Where to buy Presearch

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Where to buy Presearch crypto if you are planning to use the PRE token? This guide will research the tool and best platforms to buy Presearch

Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), and Cardano(ADA) are all examples of cryptocurrencies that belong to a new and fast-growing asset class. Moreover, if you are an early adopter and invested in them a few years ago you might be the proud owner of a small fortune already. What makes all these cryptos so special?

In particular, it’s the blockchain technology combined with high secure encryption that makes the difference. Also many crypto enthusiasts like the idea of a decentralized future where there are no central market makers or big companies like Google or Amazon that are in full control.

At the time of writing, crypto has matured and is here to stay as a brand new technology. Also, this highly innovative space offers opportunities for investors willing to take a risk for new profits.

In this guide, I’m going to show you the best platforms in order to buy PRE cryptocurrency; a very promising search engine(app) that uses blockchain technology to make search queries private.

Best places to buy Presearch(PRE) crypto

Below I’ll show you the 5 best exchanges for buying Presearch(PRE) that are considered reliable, secure, and has high liquidity in the order books. As a result, the buying journey for PRE crypto should be simple and straightforward.

  • Kucoin(Best exchange for beginning traders)
  • Uniswap(Best option to buy with ETH:Advanced)
  • Probit(Best exchange for Asian traders)
  • HitBTC(Best option for automated trading)
  • CoinEx(Best exchange for professionals)
KucoinUniswap logoHitBTC exchangeCoinEx exchange
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Before I’ll research platforms and answer the question ‘where to buy Presearch?‘ some decent background info on this very interesting project in the crypto space. Of course, you can also skip this and go to the platform comparisons section right away!

What is Presearch?

Presearch was launched back in 2017 from an ICO token sale where it generated about $12 million in funds to start the project. Moreover, this idea was already been in the works since 2013, however, with the rise of blockchain technology in 2017 the team decided to make this a fully Ethereum based project.

So, what is Presearch all about? First of all, this project is being led by Colin Pape, an entrepreneur who has gained a lot of experience in the early days of the internet and especially the technology behind search engines.

Particularly, Presearch is the first decentralized search engine in the world that has a working use case. Moreover, this search engine is fully blockchain-based and therefore decentralized that is powered by a community.

At the time of writing, Presearch operates as a search engine that has already 2 million users that count for 15 million searches a month. As a result, this project is a serious Google contender that uses blockchain technology as its unique selling point.

How does Presearch work?

Presearch is building a sustainable decentralized search platform that represents the interests of the community. Additionally, it will be open source and transparent and uses blockchain technology to align all stakeholders across a single unit of value: the Presearch Token (PRE).

By switching to Presearch, you help support the decentralization movement, putting power back in the hands of the people. Also, the user will benefit from a better search experience while earning valuable rewards for using Presearch and helping to grow the community.

Why do people use Presearch?

There are three main Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) that explain why. Also, there are several secondary UVPs that certain users also find very attractive.

  1. User control over data and privacy
  2. Payment for contributing value to the ecosystem
  3. Decentralization of the search ecosystem
Presearch reward system
My collected rewards for using Presearch

What are the incentives for the PRE token?

As stated above Presearch makes sure that users of their platform are treated with the highest priority and a good example of this is the rewards for searching. In other words, for every search query, you type you will be rewarded with 0.10 PRE. Moreover, every registered user can earn a max of 3 PRE tokens per day.

Keyword staking

Are you a content marketer with a website to promote? Notably, the Presearch tool can help you with generating free traffic to your website. How? The answer is called ‘keyword staking‘.

According to their website, they claim that: ‘keyword staking is the next big advertising opportunity for enterprising online marketers and entrepreneurs.

With Presearch Keyword Staking you choose a keyword (ex. ‘Bitcoin’) and then stake PRE tokens that you’ve purchased or earned against that term. Next, if someone searches on ‘Bitcoin‘ your ad will be shown as the first search result.

Additionally, you can then create an advertisement that you link to the website of your choice. Keyword staking can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Choose a keyword related to your site(e.g. ‘Bitcoin)’
  2. Enter the amount of PRE to stake(min. is 1000)
  3. Create an advertisement at the Presearch Dashboard
Example of keyword staking on Presearch
Example of staking ‘Bitcoin’ keyword on Presearch

Staking PRE on Nodes

Another way of earning PRE tokens is by hitting up a node on a VPS or desktop pc. Particularly, if you are not afraid of ‘technical stuff‘ it’s possible to install a node within a docker container. The minimum amount of staked PRE is set to 1000 and there is no limit on the upside.

Finally, staking rewards are not fixed and are calculated every day, therefore based upon an algorithm. Furthermore, it also depends on the amount of PRE being staked. More on running a Presearch node here.

Is Presearch the best decentralized search engine?

To give a straight answer to this question we must know if they’re currently are other crypto projects that are building a search engine based upon blockchain technology. One good example of such a project is BitClave that also was launched from an ICO in 2017.

Unfortunately, after two years of development, the team members decided to change the goal of the project. Nowadays this project takes care of the personal data of users and isn’t focused on building another decentralized search engine.

Presearch, the best decentralized search engine?

After all, we can say that Presearch is the only blockchain project out there that has delivered its initial promises. So far no other projects exist that at least can compete with the working tool Presearch has built. To conclude, it’s safe to say that Presearch is the best decentralized search engine in the world 😅

5 Best Places to buy Presearch(PRE): Comparison

This comparison guide provides an overview of the best places to buy Presearch(PRE) that are reliable and secure. The research is based on assessing the platform’s features, ease of use, fees for buying crypto, and security.

