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What are the best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity? This guide researches the game and comes with 7 reliable options to buy or sell AXS crypto.

Welcome to the continuously expanding and exciting world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Since the start of this new decade, crypto’s are extremely hot and are in high demand from a growing community on a global level.

Nowadays, investing in the right coins in an early stage can give you life-changing profits in less than 5 years. As a result, buying, selling, or even staking crypto has become a serious business.

What’s next in this innovative cryptocurrency space? Maybe you might have heard already about non-fungible tokens or nft’s in combination with gaming. Therefore, meet Axie Infinity a brand new online game that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while playing the game.

In particular, Axie Infinity uses cutting-edge technology called blockchain to reward its users while playing.

Notably, this guide is going to help you in finding the best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity(AXIE) tokens from anywhere in the world.

Best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity(AXS)

In short, below is a consolidated list of options in the best platforms to buy Axie Infinity coins. For ease of use, I have chosen exchanges that are reliable, secure, and have high liquidity in the order books.

  • Binance (Best exchange for beginners👶)
  • Coinbase (Best option for USA residents 🇺🇸)
  • Okex (Best exchange for buying with crypto ₿)
  • FTX (Best exchange for advanced traders ✔️)
  • Kucoin (Best exchange for automated trading💻)
  • Kraken (Best option for buying with fiat💸)
  • Gateio (Best exchange for Asian buyers🌏)
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7 Best platforms to buy Axie crypto

What is Axie Infinity?

In a nutshell, Axie Infinity is an adventure-based game that has multiple layers of tactical strategies and it uses blockchain technology to generate scarcity. In particular, the game uses a token called AXS(Axie Infinity Shards) that also can be traded in the ‘real world’ on crypto exchanges like Binance. This is a very unique and innovative concept!

Back to the game, where users are able to learn when playing, similar to Pokemon or even CryptoKitties, revolves around your digital pets aka axies that have a unique set of skills and powers. To begin your journey in the Axie universe, you will have to acquire a team that consists of three axies.

Moreover, there is an entire economy within the game (a world called Lunacia). Players can use their in-game tokens – Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) – to buy land, farm, or raise Axies in Lunacia. And because tokens have value, players can also use them to pay rent or food in real life.

What makes Axie Infinity unique?

While Axie Infinity is a fun game, it’s also taken on characteristics of a social network and jobs platform due to the strong community and play to earn opportunities that have come from its early success. In other words, the game is backed by a large community of developers, students, and game fans that all can benefit from its growth.

The key difference between Axie and a traditional game is that Blockchain economic design is used to reward the players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Specifically, this new model of gaming that where players can “play to earn” makes the difference.

Additionally, Axie has attracted thousands of players from developing countries in the pursuit of a new income stream during the Covid pandemic. Many of these players are fathers, aunts, and even grandparents who are experiencing blockchain technology for the first time.

Axie Infinity design
The creatures or Axies within the online game

What is AXS token?

Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) is the native token of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. AXS is an ERC-20 governance token, launched in November 2020. In detail, AXS tokens can be purchased, traded, or earned through playing the game.

Other Axie Infinity-associated tokens include game assets (like your Axie characters) in the form of ERC-721 tokens and Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token.

What exchanges sell Smooth Love Potion(SLP)?

Firstly, when playing the Axie Infinity game you can earn two tokens which are Axies(AXS) and Smooth Love Potion(SLP). The price of Axies has sky-rocketed and many exchanges have listed the AXS token.

On the other hand, there is SLP which is valued much lower but also has a very important use case within the Axie economy. Where to buy the SLP tokens?

At the moment, if you want to buy SLP tokens at the platforms mentioned above then you have two options:

Best Platforms that sell Axie Infinity(AXS): Comparison

Next, a comparison guide that provides an overview of the best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity that is reliable and secure. The research is based on assessing the platform’s features, ease of use, fees for buying crypto, and security.

📈Platform💰Maker fees💰Taker fees✔️Rating📑Guides
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Maker and taker fees are dynamic and based upon 30 days volumes. The higher the volumes, the lower the rates

7 Best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity

To continue, I’ll deep dive into the most trusted platforms that sell Axie Infinity. Also, each platform has its unique features and it’s up to you to decide which one will suit you best!

Binance: Best exchange for starters

Binance: best places to buy QTUM

First, there is Binance, a crypto trading platform that is is founded by Changpeng Zhao, a well-known blockchain industry expert, and expert in setting up trading systems.

In the past, he also founded BijieTech and was head of development at Blockchain.info. Binance can be considered as the best altcoin trading platform if you consider the trading volume and the number of coins listed on the exchange(300+).

Additionally, based on daily(24h) trading volumes, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Also, it has millions of cryptocurrency traders using its platform on a daily basis.

Besides trading, Binance offers several other feature-rich products, including custodian wallets, crypto margin trading, lending service, and earning rewards with staking.

Trading a Binance can be done with almost zero fees(0.075%) and you can use this link when signing up. It will give you an additional 10% discount on fees for life 🙂

Cryptocurrency trading pairs for AXS


Coinbase: Best exchange for USA residents


In particular, Coinbase is a USA-based cryptocurrency exchange. Based on daily trading volumes it’s one of the biggest and most popular exchanges in the world. They also support the instant purchase of several altcoins via Visa/MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Firstly, to purchase altcoins with a credit card, your card should support ‘3D Secure’. Moreover, to find out if your card supports this, you can just try adding your card to Coinbase and it will give you an error if it doesn’t.

