3D NFT Collection

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Is creating a 3D NFT collection to trade in the metaverse the future of NFTs? This article, researches 3D NFT art and play-to-earn games.

Due to rising popularity, it has become very difficult for investors and crypto enthusiasts to find the best NFT art collections. NFTs became so popular in such a short timeframe that there have been scams, art pieces that skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, and a clear difficulty to find starting NFT projects.

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens are different from other cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens in the market. The main difference is related to the fact that these are tokens that are unique. That means that there are no two tokens that are the same.

Nowadays, when we handle BTC, each BTC looks the same. The same happens with a $10 US dollar bill. They all look the same. Instead, NFTs are unique and there are no copies of the same NFT in the market.

On top of that, there are new developments taking place where 3D artists are entering these profitable markets in order to sell their masterpieces. Additionally, there is the Metaverse or a new virtual world where 3D NFT collections can be created and traded. This article, will deep dive more into the possibilities of trading and creating 3D NFTs in combination with popular play-to-earn games.

Metaverse 3D

What is 3D NFT?

In short, 3D NFT is very similar to a regular 2D NFT. Meaning it is a unique digital token using blockchain technology to make it scarce. Moreover, 3D NFTs are created in another dimension(3D) and usually need more storage space compared to regular NFTs.

At the moment many 3D NFT models are used as in-game items in several blockchain games. Many modern blockchain games are using a three-dimensional world where players have characters, avatars, buildings, or other in-game items. On top of that, all these items can be treated as assets and being traded as NFTs.

Contrary to traditional 2D games, the 3D game assets turn your world upside down by creating a parallel fully three-dimensional-based world. Experiences, movements, and feelings are much more realistic and less limited to the details of pixel art alone. Also, a virtual reality-based world like the Metaverse simulates the dynamics of real-life interaction including NFTs.

Finally, a 3D non-fungible token treated as an asset uses blockchain technology to strengthen security and also takes care of the privacy of associated data.

Interested in creating your own 3D NFT art collection if you aren’t an artist? Check the Fiverr platform and let a talented freelancer do the work for you!


Besides 3D NFTs, there are also NFTs used in virtual reality worlds and are called VR NFTs. The most significant difference between 3D NFTs and VR NFT are:

  • Infrastrucure where NFT is used
  • Environment of the NFT
  • Assets in real-life vs virtual assets

3D NFT can represent assets from real life where VR NFTs only can be used in another virtual dimension.

Virtual Reality NFT(VR NFT)

First of all virtual reality NFTs only exist in a simulation world and replace a person’s view of the real world. Moreover, to accomplish this, some hardware is needed like a VR-set connected to a PC to bring this new digital world into existence. In other words, you will be sent to another world providing an immersive experience of computer-generated imagery.

In order to create a new dimension, this VR headset device has many uses cases/worlds to enter like education, entertainment, or sports. Similar to the ‘real world‘ this VR environment has the ability to make deals or contracts between people. As NFTs are covered by blockchain technology it will make sure that transactions can be tracked and traced in a transparent way.

In a VR environment VR NFTs can fulfill two functions:

  • Ownership of objects(For example a 3D object like a building in World of Warcraft can be done by NFT)
  • Experiences or services(An therapist can create a VR experience with sounds and voice guides)

Remember that both types of VR NFTs require special transactions or payments. Additionally, these transactions will be managed by smart contracts similar to any other NFT on the web.

3D NFT Art

On the contrary, art-based 3D NFTs don’t need a VR headset device to watch them. On top of that, the utility differs and doesn’t have a clear context like therapy or a game it resides in. Most 3D art NFTs are designed by a team of experienced designers.

In particular, this NFT can fit in a collection or make 100 (around 10 different traits) 1000 (around 32 different traits), or 10,000 (around 100 different traits) NFTs. In the end, they can be used in online stores like OpenSea or any other platform.

How is a 3D NFT Collection Made?

