NFT of Bruno Giordano

The talented Bruno Giordano

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Italy has also contributed to the football world with its fair share of excellent goalscorers. One of the most prolific strikers in Serie A history was Bruno Giordano.

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Giordano had a prolific career that lasted between 1975 and 1992. He played during his entire professional career across multiple squads throughout the Serie A. Examples of them were:

  • Lazio;
  • Napoli;
  • Ascoli;
  • and Bologna.

As will be discussed later, his best period as a professional footballer was when playing for the team from the Italian capital. However, he also endured success while playing for Napoli. The 1xBet online bookmaker is a fantastic website that anybody can visit in order to wager on these prolific goalscorers.

The capocannoniere

Capocannoniere is an Italian word that means “head gunner”. This is the informal name given to the footballer with the largest number of goals during a season in the Italian Serie A. While waiting for the best performances of these kinds of players, don’t forget to try to bet live casino with 1xBet bookmaker and win with it.

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Giordano was the top scorer of the 1978-79 season of the Serie A while playing for Lazio. He scored a total of nineteen goals during that campaign. However, his feat would be mostly forgotten due to a series of occurrences that took place outside of the sporting realm. For this reason, the striker was banned from playing football between 1980 and 1982. However, he would have a fantastic return. Punters can bet with the live casino offered by the 1xBet bookmaker, which is a great place to visit before the next game of the Serie A.


The Ma-Gi-Ca trident

Napoli signed Bruno Giordano from Lazio in 1985. He joined Careca and Diego Armando Maradona to form one of the most formidable attacking lines in world football. All of them formed a group called Ma-Gi-Ca, whose name comes from the first syllable of the surnames of each one of those players. Punters can try sports live betting with 1xBet bookmaker which can be quite rewarding when these prolific footballers are on the field.

Giordano and his incredible teammates guided Napoli to their first Serie A title ever in 1987. But that’s not all, because he was also crucial in helping his squad to also claim the Copa Italia title of that year. For this reason, Giordano and the rest of the Ma-Gi-Ca trident are remembered as some of the best players in the history of the team. Currently, with the 1xBet bookmaker, you can try live sports betting, which also features all matches of this great Italian squad.

Unfortunately in the ’80s of the past century, there wasn’t the internet, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. Nowadays many popular football players(soccer) like Memphis Depay or Neymar own Bored Ape NFTs.

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