Furthermore, you can buy any altcoin at this exchange, provided that they serve your country. At present, they serve more than 100 countries, but unfortunately, not all countries are able to buy and sell.

You can check if their service is available in your country here. Also, to give you some initial credit, Coinbase will reward you with $10 in Bitcoin if you sign up with this link and start trading $100.


  • Best cryptocurrency exchange for beginners
  • Bank deposits are very quick
  • Coinbase Pro available for advanced traders
  • Very secure custodian wallets

To summarize, buying with fiat currencies(USD, EUR) is an easy very exercise here. Additionally, this makes Coinbase one of the best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity from a bank account.

Crypto trading pairs for AXS on Coinbase


>>Go to Coinbase here

Okex: Best option for buying with crypto


Another top exchange on the list is OKEX; a fast-growing exchange in Asia. Besides delivering service for Bitcoin exchanges and trades, the platform is also a payroller and lending app for retailers. Okex is part of the bigger Okcoin consortium specialized in online futures trading.

In 2018, Okcoin migrated its futures platform with cryptocurrencies which resulted in the Okex platform. One of the big benefits of this Okcoin migration is that Okex has strong liquidity in BTC/USD and LTC/USD trading pairs.

Okcoin maintains two leading entities, whereby one has its focus on the Chinese internal market. In addition, the other entity has a broader focus aimed at the global market and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Okex and Okcoin together are one of the bigger cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. For instance, if you take a look at their trading volume which exceeds 2.8 billion US dollars in just 24 hours.

Crypto trading pairs AXS on OKEX


>>Go to Okex here

FTX: Best exchange for advanced traders

FTX exchange

FTX is a brand new crypto trading company that has been growing very fast and is therefore the youngest option on the list. On their website they explain their mission:

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. FTX offers innovative products including industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. We strive to develop a platform robust enough for professional trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users.

If you are a US resident then I have to warn you, it’s against their policy to allow US residents on their platform. In addition, they mainly focus on Asia and Europe. However, it’s up to you to use a VPN to try to surpass these restrictions.

Crypto trading pairs for AXS on FTX


>>Go to FTX here

Kucoin: Best exchange for automated trading

KuCoin exchange

Compared with the exchanges described above, Kucoin is probably a modern platform for trading any cryptocurrency. In addition, this platform was founded by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Asia aiming to offer comfort and security to your mighty assets.

As of writing the platform ranks at position 12 on the list of exchanges which is based on trading volume for the past 24 hours. In addition, the platform specializes in offering trading cryptocurrencies, margin trading, trading futures, and also staking cryptos.

In general, spot trading cryptos can be done at a fee of 0.1%. Furthermore, it is also important to note that withdrawals from the platform can be done at zero fees.

Axie Infinity(AXS) trading pairs on Kucoin


>>Go to Kucoin here

Kraken: Best option for buying with fiat

Kraken exchange

Kraken is one of the most reliable and safest cryptocurrency exchanges out there and has been around for a while already. Founded in 2011, Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency trading platform available in 48 US states and 176 countries. Also, because of its safe reputation, the exchange data is being used as a ticker(BTC/USD) on the Bloomberg terminal.

The Kraken platform specializes in offering Bitcoin trading services for the beginner as well as the professional trader. Besides trading in digital assets, it’s also possible to store your crypto in custodian wallets, crypto lending services, and staking cryptocurrencies.

Spot trading crypto(Bitcoin for example) gives you a fee of 0.16% and this value decreases when USD volume rises. Additionally, margin trading is even cheaper where the rate is set to 0.01%.

Axie Infinity(AXS) trading pairs on Kraken


>>Go to Kraken here

Gateio: Best option for Asian traders

GateIo cryptocurrency exchange

Last on the list of best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity is Gate.IO. Firstly, this is a crypto exchange founded in the fall of 2017. In addition, the platform is operated by Gate Technology Incorporated, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, with a registered address in Virginia, USA.

In the third place, this exchange gained popularity in the Chinese crypto community for its robust security system, user-friendly mobile apps, and smooth interface. Also, Gate.io differs from many exchanges because it offers hassle-free access to a number of hard-to-find coins and up-and-coming projects.

Moreover, this exchange is designed to help investors finding information related to their preferred coins and overall market trends.

Spot trading a cryptocurrency like AXS gives you a fee of 0.2% and this value decreases when USD volume rises. Additionally, margin trading is even cheaper where the rate is set to 0.01%

Trading pairs for AXS on GateIO


>>Go to GateIO here

Conclusion: Is playing Axie Infinity worth it

To enumerate, Axie Infinity is a brand new blockchain game with huge potentials. Especially, because playing this game allows users to earn cryptocurrency and trade them for money. Play-to-earn is a new development and is growing in popularity on a global scale. Remember, the entire cryptocurrency market is very young and small compared to more traditional markets like stocks or commodities.

Furthermore, by investing in blockchain projects that are promising, it’s also very important to know what the best exchanges that sell Axie Infinity are. With this guide, I hope it’s more clear to you what options you have as an investor and know what places to go to in order to build some future wealth.

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