Arbitrum launchpad platforms

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What are the best IDO launchpads on Arbitrum? This article lists the best Arbitrum launchpad platforms including token utilization options.

Are you looking for reliable platforms that can offer you new investment opportunities in the crypto and DeFi space? Also, do you want to know more about how launchpad platforms on Arbitrum work? You have come to the right place!

First of all, there is Arbitrum, a brand new solution on the Ethereum blockchain network offering fast and scalable crypto transactions. Particularly, Arbitrum is a scaling solution that powers fast smart contract transactions while reducing transaction costs.

Additionally, it uses a technology called optimistic rollups that settles transactions off-chain, resulting in reduced gas fees and optimized block space on the Ethereum blockchain.

Secondly, we have several Arbitrum launchpad platforms that you can use to participate in new crypto projects. Imagine witnessing the birth of the next crypto gems, each with the potential to revolutionize industries and redefine the financial landscape.

All in all, this article will guide you through the best Arbitrum launchpad platforms and participate in its governance and token utilization. Also, it will equip you with the essential knowledge to navigate the Arbitrum ecosystem securely.

Best Arbitrum Launchpad Platforms in 2023

Next, a list of the most reliable launchpad platforms on Arbitrum. Remember, that the crypto space moves fast and brand-new innovations can pop up overnight. Therefore, this list is a snapshot and can change over time.

  • Arbitpad(DeFi launchpad focused on staking)
  • Camelot(Arbitrum based and using a ‘fair launchpad model‘)
  • Plungepad(A DeFi launchpad for Arbitrum and BSC network)
  • Arbidex(Launchpad using an innovative ‘OverFlow Model‘)

Understanding Launchpad Platforms on Arbitrum

An IDO launchpad on Arbitrum is a platform where new cryptocurrency projects can raise funds and launch their tokens to the public. It’s like a crowdfunding event for crypto startups. As a crypto investor, you have the opportunity to participate in early-stage projects on Arbitrum by buying their tokens during the IDO.

The launchpad may offer insurance to protect your investment and ensure projects meet certain milestones before releasing funds to founders. Additionally, you can stake your tokens on the platform to earn rewards or participate in community governance. Also, you can propose and vote on platform changes. Finally, you will get valuable help and support, including thorough research and guidance from experts, to help you make smart decisions when you invest your money.

Top Arbitrum Launchpad Platforms

An IDO launchpad on Arbitrum operates in a decentralized environment where new crypto DeFi projects can launch their new tokens, deploy smart contracts, and offer staking solutions. Next, the best Arbitrum launchpad platforms you can use to find new ‘cryptogems‘.


Arbitpad launchpad platform

ArbitPad is a decentralized launchpad and staking ecosystem that operates on the Arbitrum network. Its main goal is to offer users a simple and efficient way to launch their own projects, deploy smart contracts, and stake tokens securely.

The platform provides various features, including token creation, a user-friendly interface, automated smart contract deployment, node deployment, and interoperability with other decentralized applications (dApps).

The native token of the platform is APD, which serves as a governance token, a utility token for staking and accessing platform features, and a payment token for fees. A portion of the token supply is allocated to early adopters and investors, while the rest is used for platform development, marketing, and partnerships.

The platform’s mission is to become a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem on Arbitrum, and it emphasizes transparency and community engagement.


$APD is the utility token of Aptpad and will power the entire Aptpad platform. Below are the specific details for this token in table data:

Token nameArbitpadWebsite
BlockchainArbitrum One


Camelot launchpad platform

The Camelot Launchpad is a platform that offers a fair and equal opportunity for everyone to participate in token sales without any special requirements. Moreover, they are using a unique fair launch model where all participants have the same chance to buy tokens.

In addition, this launch model ensures that the token price is transparent and avoids typical price fluctuations associated with token listings.

Here’s how the fair launch model works:

  1. The auction starts with a set value for the tokens, and a minimum price is established (e.g., $0.1).
  2. As the auction raises a certain amount (e.g., $1 million), the price discovery phase begins.
  3. During the price discovery phase, the price of each token increases with every purchase made.
  4. Regardless of when someone participates, they will receive tokens at the same final price based on the total value raised during the auction.

For example, if someone contributes $1000 when the token price is $0.1, and another person contributes the same amount when the token price is $0.9, they both get 1000 tokens each at the final price of $1 per token.


$GRAIL is the utility token of the Camelot exchange and will power the entire platform. Below are the specific details for this token in table data:

Token nameCamelot TokenWebsite
Circulating Supply11,495.29
BlockchainArbitrum One ChainContract sourceContracts


Plungepad multichain launchpad

Plunge Pad is a special platform for launching new projects on Arbitrum, a blockchain network. It’s the first of its kind on Arbitrum, and it offers a fair and decentralized way for projects to raise money and gain early support. What makes it unique is that it guarantees everyone who holds their tokens, called $PLG, a fair share of new tokens during the launch process. So, even if you only have a few $PLG tokens, you still get a piece of the new project’s tokens.

