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This article provides insight on 7 (Seven) top WordPress Blockchain plugins. Moreover, they can be used to improve your websites or blogs and make a difference.


There is no doubting the fact that the blockchain industry is currently experiencing a massive wave of adoption compared to a decade ago. In recent years, we’ve seen this cutting-edge technology being integrated to improve virtually every sector of our lives; thus, making it one of the most disruptive technologies of our generation.

On the internet today, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-related topics are frequently being featured on mainstream blogs and websites. In fact, on a daily basis, they are being followed by a large global audience. For this reason, tech experts have tried to develop several blockchain plugins that blog and website owners can conveniently incorporate into their sites. Additionally, to give them extra power and functionality. Also, in some cases, it provides an avenue to make extra cash. Next, I’ll list some very popular blockchain plugins for WordPress that potentially can boost your blog.

1. SteemPress

Steempress blockchain plugin for WordPress

First of all, if you are a blogger who intends to earn extra incentives in crypto from your blog posts, then the SteemPress plugin is what you need.

SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that connects any blog to the Hive blockchain. This way, anytime a user posts content on his blog, it is automatically registered and published on the hive blockchain. With SteemPress, any blogger can post his content easily on the Hive blockchain. Besides, without needing to have prior knowledge on how to go about it. Basically, this unique plugin acts as a bridge between a blogger and the blockchain.

To use SteemPress, you will need a hive account that can be made for free by signing up through https://steempress.io/signup

Features and Benefits of SteemPress

  • Automatically posts published articles on the Hive blockchain 
  • Permanently stores every publication on the chain
  • Opportunity to earn a reward
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Curation by the SteemPress team
  • SEO Friendly

For more information and resources, click here

2. Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets Plugin

Bitcoin and altcoin wallets WordPress plugin

The Bitcoin and Altcoin wallets plugin gives blog and website administrators the ability to turn their sites into a cryptocurrency bank. In particular, users can conveniently deposit, withdraw, and transfer Bitcoin. Additionally, it’s possible for a wide range of Altcoins without having to leave the site. Also, this unique plugin gives website and blog owners the liberty to set the fees that will be paid to them after any transaction is completed. In addition, they have full control of the currencies and services they provide on their platform. 

The core wallet plugin is free, but in order to gain access to premium features and updates, you will be required to pay a fee of 10 dollars per 3 months. 

Features and Benefits of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets Plugin

  • Takes care of basic accounting functionalities.
  • Capability-based access control.
  • It provides protection against common plugin security vulnerabilities.
  • Front-end User Interface.
  • Stores transaction data automatically on the WordPress database. 
  • It provides access to a wide range of other plugin extensions.

For more information and resources, click here

3. Ether and ERC20 tokens WooCommerce Payment Gateway

If you’re in need of a WordPress plugin that will allow your site visitors to conduct transactions using Ethereum. In particular, for any ERC20, ERC223, or ERC777 compliant tokens, then the WooCommerce Payment Gateway is what you need. Moreover, this completely decentralized payment gateway has been specially designed to operate on the Ethereum blockchain. This way, every transaction is facilitated using Ether, ERC20, ERC223, or ERC777 tokens, and records are automatically stored on the chain.

Payment with this plugin is quite straightforward. In addition, it only requires the users to deposit funds to the payment gateway smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain. These deposits can now be used to facilitate any form of payment after confirmation. 

Wordpress crypto plugin

Installing this plugin is completely free, however, a fee will be charged for every transaction conducted on the network.

Features and Benefits of WooCommerce Payment Gateway

  • User-friendly
  • Tracks status of transactions in real-time
  • Completely decentralized
  • Accepts a wide range of Ethereum compliant tokens
  • All transaction records are stored on the Ethereum blockchain

For more information and resources, click here.

