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What are the most wanted NFT Services for 2022 and beyond? This article comes with a summary of NFT skills that are in high demand!

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are shaking up the financial world. These decentralized assets have become wildly popular among investors as the value of currencies like Bitcoin soared to record highs in recent years. And as demand for crypto grows, so is the number of services in this field.

Besides the continuous rise in cryptocurrencies, there is another trend that is thriving at the moment: NFTs and especially NFTs with apes in it(#BAYC).

Since the start of 2022, there is a rising trend in starting NFT projects and brand new NFT collections. As a result of this, the demand for NFT services is rising as well. This article will go into further detail about the 9 most in-demand NFT services for 2022 and beyond.

Most In Demand NFT Services

Here are the nine most sought-after NFT Services that will keep on trending in the rest of 2022 and beyond.

1. Design NFT Character(NFT Artist)

First of all, when starting a brand new NFT collection the base character is most important and probably the cause for the success of the NFT project when launched.

In order to get the base character, you need to find an NFT artist that can help you out here. Also, before you contact someone who can design this, make sure you know what type of art needs to be created.

In fact, most NFT collections are based upon four base characters:

  • Bored Ape – The bored ape is the most popular type can be used as an example. Other ideas would be to use ‘Bored Cat’ or some other bored animal as base character.
  • Doodles – These cute and colorful NFTs have been designed by Burnt Toast and they have different visual traits. That means that users will see a wide range of colors and combinations when scrolling through this popular NFT collection.
  • Manga cartoons – For lovers of Japanese manga and anime targetting a special NFT segment.
  • Pixel arts – NFT characters that are created using a pixel canvas rather than sophisticated graphic tools and instruments.

Finally, the artist who is going to create this should have the following design skills:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Video Editing Software

In the end, the NFT artist should deliver a unique NFT character in JPG or PNG format.

2. Create NFT art Collection

Another popular NFT service that is in high demand is the creation of NFT generated art. Most NFT collections are called ‘10K generated art‘ because of the total number of items the collection has. Additionally, this is in most cases 10,000 items but this can be any number and can be parameterized.

So, what is the definition of generative art? The common process of creating generative art is by running a machine algorithm, no matter if it is created as an NFT or not. Minting a generative art NFT adds a level of uniqueness that could not have been reached before. This is achieved by including inputs to the piece of art such as wallet address, transaction ID, or gas price.

To provide a 100% unique NFT collection the expert can deliver the following package:

  • Provide up to 7 types of Traits for characters including Head, Eyes, Mouth, Jewelry, Cloth, Background, and Skin. Also, different emotions can be added. (Depend on the requirements)
  • 100% unique character with a unique concept in any style (Crypto punk style, ape style, cartoon style, flat style, sketch style, and much more)
  • Additional accessories and attributes according to the theme
  • Provide up to 10K unique random combinations
NFT generated art
* Popular ‘gig’ on Fiverr(Freelance platform) about 10K generated NFT art

3. Create Unique NFT(Pin to IPFS)

This NFT skill is quite similar to the first one in creating a unique character, however in this case you might be the artist who has the design already. The next step would be to convert your art into NFTs and put it on the blockchain.

How to do this? In technical terms, you need someone who is able to create some metadata and upload your NFTs to an IPFS host. So what is IPFS all about?

In short, IPFS is a decentralized hosting provider that will store all data regarding the NFT image. Also, this data is mostly stored off-chain by using an IPFS network.

Meaning, Ethereum or another blockchain handles the ‘account’ of the NFT while the image data is stored somewhere else.

In the end, this NFT expert will help you by minting the NFT on the contract and making sure your unique NFT can be listed on one of the marketplaces out there.

4. Launching NFT Discord Server

Setting up a brand new Discord server is also one of the most wanted NFT skills at the moment. If you already joined a particular NFT project then you already know how important a Discord server is when building a community.

In short, NFT Discord servers are organized into text and voice channels, which are usually dedicated to specific topics and can have different rules. In chat channels, users can post messages, upload files, and share images for others to see at any time.

Particularly, you will need Discord expert(s) able to deliver a high-quality server optimized for the NFT Server market. In addition, with knowledge of specific features that accommodate the needs of even the most demanding NFT experts.

In general, some deliverables regarding a Premium NFT server:

  • Verification system
  • Members counts
  • Roles and Permission
  • Bots(Invite checker, meme or moderation)
  • Public/private chat channels
  • Emojis pack

5. NFT Marketing / Promotion

For launching a brand new NFT drop the key to the success of the project mostly depends on good promotion services. Moreover, the most successful NFT projects like #cryptopunks or #BoredApes thrive by a large following on social media.

