how to use metamask on instagram

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How to use MetaMask on Instagram? This guide shows you the way to showcase the NFTs from your wallet on your Instagram feed.

Instagram and Facebook have integrated with the Ethereum blockchain to allow users to showcase their NFT collections. Moreover, this new feature will enable users to display their unique digital assets, such as digital art, in a new and innovative way. The integration of the MetaMask wallet, a secure and user-friendly wallet for NFTs on Ethereum, is also a key aspect of this upgrade.

The wallet will allow users to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs directly on Instagram, making the process of owning and sharing these assets seamless and easy. The integration of the MetaMask wallet ensures that all transactions will be secure, making sure that users’ NFTs and their associated values are protected.

All in all, this new upgrade is a significant step forward for the NFT community and will provide a new level of exposure for artists and creators. This guide will explain to you in detail how to use the MetaMask wallet on Instagram and how to showcase Ethereum NFTs.

How To Use MetaMask wallet on Instagram: QuickTake

In short, below are the necessary steps to connect your digital collectibles(NFTs) to Instagram. Additionally, I assume you already have installed the MetaMask wallet on a mobile device. Overall, you have to do the following:

  • Go to your Instagram account(Mobile)
  • Click ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Digital Collectibles
  • Select MetaMask wallet at Select A wallet screen
  • Click ‘Continue and agree

The steps above are a quick take on the steps you have to follow to use the MetaMask wallet on Instagram. Later on, in this guide, I’ll go into more detail by including screenshots.

Why use the MetaMask wallet?

At the moment NFT users are able to use several crypto wallets to connect to Instagram. So why the MetaMask wallet? Firstly, the MetaMask wallet is specifically designed for the Ethereum ecosystem and provides optimal support for the unique features and benefits of the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures that users can take full advantage of the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain and easily manage their NFTs.

Secondly, the MetaMask wallet has a strong focus on security and user experience. It uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect users’ NFTs and provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing their assets. Additionally, the MetaMask wallet is built with scalability in mind, allowing it to handle the growing demands of the Ethereum NFT market.

Overall, the combination of its Ethereum-specific features, security, and user experience make the MetaMask wallet the best choice for NFT users on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why are NFTs available on Instagram?

Meta, the company behind Instagram wants to keep up with the latest developments according to Web3 and NFTs. Additionally, this integration is a huge step forward for NFT fans to reach a broader audience. Overall, the Meta team implemented the following for using NFTs on Instagram:

  • NFTs can be shared from multiple blockchains
  • NFT owners can be tagged
  • Connecting and disconnecting wallets is very easy
  • Two-factor authentication has been added to Instagram

How to Setup MetaMask wallet on Mobile

At the beginning of this guide, I explained to you shortly the process of how to start using the MetaMask wallet with Instagram. In this section, I’ll guide you step-by-step by installing your MetaMask wallet on your mobile device first. Remember that in this case, I’ll assume that you already created a MetaMask wallet in your browser(Chrome, Safari, etc) and want to use the Mobile App instead. Here we go 😁

  1. Go to the MetaMask download page.
  2. Click the icon to download the app(IOS or Android) for your device.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Click Get started button
  5. Choose Import using Secret Recovery Phrase
  6. Read the terms and click I agree
  7. Enter your Seed phrase from a paper
  8. Or: Import secret recovery phrase
  9. Give New Password two times
  10. Click Import
  11. You’re done!
MetaMask start screen
MetaMask start screen

From here you can start using your MetaMask wallet on your mobile device. Also, if you already have some funds like Ethereum(ETH) in your account it will show you right away. Otherwise, make sure to deposit some funds first in order to pay the fees for transferring the NFTs on the chain.

Connect your NFTs to Instagram using MetaMask

To start using your Ethereum NFTs on Instagram you have to connect a digital wallet like MetaMask to your Instagram account. Additionally, there are some steps you have to follow when using a personal Instagram account.

How to use MetaMask wallet to Showcase NFTs on Instagram

Below are the steps you have to follow to connect a digital wallet and post one of your Ethereum NFTs to the Instagram feed.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile
  2. Click the ‘Three lines‘ upper right
  3. Tap on ‘Digital Collectibles
  4. Click ‘Get started‘ and ‘Continue‘(Two screens)
  5. Choose MetaMask in Select a wallet screen
    Select MetaMask on Instagram
  6. Click Continue and agree
  7. Login at your MetaMask wallet app
  8. Connect to this site? Click Connect
  9. Sign a Message to connect to Instagram
    Sign message MetaMask on Instagram
  10. Click Approve
  11. Go back to Instagram
  12. You see your Digital collectibles now
    Instagram collectibles
  13. Choose one of the NFTs out of your collection
  14. Share this NFT with your feed

That’s it 😎. A very easy and smooth exercise. Also, make sure to tag the creator and write a catchy caption to showcase the NFT on Instagram.

Can your Instagram profile picture(PFP) be used for NFTs?

Unfortunately, NFTs cannot be selected directly from a digital wallet like MetaMask on Instagram when changing the profile picture. Thereupon, Instagram currently does not have native support for NFTs. The platform only supports traditional image files such as JPEG or PNG for profile pictures.

However, there is an alternative to showcase your NFT on your Instagram profile picture. You can take a screenshot of your NFT and then crop it to fit the profile picture dimensions. After that, you can use the screenshot as your profile picture to display your NFT on Instagram. This allows you to show off your NFT collection and approves that you are the owner of the platform.

How to Disconnect MetaMask wallet from Instagram

Finally, there might be a reason that you want to disconnect your MetaMask wallet from Instagram. A good reason for this could be that you want to use the MetaMask wallet on a business account on Instagram. Another reason can be that you have NFTs on MetaMask and want to use them on Instagram instead.

Whatever the reason might be, it’s possible to disconnect MetaMask from your Instagram account in just a few steps:

  1. On Instagram App click the ‘Three lines‘ in the upper right
  2. Tap on ‘Digital Collectibles
  3. Tap on three points symbol on the upper right
    Disconnect Metamask
  4. Choose ‘Manage wallets
  5. Below ‘Connected wallets‘, click ‘Disconnect
  6. Confirm Disconnect wallet

Conclusion: Use MetaMask wallet on Instagram

In this guide, you have learned how to connect your MetaMask wallet to Instagram to showcase your NFT collection. This new feature of using digital collectibles on Instagram is a big step forward for NFT fans. Moreover, this new feature allows Instagram to introduce millions of new potential users to NFTs and Web3. To conclude, bigger online NFT marketplaces like OpenSea should be warned of this mainstream platform entering the NFT world.

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What wallets does Instagram support?

Instagram supports the following crypto wallets: MetaMask, Dapper, Coinbase wallet, Rainbow, Trust wallet, and MetaMask. You can connect one or more of these digital wallets to your Instagram account. Note: Each wallet can only be connected to one Instagram account at a time.

What is a digital wallet on Instagram?

A digital wallet is connected to the internet and is used to store digital currency (also known as cryptocurrency), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other digital assets, such as pictures and videos. The MetaMask wallet is an example that can be used on the Ethereum blockchain.

Does Instagram support Crypto?

At the time of writing, Facebook and Instagram users in the U.S. can connect their crypto wallets with their accounts and share NFTs. All users in the U.S. also have the ability to cross-post the NFTs that they own across both Facebook and Instagram.

Is Instagram good for promoting NFTs?

As far as social media channels for marketing go, Instagram is a good platform for marketing NFT projects. Specifically, because it has a large user base and is highly visual, which makes it is well-suited for showcasing NFTs.

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