provably fair crypto casinos

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This article will deep dive into the best provably fair crypto casinos and also explains the close relationship with blockchain technology.

More and more online casinos are using crypto instead of regular currencies. To ensure the security of the gamblers, a provably fair service is applied. The most popular provably fair crypto casinos every gambler should experience.

Best Provably Fair Crypto Casinos

Online gambling is the major entertainment these days. It offers a wide range of options to users throughout the world. Online casinos are good not only for entertaining but also for improving the financial situation of the users. They provide gamblers with copious card games, slots, and types of roulette.

More and more people choose online casinos as a perfect way out to hit the jackpot. These days the size of the market is almost 59 billion U.S. dollars. It’s going to be doubled in a few years. Copious gambling platforms generate more and more games, provide their clients with awesome bonuses, and alter traditional payment methods in order to meet the needs and expectations of modern gamblers.

Before we start reviewing Rhyker’s top BTC gambling picks, it’s worth considering the significant advantages of crypto casinos.

Why choose Crypto Casinos

Our world is becoming more and more digital. Nowadays you can hardly find a person who has never heard a word about cryptocurrency. It’s a virtual currency. It’s characterized by such features as decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Nowadays many online casinos allow their customers to gamble using crypto. The most widely-used crypto coins are BTC or Bitcoins. Online crypto casinos have significant advantages you should take into account before you place a bet. The prime of them are the following:

  • Such platforms are super private. – When storing fiat (or real money), you have to pass identification and verification processes. When it comes to BTC online casinos, you can use wallets or cold storages that require minimum personal data;
  • The borders do not matter. – Cryptocurrencies are available for gamblers from all over the globe. BTC can be easily converted into any real currency. Yet, in some countries, access to online BTC casinos may be limited. This problem has an extremely easy solution. You should only use a reliable VPN service;
  • It’s profitable. – Online BTC casinos are affordable for many gamblers while fees are low. No other banking system or services are engaged in the process of transactions.

Although online crypto casinos are secure, there are still important factors you should consider. The thing is online cheating is not rare. At the same time, nobody wants to lose his or her money. That’s why if you want to savor the gambling process, it’s a cool idea to gamble at Provably Fair crypto casinos.

The Main Aspects of Provably Fair Algorithm

The main aim of the Provably Fair concept is to ensure that online casinos don’t manipulate the bet outcome. 

It’s up to you to verify every single bet. Although the process of checking every step can be rather complicated and time-consuming, it provides you with a unique experience and absolute certainty that you are not cheated.

The algorithm is based on three main components:

  • Random number generators;
  • Seed generators; 
  • Hashing.

It’s worth highlighting that a provably fair system uses a unique cryptographic hash. It’s almost unbreakable. Provably Fair provides gamblers with copious advantages such as fair playing, accountability, and anti-cheating. Moreover, you can count on instant payouts.

A Probably Fair algorithm is about using a cryptographic hash function or SHA – 256. It’s a patented cryptographic hash function. It’s 256 bits long and outputs its value. This algorithm is applied in some authentication and encryption protocols.

It’s clear that Provably Fair casinos are a perfect way out for gamblers who prefer to place bets in BTC. Such online casinos and their clients are rather secured and protected. There are 3 examples of the most flourishing platforms you can’t but appreciate.

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack Crypto Casino

It’s one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos. It was founded in 2014. The platform uses the Provably Fair algorithm. You may be sure you won’t be cheated by the platform. Fortune Jack offers almost 1500 games. Every gambler is to find the most appropriate option to meet his or her wishes.

Fortune Jack is considered to be the most credible online Bitcoin casino. You can’t but appreciate the Dice Jackpot game. It allows you to pick your own lucky number. It’s a particular feature of this casino. There are copious bonuses you can experience. Moreover, it’s possible to get 25 spins with no deposit.     

Many gamblers like this casino because of its stylish design and fast speed. Moreover, the financial pickup is OK. By the way, apart from Bitcoin, the platform supports 7 types of crypto.


You can enjoy this online BTC casino both on desktop and mobile gadgets. On the website of the casino, you can find game reviews. They allow you to pick up the most interesting and exciting games. By the way, the total number of available games is about 2500. The main pro of the platform is almost instant withdrawals and deposits.

There is one important thing you should remember about Bitstarz casino. There is a wide range of countries where extra spins and welcome bonuses are not available. This casino is a perfect choice for those gamblers who are interested in slots. You can enjoy both the newest and the most rated games.


Unlike Bitstarz, this casino accepts only cryptos. The number of available games is about 50. The new gamblers appreciate the option of a free BTC faucet. The most popular games encompass dice, lotteries, and jackpots. The platform is free to deposit. It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate cryptocurrencies. There are 12 variants available. The only disadvantage of DuckDice is slightly poor graphics.

The platform offers clear and user-friendly gameplay. You are to experience wide autoplay options. Yet, you should keep in mind that the average time of payouts is about 1-3 days.


So, if you want to enjoy the top-quality online casinos without fear of being cheated, the best provably fair crypto casinos are the perfect solution for you. You may be sure you have all the chances to hit the jackpot and casinos don’t interfere in the process. All the combinations are the results of the random generation of numbers or symbols. Only your luck matters.

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