Best places to store ICON

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What are the best places to store ICON(ICX)? This guide will give you the right answer based on user experience and general popularity.

ICON (ICX) is a digital asset that aims at connecting and linking different blockchain networks. Interoperability is currently a challenge that blockchain networks must face. It is very difficult for networks to have access to features from other blockchains. This is where the ICON project could help the market move forward.

This is why there are several investors that are starting to pay close attention to this virtual currency. However, not all of them know which are the best places to store ICON. In this guide, we are going to share with you all the information you should have about where to store ICON (ICX) safely.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program or hardware device that stores users’ private keys. This is the safest way to keep your virtual currencies safe at all times. If you purchased ICX at an exchange, you would also like to know where to store ICON (ICX).

Hardware wallets are usually safer than software wallets. However, in terms of comfort, software wallets are more user-friendly than their hardware counterparts.

Best ICON (ICX) Wallets: Overview

To make it easier for you, we have created a short list of the best places to store ICON (ICX):

  • Ledger Nano – The most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet to store your crypto offline
  • Trust Wallet – Software wallet that stores the private key on your phone and allows you to hold and stake 14 coins
  • Atomic Wallet – Software wallet that also stores the private key on your device and stores 300 coins and tokens
  • ICONex – ICONex is ICON’s official wallet supporting ICX and various cryptocurrencies and can be used as a Chrome extension.
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What are the Safest Exchanges to Store ICON Tokens?

Binance and Kucoin are the safest exchanges to store ICON tokens. Let’s start with Binance and why this platform became one of the most popular in the market.

is among the largest crypto exchanges in the world. The platform was released back in 2017 when the bull market in cryptocurrencies was reaching its top. Since that moment, Binance didn’t stop growing.

The exchange has launched dozens of new projects and solutions for users to get access to virtual currencies. Nowadays, it is one of the trading platforms with the largest volumes and it is also a great fiat on-ramp exchange.

It is worth mentioning that Binance has also added support to ICX staking. Users were able to get an APY of up to 21.79%. This is not a feature that can be easily found. Thus, Binance makes it easier for ICON holders to use their coins and interact with the network.

Kucoin, instead, is a cryptocurrency exchange that expanded thanks to its light KYC requirements. Users could register to the platform only with an email account and a password. Although the platform has implemented some KYC procedures, it is also a great platform to exchange some of the most popular tokens in the market.

Nowadays, both Binance and Kucoin are strong competitors, but both of them are the best exchanges to hold your ICON (ICX) tokens. Both of these platforms take security very important. Although exchanges are not the safest place to store digital assets, selecting secure exchanges reduces the chances of being exposed to hacks or attacks.

Kucoin and Binance have increased their security features in order to avoid problems with users. In this way, users can easily use these platforms not only to buy and sell digital assets but also to engage with the entire crypto ecosystem.

Is it Possible to Store ICX Tokens Offline?

It is definitely possible to store your ICX tokens offline. This is one of the most important things to do if you are a long-term holder. Why? Simply because you are less exposed to attacks and hacks.

When we use hot wallets such as software wallets, hackers could get access to our wallet or funds through virus or attacks. Our private keys are stored on our devices and they could be accessed by malicious parties. This is why it is definitely important to hold and store our coins offline.

The best places to store ICON offline are hardware wallets. Ledger is the best solution currently available for users that want to protect their funds at all times. While some users would prefer to use software wallets due to comfort, hardware wallets are the best solution for long-term holders.

Best Places to Store ICON (ICX) Coin

There are different places where to store ICON (ICX). The next sections will focus on the different places to store ICON, how to use them, and more.

Ledger Nano

Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallets in the market. This is the preferred wallet for investors that hold their coins offline. Thus, holders would certainly find Ledger one of the best places to store ICON.

There are different Ledger models. The most purchased Ledger wallets are the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X. Both of them are very useful and portable but the Ledger Nano X works with Bluetooth, has a better screen and it supports a larger number of apps.

Ledger Nano X
Example of Ledger Nano X

How to send ICX to Ledger?