There are two things that are essential when creating a 3D NFT and putting it for sale on a popular NFT marketplace. First and foremost you need to have a 3D model available. This 3D model can be created by you if you are an artist or you buy the model somewhere else. Popular places to buy 3D models for NFT are Turbosquid, Blender Market, or SketchFab. If you are familiar with creating 3D NFTs then you know that you need to export the models in GLB or GLTF format.

The second thing that is needed for creating a 3D NFT is cryptocurrency. In addition, ETH or another cryptocurrency is needed to exchange value for goods or services and besides that crypto is needed to perform tasks on the blockchain. For example, every NFT that comes into existence needs to be minted first which can be a costly exercise.

What are Voxel Based NFTs?

Voxel-Based NFTs are mostly used as digital items in the Sandbox blockchain game. In particular, these Voxel NFTs are block-based 3D models designed with a special editor called VoxEdit.

Many fans of the game who also are talented 3D modelers are allowed to create new NFTs here. Also, when the design and creation have taken place it’s possible to mint 3D NFTs from these models.

As mentioned above, The Sandbox is a so-called 3D voxel-based game. Players all over the world can join for free and enter a digital world where you can trade SAND tokens, own land, or create 3D items or avatars.

In particular, the VOX 3D items have no limit and anyone can create in-game items, just by using their imagination. On top of that, there is the Sandbox 3D marketplace where you can earn SAND tokens by trading in-game items. At the moment, the Sandbox is one of the most popular blockchain-based games representing the Metaverse.

create 3D NFT art by Fiverr artist
Example of ‘Gig’ from popular Fiverr Artist

Metaverse Play-To-Earn Games Using 3D NFTs

Below is a list of popular play-to-earn games that are using the Metaverse(new virtual world) to start playing or creating 3D NFTs.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the ‘older’ play-to-earn games in existence and was created in 2018. The idea of the game is that you start owning creatures called Axies(NFTs) that you can use to perform battles. The Axie creatures have unique characteristics by having their own qualities and powers and can be traded for cryptos on NFT marketplaces.

Playing and earning crypto with Axie Infinity became extremely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines and as a result, the game got global attention. If you’re interested in Pokemonesque game while dealing with crypto, check out Axie Infinity


Decentraland is a typical ‘Metaverse game’ as it creates an entirely new virtual world in cyberspace that has lots of similarities with the real world. It’s a fully decentralized game and the users of the game can create the world they live in. Meaning, every user of the game can build their own environment including, land, real estate, holiday parks, etc. On top of that users can trade these items for cryptocurrency or rent out assets, just like in the real world.

Every player of the game has its own avatar which also can be created up-front. On top of that users can arrange meetings in the game to socialize or make deals. Decantraland’s art style is a mix of games like Roblox and Fortnite and is pleasing to the eye. If you want to improve your graphical experience, you can trade in avatar wearables and even names in the game’s marketplace.


Illuvium is a brand new and upcoming RPG-game in the metaverse. Currently still in development but is gaining popularity ever since it got launched. The goal of the game is to collect creatures(3D NFTs) that may have special powers. All of these creatures are living in a virtual world and the player must discover ‘the cause of the cataclysm that shattered the land of Illuvium’.

In order to play and earn you must have a crypto wallet connected with ETH as it is an Ethereum based blockchain game. Additionally, rewards for making progress in the game are paid out in $LIV ERC-20 tokens and are the in-game currency. Finally, there are 100+ Illuvials to catch which all have their own unique characteristics, and playing this immersive game gives an exciting experience.

Final Words

Trading and collecting NFTs has been a fast-rising new industry that attracted many new users to cryptocurrency. Additionally, billions of dollars have been poured into upcoming NFT projects and this trend will not stop anytime soon.

New technology and innovation create opportunities to make money for those willing to invest. By creating 3D NFTs or just by trading then you might be entering the unprecedented territory.

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