How to connect MetaMask to DexTools

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Learn how to connect MetaMask to DexTools on 3 different device types(PC, iPhone, and Android). Also, a more detailed view of the MetaMask Web3 wallet.

DexTools is a platform that integrates Kyber Swap and offers a range of perks for crypto traders in the DeFi space. It provides users access to decentralized exchanges across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, and more.

By utilizing auto slippage and calculating applicable taxes, DexTools helps traders secure the best rates while avoiding front-running. With its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive market data and analytics, DexTools becomes an ideal platform for crypto traders seeking efficient and informed DeFi trading experiences.

Also, if you are a crypto trader looking to earn profits, you need a Web3 wallet like Metamask to connect to DexTools.

Therefore, by continuing to read this guide you learn the very first step by entering the DeFi space.

  • How to connect MetaMask to Dextools
  • Connect DexTools with MetaMask on different devices(PC, iPhone, and Android)
  • Learn more about the different account types of the DexTools platform

Download and Install MetaMask Wallet

If you are a beginner in DeFi and never used a Web3 wallet like MetaMask before then you need to install this first. You can download MetaMask Wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store for free. If you prefer a desktop, you can download the MetaMask wallet by going to the MetaMask website.

Besides, don’t forget to verify if you are visiting the official MetaMask Wallet website. Otherwise, you risk downloading a fake wallet.

Setup your MetaMask Wallet

The steps to create a new wallet with MetaMask
The steps to create a new wallet with MetaMask

After downloading MetaMask Wallet, follow the steps to set it up. It’s actually really easy.

  1. Click ‘Create a new wallet
  2. Create a secure password
  3. Secure your secret recovery phrase
  4. Congrats! Your wallet is created

The most important part of setting up any self-custody wallet like MetaMask Wallet is recording your 12-word secret recovery phrase and storing it in a safe place.

Your secret recovery phrase is the key to your wallet and the funds within. Whoever has your recovery phrase has control of your funds. So make sure to keep it secure.

In other words, besides a password, you also need to secure the 12-word recovery phrase. The password gives access to your device, where the recovery phrase will allow you to do transactions on the blockchain.

Therefore it is important to write it down and lock it away in a safe place. Preferably in an at-home safe that is both fire and waterproof.

Never store your wallet’s private key online such as in a cloud or any files on your phone or computer.

If you lose your recovery phrase, there is no way to recover it or your wallet.

TIP – A good option for securing your recovery phrase is to use a stainless steel crypto wallet that can survive about anything, from fire to acids, and lasts more than 20 years.

How To Connect MetaMask To DexTools on a PC

Got your MetaMask wallet up and running? Now it’s time to start connecting your MetaMask wallet to DexTools. The first option we have is to start using the Dextools platform on a PC.

Meaning, if you want to use DexTools on a laptop you can do this by using the browser extension of MetaMask. All in all, connecting to DexTools is a very straightforward process:

  1. Go to the DexTools website and click the ‘Connect Wallet‘ button in the upper right corner.
  2. The DexTools app shows a User Account where you need to perform steps. Click Connect for Step 1
  3. A pop-up showing you some different wallets will appear. Choose the MetaMask option
    Connect MetaMask to DexTools
  4. Step 2 screen appears, where you need to verify your wallet into DexTools. Sign the signature request
  5. Your personal User Account screen appears and shows you your public ETH address
    Connected user account on DexTools
  6. You have successfully connected your MetaMask wallet to DexTools on a PC here!

User Accounts on DexTools

As you already might have noticed, the DexTools app allows you to have several accounts that are related to your crypto wallet. Additionally, this is different compared to a centralized exchange account like Binance where you need to verify by email or mobile phone to create an account.

In short, the DexTools App is divided into three account types:

  • Free Plan(All basic DexTools including 10 hot-pairs)
  • Standard Plan((Extra wallet info, price alerts, and 12 hot-pairs)
  • Premium Plan(Basic features, extra community options, and 15 hot-pairs)

Moreover, if you want to upgrade to the standard plan then you need to hold at least 1000 DEXT tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

Besides holding DEXT it is also possible to do a monthly subscription. At the time of writing, you need to transfer 188 DEXT every month into a special wallet address.

For the Premium subscription, you need to hold at least 100000 DEXT in your MetaMask wallet.

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How To Connect MetaMask To DexTools on iPhone

Do you favor using your MetaMask app on your iPhone device? Connecting MetaMask to Dextools can be done very easily, however, you can do this in several ways.

The first option is using DexTools in a Safari browser on your device. Secondly, you can download DexTools from the IOS app store, similarly like you did with MetaMask.

Below are the steps you have to take to start using DexTools on iPhone:

  1. Make sure to log in on the MetaMask app on your device.
  2. Below on the right, tap Browser
    Browse to DexTools on MetaMask
  3. Type ‘DexTools‘ in the URL search bar
  4. Click on the first search result in the web browser
  5. Here you can choose to install the app from the IOS store or continue in the browser
  6. For simplicity, I’ll continue using the browser here
  7. Now click the three lines button on the upper right
  8. A new screen appears, scroll down and click the blue Connect button
  9. Again, choose the blue Connect button in the ‘Step 1’ window
  10. MetaMask asks you to connect to DexTools here
  11. Finally, click Connect and sign the transaction

From here you can start using DexTools on iPhone with MetaMask. A good idea is to go to the very first page which is the Dextboard screen.

Steps To Connect MetaMask To DexTools on Android

The process for connecting Metamask to DexTools on Android works very similarly to the options mentioned earlier in this guide. For simplicity, I’ll navigate to the DexTools website straightaway and try to connect from here.

Below are the steps on how to connect MetaMask To DexTools on Android:

  1. On your Android device, go to your Chrome Browser and navigate to
  2. Click on the ‘Connect Wallet‘ button in the upper right corner
  3. A new screen appears, scroll down and click the blue Connect button
  4. The DexTools app shows a User Account where you need to perform steps. Click Connect for Step 1
  5. Next, sign the signature request that MetaMask shows you
  6. If all went ok, you successfully connected MetaMask to DexTools on Android

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FAQ – Connect DexTools with MetaMask

Can’t connect MetaMask to DexTools?

Are you having trouble connecting your MetaMask to DexTools? This could have several reasons. For instance, make sure that you disconnect all your MetaMask instances from other DeFi platforms. In other words, make sure that you don’t have open connections to other Dapps.

Another possibility could be that you are using other Web3 wallets in the same browser extension. Make sure to avoid this, or at least download the latest versions of all other Web3 wallets.

Is DexTools an Exchange?

No, DexTools is not an exchange itself. It is a platform that integrates with decentralized exchanges, such as Kyber Swap, to provide users with access to various trading opportunities and tools.

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