In the previous step, we launched an NFT Discord server. In addition, the next step will be to get as many community members singing up for it. How to do this?

Overall, most NFT projects are using Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok as social media channels. Below are the different social media channels and why they can be used for NFT promotion:

  • Twitter(Works best with GiveAways 🎁)
  • Instagram(Easy to get new followers 🙋)
  • TikTok(Videos can go viral easily 🔥)

Finally, to hire a team of freelancers to do your NFT promotion make sure you check the Fiverr freelancers’ platform for this. In short, Fiverr is a reliable platform built for small businesses looking to complete simple projects without spending a premium.

Over the years the Fiverr platform has grown to the biggest services marketplace in the world visited by millions of people on a monthly basis.

Examples of ‘Fiverr Gigs’ to Promote NFTs

🏷️Keyword(s)Total gigs❇️Average Rating(*)💰Average price
Nft promotion video26022.69$59
Nft Discord promotion74002.67$25
Nft Instagram marketing16302.91$40
Social media content creator102354.54$82
(*) Average rating ranges(1 to 5). All data can be tracked and traced on Fivlytics

6. Create NFT Smart Contract

To develop or customize an NFT smart contract is another item on the list of NFT skills that are in high demand. In short, a smart contract is a block of code on the Ethereum blockchain that runs independently and performs NFT related transactions.

Smart contracts are at the core of every NFT and it is crucial for the success of any project that its smart contract is secure and resilient. To assemble or maintain a smart contract in your NFT project you will need a blockchain developer.

List of deliverables for the NFT smart contract

The blockchain developer has to install, test, and eventually deploy the smart contract to Mainnet. Below is the list of possible deliverables:

  • Minting
  • Presale whitelist
  • OpenSea/Rarible listing
  • Gifting/Airdrops
  • Custom minter/holder benefits
  • IPFS immutable storage for NFTs and their traits
  • Post-mint reveal
  • Bot protection/security
  • Wallet integration on your website for minting, pre-sale etc
  • Contract optimized for low gas fees
  • Royalties

7. Create NFT Website / Landing page

Creating a website for minting NFTs is one of the most wanted NFT services. A brand new NFT project is nothing when there isn’t a representative website available. Most NFT projects are using this website to allow visitors to connect their wallets and to mint tokens.

Even though minting is a temporary event, it should be available there. Other essential elements are an introduction of the NFTs, a roadmap, links to social media channels, FAQ section, and the team behind the NFT project.

Mostly a UX developer can handle the delivery for the landing page or website. Specific knowledge is required for creating a web3 wallet and making sure the minting of the NFTs will work.

List of Deliverables

The UX/ Web3 Developer should be able to deliver the following:

  • Wallet integration(Metamask, OpenMask etc)
  • Smart Contract Connectivity
  • NFT Minting
  • Web3, OpenSea integration
  • Dynamic Metadata URL(Reveal NFT)
create nft minting website
* Example of Fiverr gig for creating NFT minting website

8. Develop NFT Marketplace

Many ‘traditional‘ eCommerce sites recently discovered NFTs and are currently diving into them. Especially NFT marketplaces are on top of their list to add to their website. Therefore, creating a brand new NFT marketplace is another NFT service that is in high demand.

To deliver a fully functioning NFT marketplace you need a blockchain developer that handles the smart contract, the minting, and web3 wallet integration. At the same time, you also need someone who is able to design the front-end interface. Ideally, you would need a full-stack developer that can integrate the back-end with the front-end.

In general, the following features should be delivered:

  • NFT marketplace development
  • NFT Token development
  • Minting engine
  • ERC20 token development

9. Getting Whitelisted

A whitelist is similar to a VIP list, or a guest list for an event. If you’re on it, you get perks. Sometimes it’s early access. It could also mean you get to buy an NFT at a lower price.

Moreover, in the world of NFTs ‘getting whitelisted’ usually has to be done inside an NFT Discord server where you have to perform certain tasks in order to promote the server.

Arranging a white-listing at a discord server with 10K members can be a real challenge and also very time-consuming. Moreover, at specific times you have to join and engage with the community to ‘Level-up’. Another popular activity is to invite other users to the server which gives you also a ticket for the pre-sale event.

To get on the whitelist of a rising star in the NFT industry could potentially earn you millions of USD.

All in all, if you don’t have time to ‘grind’ in the Discord server to get the whitelisting, it’s also possible to hire a Discord community manager that can do this for you 24 hours a day. The Fiverr platform can help you with finding the right assistance if needed 👍.

Final words

Suppose you want to enter the exciting world of NFTs – one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors on the globe. In that case, this article has given you the 9 most in-demand NFT Services for 2022.

Remember that this is a very young and rising industry and new services that are in high demand will introduce themselves for sure.

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