4. WP Smart Contracts

WPsmartcontracts blockchain plugin for WordPress

With the WP Smart contract, anyone can build a smart contract for their websites. The WP Smart contract plugin provides an interactive environment fully equipped with flexible and powerful tools for blog and website owners. Anyone can conveniently create their own smart contract based on some sets of criteria already registered on the network. WP Smart contracts run on the Ethereum blockchain; this means that users are guaranteed complete security, privacy, and transparency while enjoying these services.

Also, the options provided on the network was designed to cover every possible scenario for which a smart contract could be built. So, whether you plan to design a smart contract to cater for crowdfunding or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), they’ve got you covered. 

Features and Benefits of WP Smart Contracts

  • Decentralized smart contract.
  • Data security and privacy.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It provides an opportunity for testing before going live.
  • Give site owners the liberty to deploy their contracts on the Ethereum mainnet at their discretion.

Besides, for more information and resources, click here

5. Bitcoin/ Altcoin Faucet

Unlike any other blockchain plugin on WordPress, the Bitcoin/Altcoin Faucet works in a completely unique fashion. With this unique plugin, blog owners can reward their site visitors on a daily basis with fractions of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This way, site owners can generate traffic by providing little incentives for their site visitors. One other amazing feature of this plugin is that it supports a wide range of Captcha systems. Additionally, features including CoinHive, RainCaptcha, SolveMedia, and FunCaptcha.

To enumerate, Bitcoin/Altcoin Faucet is completely free. Website owners can now enjoy the full plugin package without any hidden charges whatsoever.

Bitcoin/Altcoin Faucet

Features and Benefits of Bitcoin/Altcoin Faucet

  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Supports nearly all micropayment systems.
  • Works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Ad-block detection.
  • It provides a configurable interface.

For more information and resources, click here.

6. SatoshiPay

Satoshipay WordPress plugin

In the first place, SatoshiPay is a WordPress plugin designed to provide easy micro-payment services. Moreover, this plugin is highly recommended for those content creators who have the intention to sell their content on the internet. With SatoshiPay, blog owners and publishers do not need to rely on any third-party firm to manage the sale of their content. All that is needed is to install the plugin. In addition, you have to register at SatoshiPay dashboard. Furthermore, create a blockchain wallet where you can collect your crypto earnings directly. 

In particular, anytime you choose to sell e-books, photographs, audio, or video files on the internet, you can rely on SatoshiPay for the best services. Ultimately, SatoshiPay is completely free.

Features and Benefits of SatoshiPay

  • It provides convenient micropayment services.
  • Easy to use.
  • No hidden charges.
  • No third-party involvement in the payment process.
  • All transaction information is stored on the blockchain.

For more information and resources, click here.

7. Cryptocurrency Widgets – Price Ticker and Coins List

Cryptocurrency Widget WordPress plugin could help to give your blog or websites some extra functionality. In particular, this added functionality is generating cryptocurrency coins price widgets and coins list shortcodes which display in real-time. Also, with this plugin, users can create and customize multiple crypto widgets designs to suit their website. In fact, this plugin supports a wide range of APIs including Coingecko and Coinmarketcap to mention a few. Now, users can display coin data of over 200 cryptocurrencies on their websites in real-time.

Cryptocurrency widget with price ticker

Notably, the Cryptocurrency Widgets plugin is available for free. Moreover, WordPress has a premium version that comes with added functions and features.

Features and Benefits of Cryptocurrency Widgets

  • Displays cryptocurrency prices, market cap, and volume in real-time
  • Supports fiat currencies
  • Multi-currency tabs
  • Easy to customize
  • Supports over 1500 coins and tokens.

For more information and resources, click here.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, the world is gradually moving towards an era driven fully by blockchain technology. Nowadays, major organizations are busy integrating this technology into their long-term business plans. Moreover, doing so they are getting great results. There obviously is no better time to take advantage of this new opportunity and especially WordPress plugins could help. Additionally, to stay ahead of others in your market niche by leveraging the services that blockchain provides. All in all, it is time to embrace this paradigm shift. 

Disclosure: This post could contain affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more but it does help me to continue publishing cool and actual content about Bitcoin & Crypto – Thank you for your support!

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