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In this guide, all things explained to earn Bitcoin on Timebucks. A reliable GPT website that offers you to complete simple tasks online.

There are many sites on the internet where you can earn Bitcoin by doing surveys, claim faucets, entering a lottery, or watching an advertisement. Additionally, you only receive a little bit of Bitcoin in return, however this can yield nice pocket money over time. In most of the cases, the amount of coins you will receive is random and will often be different.

In general, behind every website, it is explained exactly what to do and how to claim these newly earned Bitcoins. Besides, to claim these rewards, it is necessary that you have a wallet(like Ledger Nano S) where your Bitcoins can be credited.

In this guide, I will go over all the details about the GPT website Timebucks. First of all, I will explain to you the concept of Timebucks as a GPT website and what the site has to offer. Also, what to be aware of, and what my experiences with the site are.

What is a GPT Site?

GPT is an acronym that means Get-Paid-To and is also a method that allows anyone with a working internet connection to earn additional money online. Over the years this way of earning money (or Bitcoin) has increased in popularity by completing simple quick tasks like completing surveys or watching advertisements.

Not only any regular internet user can sign up and start earning, but also these GPT sites work with a range of advertisers. In addition, these advertisers are paying these GPT sites for consumer feedback on their products or services. Finally, these GPT websites will share these earnings with their members to be able to pay them for their completed tasks.

What is Timebucks?

First of all, Timebucks was founded back in 2014 and is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, based in Australia. Timebucks is also a GPT(Get-paid-to) website where you can earn money or Bitcoin by doing simple tasks online.

To join Timebucks as a member you have to sign up first. After this quick and easy sign-up process it’s possible to earn almost instantly Bitcoin or money. Other ways of earning Bitcoin on Timebucks are daily bonuses from an online competition or inviting friends by giving them your referral.

Is Timebucks Legit?

Timebucks is definitely a legit site, with a lot of earning options.

Also, Timebucks is also rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot and have 1000+reviews!

Here’s a payment proof that I recently received from Timebucks:

Bitcoin on Timebucks proof of payment
Proof of Payment on Timebucks

How to earn Bitcoin on Timebucks

Notably, to start earning Bitcoin you have to sign-up to become a member of the site. This process is pretty straightforward and you can do this here. As I will explain to you in detail how to earn Bitcoin with Timebucks we have to take a few little steps before you can start earning.

First you have to give your public key(or wallet address) and this can be done by clicking on ‘settings’ ==> ‘Profile’ in the menu. At this tab-screen it’s possible to enter all personal details. To give your Bitcoin wallet address you have to select ‘Payment method’ in the upper menu and then select the Bitcoin option from the list.

Select Bitcoin on Timebucks as payment option

Now give your public key and click on ‘Update payment method’ and you are all set!

Withdraw Bitcoin from Timebucks

Also before we start, it is important to know how Bitcoin payments are being done on Timebucks. Additionally, payments are sent automatically every Thursday when you reach the minimum payout of $10 USD. Again, make sure you have entered your public key(Bitcoin address) in the payment information in the Settings > Payment Method tab. Invoices are finalized at midnight Tuesday New York time, all earnings after that will roll into the next pay cycle.

What kind of tasks has Timebucks to Offer?

At this stage, you are ready to start earning by completing all different kinds of tasks. In the upper menu is the ‘Earn’ option which you have to click first. Now you will get an overview of all possible options you have(showed below).

Options and tasks available on Timebucks


First I will start with the surveys. Timebucks has a lot of different providers of surveys. Timebucks will give you a list of paid surveys based on your interest and your profile. Depending on which country you live in, the rewards you will get might be different. If you do not have a lot of surveys available, there are other ways to earn Bitcoin on TimeBucks.


The content tab inside Timebucks gives access to a few different ways to earn.

Different ways to earn money

Most of the options in this section will not make you a lot of money, but if you often watch slideshows, news, etc. like this anyway and you enjoy content like this, maybe this is an option to get paid a little to watch it.


These are online micro-tasks like data entry. The tasks do not take long and also be aware that in the beginning the rewards are not very high. But if you are consistent, you will be able to earn trust and get access to higher paying tasks.