PlatformMaker feesTaker feesRating
UniswapETH gas feesETH gas fees
For the latest ETH gas fees check YCharts

Cryptocurrency Exchanges that offer PRE token trading

Next in this guide, I’ll deep dive into the different platforms that offer to trade in PRE cryptocurrency. Also, each platform has its unique features and it’s up to you to decide which one will suit you best!


KuCoin exchange

Launched back in 2017, Kucoin is probably a modern platform for trading any cryptocurrency. In addition, this platform was founded by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Asia aiming to offer comfort and security to your mighty assets.

As of writing the platform ranks at position 12 on the list of exchanges which is based on trading volume for the past 24 hours. In addition, the platform is specialized in offering trading cryptocurrencies, margin trading, trading futures, and also staking cryptos.

On their website, Kucoin claims to be the trading platform for the people. As a result, it tries to make the threshold for trading cryptos as low as possible and accessible for anyone in the world.

In general, spot trading cryptos can be done at a fee of 0.1%. Furthermore, it is also important to note that withdrawals from the platform can be done at zero fees.

PRE trading pairs on Kucoin

🔔 If you are interested in trading, buying or selling crypto(like PRE) but don’t have experience with a trading interface. Read my helpful guide: Start crypto trading at Kucoin.

>>Go to Kucoin here


Probit landing page

ProBit is an exchange from the Seychelles that launched in November 2018. In addition, ProBit currently offers trading in 40+ different cryptos. However, according to information on the ProBit-website, 150+ other cryptos are “ready to be listed”. If you compare Probit with other exchanges I would say it’s a decent exchange with a 24h trading volume of roughly $40 million.

Particularly, US customers have to take care because this exchange is also outside the US. However, on their website, they don’t particularly state that US customers aren’t allowed.

The online trading engine is pretty straightforward and what the views normally have in common is that they all show the order book or at least part of the order book, a price chart of the chosen cryptocurrency, and order history. Also, including the buy and sell-boxes for making transactions on the platform. Before you choose an exchange, try to have a look at the trading view so that you can ascertain that it feels right to you.

PRE trading pairs on Probit



HitBTC landing page

Next in the list of exchanges to buy Presearch(PRE) is HitBTC. Moreover, HitBTC is an old-time bitcoin exchange established in 2013. Since then, the exchange has made a name for itself as a go-to place for buying and selling low cap altcoins.

For example, if you want to trade a low cap coin like PRE it’s very easy to deposit crypto here. In addition, the exchange requires no KYC so it’s possible to sign up from about anywhere in the world.

Besides crypto trading, HitBTC offers a range of APIs such as REST, WebSocket, FIX API. The UI was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated traders. Furthermore, users can take advantage of rebates and competitive trading fees via the Trading Fee Tier system.

User security is reportedly secure via stringent security procedures, including cold storage and encryption technology. HitBTC also offers 2-factor authentication and various whitelists.

Trading pairs for PRE on HitBTC



CoinEx landing page

Last on the list of exchanges to buy PRE token is CoinEx. CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in December 2017 and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. In the past few years, they managed to build a highly secure, user-friendly, low cost and high-speed cryptocurrency platform. Also, where you can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies by using its proprietary trade matching system.

Secondly, it supports multiple languages and accepts users from more than 100 countries. CoinEx is not registered with any legislation yet.

Furthermore, CoinEx has stated that it won’t be using customers’ assets anywhere else and they are 100% reserved. Because of this, withdrawals are processed swiftly and users will get their funds relatively quickly, within a few minutes.

In general, spot trading cryptos can be done at a fee of 0.2%. Furthermore, it is also important to note that withdrawals from the platform can be done at zero fees.

PRE trading pairs on CoinEx


Platform to buy Presearch(PRE) using a DEX

Another place to buy Presearch(PRE) token is by using a DEX or decentralized exchange. For instance, if you already own some ETH this would be the easiest way to acquire PRE tokens.

Besides, if you are using a DEX you don’t have to deal with extensive KYC rules and it’s also very secure because you can trade from without your own wallet.

What is a decentralized exchange or DEX?

A decentralized exchange is a digital assets market that does not rely on any third-party individuals or organizations to hold customer’s funds. Instead, the platform offers a direct peer-to-peer trading mechanism that allows users to process their transactions on an automated system.

In general, when trading cryptocurrency or ERC20 tokens the Ethereum blockchain has some Dapps available. In addition, you can trade tokens in a trustless manner. Besides, one of the most popular ones is Uniswap.

How to trade Presearch on Uniswap

Uniswap is the best decentralized cryptocurrency protocol, which facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain through the use of smart contracts.

Before I’ll explain to you how to ‘Swap’ tokens on this platform it’s important to know that you should have installed Metamask or Wallet Connect first. These are cryptocurrency web wallets used for your Chrome or Brave browser.

Secondly, it’s important that you deposit some ETH tokens into this wallet before you go to this DEX platform.

Setup a trade on Uniswap will go as follows:

  • Go to Uniswap by following this link: https://app.uniswap.org/
  • Now click on ‘Select a token
  • In the search bar(besides Ethereum) type PRE
  • The result list will show Presearch(PRE) and click on it
  • Now click on trade
  • Click ‘I understand’ and then ‘Import
  • On the from input box choose ETH symbol
  • Now give the amount of ETH you want to swap for PRE
  • Click ‘Swap

And that’s it! Your PRE tokens are now in your wallet.

Swap ETH for PRE on Uniswap
Swap ETH for PRE on Uniswap

All in all, it’s up to you to decide if you want to buy and which platform to use for it. With this guide, I hope I have given you enough information to start researching the crypto markets and especially the Presearch search engine.

Remember, when starting to invest in crypto, it’s very important to do your own research first. Therefore, let this guide be your reference in your journey to find the best gem. Moreover, in combination with the most reliable trading platform. Happy investing!

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