Access Protocol(ACS) on Kucoin

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Giveaway of the new ACS tokens on Kucoin Exchange. Make a chance to win $50,000 in ACS tokens by depositing and trading on the ACS/USDT trading pair!

To celebrate Access Protocol (ACS) being listed on KuCoin, this crypto exchange is launching a campaign to give away an ACS prize pool worth $50,000 to qualified KuCoin users. The campaign period is from 16 February to 23 February 2023.

In short, you have three options to win thousands of 💲 in ACS tokens:

  1. Newbies on Kucoin can win $10,000 in ACS
  2. ACS deposits to Kucoin win $15,000 in ACS
  3. Win $25,000 in ACS in a trading competition

Learn more about the Access Protocol (ACS) here:

ACTIVITY 1: Exclusive Gifts($10,000) for Newbies

During the campaign period, users who meet the following requirements will be considered qualified users:

  1. Newly registered KuCoin users who registered during the campaign period;
  2. Have an ACS/USDT trading amount (buys + sells) of at least 1000 ACS;
  3. Add the ACS/USDT trading pair to their Favorite List;
  4. Pass KYC1(*);

All qualifiers will win an equal share of an ACS prize pool worth $10,000!

*KYC1: Perform a ‘Basic Verification‘ at the exchange including individual information including your country/region of residence, name, and ID number, then click ‘Submit’, your KYC1 will be approved soon.

Example of Basic Verification on Kucoin
Example of Basic Verification on Kucoin

ACTIVITY 2: Deposit ACS to Kucoin to Win a Share of $15,000 ACS

During the campaign period, users who have a net deposit amount (deposits – withdrawals) of at least 3,000 ACS will be qualified to win a share of $15,000 in ACS in proportion to their total net deposit amount.

In other words, the rewards for the deposits are calculated based on the formula:

(Total net deposit amount / All qualified users’ total net deposit amount) * $15,000 ACS

ACTIVITY 3: ACS Trading Competition – Trade To Win a Share of $25,000 in ACS

During the campaign period, the top 50 accounts with the highest ACS trading amount (buys + sells) on KuCoin will be qualified to win a share of an ACS prize pool worth $25,000!

The rewards will be distributed as follows:

🥇Top 1$1,200 in ACS
🥈Top 2$1,000 in ACS
🥉Top 3$900 in ACS
Top 4-10$700 in ACS each
Top 11-20$600 in ACS each
Top 21-30$500 in ACS each
Top 31-50$300 in ACS each

All in all, good luck with finding and trading the next Crypto GEM on Kucoin!

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