In this task, you will get paid to signup on different websites. As each website is different, they all require different things to signup. After you have submitted your proof, the advertiser will have 4 days to review your proof and approve your submission.

Advertisers on Timebucks
Some advertiser websites on Timebucks


Another option to earn Bitcoin on Timebucks is using the social media platform TikTok. Timebucks is currently campaigning to allow users to use their Tik Tok account to make money on Timebucks. If you have a Tik Tok account with a large following, this is a very potential job.

Timebucks is connecting advertisers and Tik Tok channels. When an advertiser wants to promote a song, or a video on Tik Tok, they will contact Timebucks to have Timebucks distribute the content. After that, Timebucks will distribute to the users on their website. At this time, users will upload videos to Tik Tok as requested by the advertiser. If the Tik Tok channel does comply with the requirements of advertisers will be paid. And this amount advertisers pay Timebucks, from which Timebucks pay users.


You will get paid commission for anyone you refer to TimeBucks.

Timebucks pays 15% commission on anyone you refer. That means if your referral earns $10, you will earn $1.50 commission.

You will also earn 50% of each Roll bonus your referral wins, so if they roll and win $10, you will also win $5. You will earn 10% commission on any Advertising Funds that get deposited by any user. So if they deposit $100, you will get $10 commission.


Offerwalls are also a way to earn Bitcoin on Timebucks. For instance, there is an offerwall section with access to a number of different offers. This can, for example, be to get paid to download apps, to sign up for a website, to test a product for free, etc.

Ali Express

You can use this tab to get cash back on items you want to purchase from AliExpress, or you can use it to sell things to other people and you will earn commission whenever someone buys something through your link.

Commissions range anywhere from 0% to 5% which is the highest commission rate in the world for AliExpress.

Timebucks Ali Express Commissions

Special Category0.00%
Mobile Phone1.50%
Computer Perpherals1.50%
Laptop Netbooks1.50%
Home Audio1.50%
External Storage1.50%
Internal Storage1.50%
Mobile Phone Accessories4.50%
Interior Accessories4.50%
Garden Supplies4.50%
Women’s Clothing4.50%
Mens’s Clothing4.50%
Childrens Clothing4.50%
All Other Categories3.50%


How many times have you sent a link to a news article, or a youtube video to your friends? Now you can get paid to do that. The current estimated rates per unique click are:

  • US: $0.006
  • GB,CA,AU: $0.003
  • Rest of World: $0.001


TimeBucks has a weekly sweepstake prize give away where a total prize pool of $500 is awarded to 30 winners each week. The winners are drawn at 12 am Friday each week. Once the prizes are drawn, your entries will reset to 0. You can’t buy entries, instead, you will get entries for free by performing various tasks around the site.

Timebucks Entries and Tasks

Logging in daily100 entries
Any task1 entry per $0.001
Referring someone to Timebucks200 entries
Watching 1 video10 entries


In this task, you will get paid to upload videos to YouTube. You must have a YouTube account in order to do this task. Timebucks will provide you with the videos you need to download and upload. They will also provide you with the exact Title, Description, Thumbnail, and Tags you need to copy and paste.


On Timebucks it is also possible to upgrade to Premium where you can increase your earnings by 25%. However, as this option relates to TikTok you should have a big following(10K+) to be able to upgrade.

Also, upgrading to premium has its price: $4.95 per week. Additionally, any task you do will earn 25% more. That means, if you do a task that usually pays $1, you will get $1.25 for it! This only increases normal task earnings by 25% and excludes referral earnings and bonuses.

Conclusion: Is Timebucks worth it?

All in all, if you are looking for a reliable option to acquire Bitcoin without investing in it, Timebucks can help you out. Additionally, if you got some free time Timebucks offers you the possibility to start earning Bitcoin or money within minutes.

In general, it definitely takes time to fill in surveys or do some tasks. However, if you don’t mind spending some time on taking a survey a day (it will take 5 or 10 minutes from your time) instead of scrolling through Facebook, it’s a great way to earn some extra bitcoin. Besides, your bitcoin can get worth more over time if you hold on to them.

How do you sign up?

Use this link to sign up and claim your free $1 bonus, and start earning cash/bitcoins in your spare time.

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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