If you just bought a Ledger wallet, you might be wondering how to send ICX to Ledger. The answer is very simple and the process shouldn’t be complicated. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install Ledger Live on your computer or smartphone
  • Connect your hardware wallet (Ledger) with Ledger Live
  • If this was your first time setting up your Ledger device, you should properly store your private keys (seedphrase)
  • Download to your Ledger Live and Ledger Device the ICX application
  • Create an ICX Account on Ledger Live
  • Copy the ICX wallet address from Ledger live
  • Control and verify on your Ledger device that the ICX wallet address is the same
  • Send ICX funds to this wallet
*Remember you can only send ICX tokens to this address. Sending other virtual currencies could result in the loss of your digital currencies.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets for users in the crypto space. The company has been expanding over the last years and it became one of the most used wallets in the market.

The main benefit of this hot wallet is related to the fact that they offer support to different blockchain networks. In this way, users that love holding and buying different virtual currencies can hold them all in just one place.

This would be one of the best places to store ICON. The reason behind that is due to the easy-to-use interface of this wallet and the large number of tokens supported. Trust Wallet is certainly a leader in the market and one of the best wallets to use.

ICX coin on Trust Wallet

How to send ICX coins to Trust Wallet?

If you want to send ICX to Trust Wallet we tell you in these short steps.

  • Download and install Trust Wallet
  • Create your crypto wallet
  • Store your private keys in a safe place
  • Add an ICX cryptocurrency wallet
  • Search for the wallet address and send funds to it
  • (alternative to step 5) Use the QR code offered by Trust Wallet, scan it, and send ICX to it
*Remember you can only send ICX tokens to this address. Sending other virtual currencies could result in the loss of your digital currencies.

Atomic Wallet

This is one of the most useful wallets where to store ICON (ICX). The reason behind that is related to their support for ICX staking. As we mentioned before, there are few platforms that offer ICX staking solutions.

Atomic wallet does not only offer support to hundreds of digital assets, but it also enables users to get access to many other crypto-related services. Staking is one of the basic things in the crypto industry, and ICON users can receive staking rewards on this wallet.

In recent days, the yearly ROI for ICX holders on Atomic Wallet was close to 10%. However, this value can change over time and it might even have better ROI in the future.

As most of the software wallets in the market, Atomic wallet can be downloaded for free. Moreover, users can directly buy and sell digital currencies through their platform. In this way, users who do not have virtual currencies can access them in just a few simple steps.

Besides, another very useful feature of Atomic wallet is related to the number of operating systems that it works with. Users can download the wallet on a Windows computer, but also on Linux and Macbooks. Finally, both Android and iOS users would be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of this wallet.

ICX coin on Atomic Wallet

How to send ICX to Atomic Wallet

  1. Make sure you are in your ICX wallet
  2. Now click the ‘Receive’ button
  3. Click on ‘Copy’ to get the ICX address copied to your clipboard
  4. Alternatively, scan QR code when using your mobile phone
  5. Go to the wallet or platform you are sending from
  6. Copy the full address in the recipient field
  7. Now just wait for the transaction to come in
  8. On Atomic, you can see the progress under the ‘History’ tab
*Remember you can only send ICX tokens to this address. Sending other virtual currencies could result in the loss of your digital currencies.


ICONex is the official wallet of the ICON Foundation, the company that is behind this cryptocurrency project. This could be considered the official wallet of the ICON project. The ICONex wallet supports not only ICON but also other virtual currencies.

With it, users can easily send and receive secure payments using their ICX tokens. Moreover, it has a very simple user interface and a user-friendly UX. One of the main advantages of this wallet is related to the so-called ICONex feature.

ICONex allows you to create a “wallet ID” that will be used on the ICON network. Rather than having a long and complicated string of characters, you can use the ICONex to receive and send transfers. This is how easy it is to use the official ICON wallet.

This is indeed one of the reasons why we consider ICONex to be one of the best places to store ICON. Moreover, the wallet has added staking solutions for users that want to earn ICX rewards. If you are a holder, you want to make sure you are staking your ICX tokens using this wallet.


If you recently acquired some brand new ICX tokens the most common way to hold them is in a cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, if you are not planning to trade these ICON coins on exchanges then there are numerous options available to store them.

Eventually, in this guide, we have shown you the best platforms to store ICON(ICX) whether it is offline, in a software wallet, or on your device or cell phone. Stay safe!

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