criticizing the limitations of ChatGPT.

The project aims to develop an AI chatbot that responds with honest and truthful answers to any question, tackling concerns of bias and manipulation. Beyond being just a meme coin, Truth GPT aspires to be a platform that fosters transparency, free speech, and the dissemination of accurate information.

By leveraging AI algorithms, it aims to analyze market sentiment in the cryptocurrency world and prevent fraudulent activities. With its dedication to honesty and unbiased data, Truth GPT aims to provide an alternative AI solution. Moreover, an AI solution that empowers users with access to reliable and trustworthy information.

Overall: Is Truth GPT Legit?

If you are interested in this new crypto token, it is also very important to do your research(DYOR) before investing in it.

The total crypto market covers thousands of coins and every day a new crypto token seems to show up. Also, many of these new projects are scams where founders introduce new tokens and run with the money of investors afterward (rug pull).

To help you out in finding legit crypto tokens, I developed a 4-step guide that can help you by examining starting crypto coins. In short, it will perform the following steps:

  • Coinmarketcap – Check market listings, community posts, and social media channels
  • Telegram / Twitter – The number of followers and user engagement
  • DexTools – Check ETH contract address and DEXTscore
  • Etherscan – Check ETH contract address, holders, and transactions

All data will be collected, calculated, and analyzed including screenshots. Finally, I’ll try to give this a score at a rating between 1 and 5. You can use this score as a foundation in making reliable investment decisions according to Truth GPT crypto.

Remember, that this check was performed at the time of writing and things may have changed in the future when you are reading this. Therefore, I recommend you perform the steps explained in this guide as well. Let’s go 👍.

Is Truth GPT a Scam?

As explained earlier, I’m going to perform some steps to find the answer if this brand new crypto token is legit. The simple steps to follow are:

Step 1: CoinmarketCap

The very first thing to check if a new project is legit is to go to the famous website

In short, is a renowned cryptocurrency website that provides real-time data and information on thousands of digital assets. In addition, it includes their market capitalization, prices, trading volumes, and rankings.

With millions of monthly visitors, CoinMarketCap tracks a vast number of crypto projects and is owned by, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Below are the steps for Truth GPT on Coinmarketcap:

  1. Login or create a new account at
    Create account on Coinmarketcap
  2. Confirm e-mail and make sure to log in at Coinmarketcap
  3. Go to the Truth GPT page of Coinmarketcap
  4. Check if the Community is very active by choosing Latest Posts
  5. Check current rank, website(url), watchlists, and Ethereum contract
    Check Truth GPT page on CMC
  6. Finally, check the listed exchanges under Markets tab
    Listed on exchanges for Truth GPT

After performing the steps mentioned above, I come to the following conclusion about $TRUTH coin:

✅ Recent posts in Community section
✅ Blockchain explorer
✔️ Working website URL
✅ Recent posts in the Community section
✅ Listed on 1 market place(s)

Overall score : 3

Step 2: Telegram and Twitter

The next step will be to check their most active social media channels like Telegram and Twitter. To do this just follow the links on their profile page on Coinmartketcap.

First below is a screenshot of their Twitter account where no tweets have been placed here:

Consequently, I found a link to their Telegram channel. Just click the link to join and see what we will find here:

Also, I want to know what the community is doing or talking about. Therefore, I’ll join the channel by performing some verification steps to access it. After verification by the Telegram Safeguard bot, I can read and also participate in the main chat.

A good idea is to check in the search bar for the phrase scam. When I do this a short history of this chat shows up, containing a list of spam-bot accounts.

Below is the score for the findings on social media channels:

📣Twitter following20
📣Telegram members452 members
Recent messages containing scamYes

Overall score: 2

Step 3: DexTools

To find out if Truth GPT is legit you can also visit and use some DeFi tools like

In short, is a popular DeFi website that offers a range of tools and analytics for decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It provides users with valuable insights, such as real-time trading data, charts, and liquidity analysis, to assist in making informed trading decisions within the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Below are the steps for Truth GPT on DexTools:

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Above in the search bar paste the following contract address: 0xAF75d880b3128981D1fEd3292Fc02E3FB37Acd53
    Truth GPT contract address on Dextools
  3. Click on the first search result
  4. The TRUTH/WETH trading pair shows up
  5. Check liquidity, volumes, and pools on the left
  6. Also, below check the DEXTscore of this project
  7. Finally, check if there are recent orders in the trade history

Below is the score for the findings on DexTools:

DEXT Score76/99
24 Volume$254
Pooled WETH15.93
Pooled TRUTH161.95 million
Total marketcap$162K
Recent tradesYes

Overall score: 4

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Step 4: Etherscan

The final step to examine if Truth GPT is legit can be done by using Etherscan or ETH Explorer. Etherscan is an online tool primarily used for exploring and analyzing the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to view transaction histories, check wallet balances, and explore smart contracts.

To verify ETH contract addresses on Etherscan, users can search for the specific contract address and review the contract details, including its source code, compiler version, and verified contract status, providing transparency and assurance of the contract’s authenticity and functionality.

Below are the steps to explore the TRUTH token smart contract:

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Above in the search bar paste the following contract address: 0xAF75d880b3128981D1fEd3292Fc02E3FB37Acd53
  3. The TRUTH symbol contract appears here
  4. Here you find all details for this contract
  5. Next, click above on the link that goes to the Token Tracker Page
  6. The token contract(for Uniswap) loads and shows all details according to holders, transfers, DEX trades
  7. Click on the several buttons to measure activity

Below is the score for the findings on Etherscan:

Number of holders849
Total transfers6673
Percentage largest holder16.1% (Uniswap)
Latest transaction< 2 hours ago

Overall score: 4

Conclusion: Is Truth GPT Legit?

To measure if the Truth GPT crypto project is trustworthy you can use this 4-step guide to give you some clarity. According to the steps performed above we can conclude that it is neutral/unlikely that Truth GPT crypto is a scam.

In short, the following steps and checks were taken into consideration:

  • Coinmarketcap page of Truth GPT
  • Social media channels(Twitter & Telegram)
  • DexTools(DeFi-scan)
  • Etherscan(Blockchain and smart contract check)

All in all, the total trustworthy score for Truth GPT is: 3.25

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