Besides being a regular IDO launchpad platform, it’s also a whole ecosystem supporting the growth of projects on Arbitrum. They carefully check and approve the projects to make sure they are safe and promising. What’s great is that there is no minimum requirement for staking your $PLG tokens; you can stake as little as one token to participate.

But Plunge Pad doesn’t stop there! They are also working on making connections with other blockchain networks, and they are building their own decentralized exchange (DEX) to make trading easier and faster on Arbitrum.

In short, Plunge Pad is a friendly and exciting platform where you can support new projects, get a fair share of their tokens, and be a part of the growing Arbitrum ecosystem.


$PLG is the utility token of Plungepad and will power the entire platform. Below are the specific details for this token in table data:

Token namePlungeWebsite
Circulating Supply
BlockchainArbitrum One ChainContract sourcearbitrum


Arbidex launchpad platform

The ArbiDex Launchpad offers several special features that set it apart from traditional presale models, making it an attractive platform for both new protocols and investors.

One of its key features is the “Overflow Model,” a unique mechanism that determines the token price during Initial Farm Offering (IFO) events. Unlike traditional presales, where the token price is fixed beforehand by the project team, the Overflow Model sets the token price based on the volume of sales during the IFO.

For instance, if the total tokens sold are less than the offered amount, the token price remains at the listed value. However, if sales exceed the offered amount, the token’s launch price increases, and individual investors receive fewer tokens.

This model safeguards smaller investors, as the price per token is responsive to investor demand, leveling the playing field and encouraging broader participation.

Another special feature is the emphasis on security and confidence. ArbiDex’s Launchpad provides comprehensive information about IFO offerings, giving investors insights into the projects they wish to support. By utilizing ArbiDex, both new protocols and investors can have increased confidence in the security and fairness of the IFO process.

Finally, the ArbiDex Launchpad focuses on transparency. The platform provides details about the participation fees charged to protocols launching through the Launchpad. These fees generate revenue to fund marketing, buybacks, burns, and other protocol initiatives, thereby promoting sustainable growth for the projects launched through the platform.


$ARX is the utility token of Arbidex and will power the entire platform. Below are the specific details for this token in table data:

Token nameARXWebsite urlArbidex
Max Supply20,000,000 ARXTelegramAbridexChat
BlockchainArbitrum One ChainGithubArbitrumExchange

How to Participate in Arbitrum Launchpad Tokensales?

To participate in one of the Arbitrum launchpad platforms mentioned above, you have to set up and prepare yourself first. In general, below are the steps you need to perform when you are new to crypto and DeFi.

Step 1: Install and Setup Web3 wallet

For instance, you can use the Trust Wallet for this. Most people use the browser extension, but you can use a mobile app as well. Follow the setup instructions to create a wallet and securely store your private key.

Step 2: Obtain cryptocurrency(ETH, USDT)

Your dealing with a cryptocurrency token sale here so make sure that you have enough crypto’s available in your Trust Wallet. Also, because you are using the Arbitrum network it’s important to get your tokens here. For example, make sure to send ETH to Arbitrum when using Trust Wallet.

Step 3: Connect to the launchpad platform

On the day of the token sale, visit the launchpad’s website and connect your web3 wallet to the platform. You’ll see a button or pop-up to connect your wallet; click on it and follow the prompts to allow the connection. For Trust Wallet to connect you have the ‘Wallet Connect‘ option.

Step 4: Make the token sale

Once connected, you’ll likely see a user interface where you can enter the amount of crypto you want to invest in the token sale. Be mindful of any minimum or maximum investment requirements.

After entering the investment amount, confirm the transaction in your crypto wallet. Review the details, such as gas fees, and click ‘Confirm‘ to execute the transaction.

Step 5: Receive the tokens in your wallet

After confirming the transaction, wait for the blockchain to process it. You should receive a confirmation when the transaction is successful.

If the token sale is completed, you will receive the new tokens in your Trust Wallet automatically once the sale is over.

Other Things to Consider When Using a Launchpad on Arbitrum

For a successful token sale, it’s important to do some active research. For instance, follow one of these launchpad platforms on social media channels for official announcements. Additionally, you will find details about the project, the sale date, and any other requirements.

Finally, sometimes you need to whitelist your public address. Meaning, you need to sign up for the token sale upfront with your public crypto address. Most crypto projects have clear instructions on how to do this before the sale begins.

Wrapping it Up

Arbitrum a brand new scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain has become very popular among crypto investors since the start of 2023. It offers fast and cheap transactions for crypto investors in DeFi.

As a result, some innovative Arbitrum launchpad platforms popped up that you can use to find new crypto gems on Arbitrum. Finally, it’s important to do some active research upfront before using any of these platforms when investing your money. Happy investing!

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