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5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Always The Best Option For Cryptocurrency Blog

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If you have plans to start a cryptocurrency blog or site, make sure to do it in WordPress. This article explains why.

WordPress is a website that permits you to manufacture a site that meets your exceptional needs. You can start a blog, business webpage, portfolio, online store, or whatever else you want.

With built‑in streamlining and responsive, mobile‑ready topics, there’s no restriction to who you can reach with your new site. Make a primary site for your family or sell items around the globe—it’s up to you.

If you end up pondering, “Why use WordPress?” you’ve gone to the perfect spot. Considering this inquiry implies you’ve in any event investigated WordPress a piece or caught wind of it from a companion or associate.

Accordingly, we’d prefer to separate the advantages of utilizing WordPress for you. Firstly, by giving a detailed view of why it’s the most well-known substance. Also, WordPress has the best executive’s framework and site-building programming on the planet. This product can indeed do pretty much anything!

WordPress logo for cryptocurrency blog

While talking about WordPress, a new term was also introduced in the market known as Woocommerce Bundles. Allowing administrators to settle on better choices by the small selection of items and making an ideal bundle is the key feature of Woocommerce Bundles. The administrator can create a brilliant pack item by picking bit by bit items as addons. Woocommerce Bundles item is another sort of composite item module utilized to make predefined sets of objects (state it as a pack). Also, predefined settings are not alterable/adjustable from the front end. Simply a single tick buy is designed for this. 

Next, five reasons why WordPress is always the best option for your new cryptocurrency blog.

1. WordPress is free

In the first place, WordPress is free and open-source. Moreover, the entire product is free programming. It implies you are allowed to download, introduce, utilize, and adjust it to coordinate your needs. You can use it to make any site. To find out additional, see our article regarding for what reason is WordPress free?

While the WordPress programming itself is open, you need an area name and web facilitating to introduce it. An area name is the location of your site on the web. This is the thing that your clients type in their program’s location bar to get to your site (for instance, Web facilitating is your site’s home where all your site records are put away. We suggest utilizing Siteground

Your cryptocurrency blog is easy to customize

An enormous bit of individuals utilizing WordPress is neither website specialists nor developers. Indeed, most people begin using WordPress with no earlier information on planning sites. For non-technically knowledgeable people, WordPress is the ideal arrangement because there are a great many free site layouts (subjects) that you can browse.

Hosting a WordPress cryptocurrency blog with Siteground

There is a perfect WordPress subject for pretty much every sort of site (regardless of whether it’s a blog, business website, or an online store). These topics are anything but difficult to alter because many of them accompany the board of their own choice, permitting you to change tones, transfer logo, change the foundation, make delightful sliders, and genuinely tweak it to your requirements without composing any code whatsoever. 

2. WordPress modules

You can likewise add custom usefulness to your cryptocurrency site by utilizing modules. These modules resemble applications for your area that you can use to include progressed highlights like examination, contact structures, participation territory, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Much the same as topics, there are many free and premium modules accessible for you to utilize. To find out additional, see our article on what WordPress modules are and how to accomplish the work. 

Besides including additional usefulness, some modules can let you change your site into a new stage. Investigate our master pick of basic WordPress modules for each location. 

3. WordPress is SEO friendly

WordPress is composed utilizing standard consistency, great code, and creates semantic markup. In non-nerd terms, this makes Google and other web crawlers love this product very much. 

This is the reason WordPress destinations will, in general, position higher than others in web indexes. 

By plan, WordPress is very SEO, inviting out of the crate. You can likewise utilize SEO modules to streamline your site additionally. For complete bit by bit guidelines, see our definitive WordPress SEO manual for appropriately upgrade your site. 

4. WordPress is easy to manage

WordPress accompanies implicit updates of the executive’s framework. This permits you to refresh your modules and subjects from inside your administrator dashboard. 

The tool likewise informs you when there is another variant of WordPress accessible, so you can refresh your site by basically clicking a catch. 

WordPress dashboard
Overview of WordPress dasboard

To shield your information from any mishap or hacking, you can undoubtedly utilize a reinforcement module to consequently make reinforcements and store them securely in a distant area. 

You can likewise deal with your WordPress cryptocurrency site in a hurry with its versatile applications. 

5. WordPress is safe and secure

The product is created because of security, and it is viewed as a protected and secure stage to run a site. Be that as it may, much like this present reality, the web can be an unsure spot. 

There are gatecrashers out there who need to get their hands on the same number of locales as they could. To ensure your website, there are a couple of basic things that you can do to make it considerably safer. For subtleties, see our bit by bit WordPress security direct for learners. 


If you have plans to start a blog in cryptocurrency with WordPress then you are on the right path already. This helpful piece of software has a proven track record that goes back over more than a decade. Also, make sure to read our article about steps to start a Bitcoin blog.

With this article about setting up a cryptocurrency blog, we hope that we removed any doubts and you are ready to launch sooner than later!

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