NFT Sports Projects

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This article will list 15 amazing NFT Sports Projects. Moreover, all these projects have unique features, involving sports influencers or famous artists supporting them.

Going digital and converting your brand or avatar to NFTs have been all the rage since the start of 2022. Moreover, famous sporting brands see this NFT technology as an opportunity to store value or intellectual property on the blockchain. For people who are new to NFTs and blockchain, here is a short explanation.

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens are different from other cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens in the market that are also based upon blockchain technology. The main difference is related to the fact that these are tokens that are unique. That means that there are no two tokens that are the same.

Nowadays, when we handle BTC, each BTC looks the same. The same happens with a $10 US dollar bill. They all look the same. Instead, NFTs are unique and there are no copies of the same NFT in the market.

Finally, with so many starting NFT projects in the market, we have compiled a list of top NFT sports projects that could be interesting.

Swimming Butterfly(Swimming)

An NFT collection of two items inspired by speed swimming. The first in the collection is showing a speed swimmer slowly transforming into a butterfly and flying away in the end. Meaning, the butterfly is representative of transformation and growth, looping as the Butterfly is continuously reborn, reminding ourselves we always have another opportunity.

Additionally, the second item in the collection is a 3d trading card based upon the same subject. This amazing NFT sports project is launched by Calvin Justus. Moreover, this former Olympic athlete used his sports background for creating this piece of art. In fact, presently he is a famous digital artist under the name of CalvinJustus on

8-Bit Sport(Football/Soccer)

The next remarkable NFT sports projects are the 8-bit art collection of football players. In short, this collection is inspired by the famous Crypto Punks. Also, the Crypto Punks are the most valued pixel arts NFT project at the time of writing.

All famous football(soccer) players that ever existed or are still alive are being pictured in max 8 pixels. Examples of such players are Zico(Brasil), Thierry(France), or Zinedine(Juventus).

Finally, the digital artist who created this collection can be found under username 8-Bit.

Rumble Kon League(Basketball)

First of all, there is the Rumble Kon League game built for the ‘Metaverse‘. Here you can play thrilling basketball matches against anyone in the world. In fact, Rumble Kon League is a Metaverse sports game combining play-to-earn and digital ownership.

However, to join and play the game you have to own at least one Kong out of a collection of 10K items.

Rumble Kon Collection Item
Example of item 3320 of Kong collection

Alongside a truly unique look, each Kong comes with a randomly generated set of attributes. Additionally, these attributes can influence their performance in a match, providing additional depth and strategic elements.

Finally, the artist of all items related to this NFT sports project is AlgoTwo also available on


CryptoDunks is 100% parody and has no affiliation with NBA Top Shot or CryptoPunks the famous pixel art collection. Additionally, this NFT sports collection is therefore remarkable and should be valued with a little grain of salt.

Particularly, CryptoDunks are minted in common, rare, and legendary editions. These generally correspond to mints of 1, 10, and 100. Consequently, for full details check out the CryptoDunks Catalog.

CryptoDunks NBA collection item
Item 100 of CryptoDunks NBA collection

Finally, all CryptoDunks items are now closed limited editions where no more than the mint # in the description will ever be minted.

Diamond Dawgs(Baseball)

Next on the list of remarkable NFT sports projects is the Diamond Dawgs art collection. Especially, as these NFTs are created and designed by pro athlete and artist Evan Mendoza of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Particularly, a total collection of 7,077 Rare DiamondDawgs will be minted on Ethereum. And at the time of writing, it’s still possible to mint at this nft website.

NFT sports DiamondDawg collection
Example of DiamondDawg1619 of Diamond Dawgs

The original idea is to bring together baseball fans and NFT collectors through the art of an actual player. Moreover, this is your opportunity to get involved in this one-of-a-kind project and community!

Candy Digital(Baseball)

Candy is Major League Baseball’s official NFT ecosystem where fans and collectors will be able to purchase, trade, and share officially licensed NFTs. All this to deepen their love of the sport. Candy’s mission is to develop next-generation sports and culture digital assets.

In particular, by providing authentic objects and experiences that deepen fan engagement and connect people to their passions. As a result of this, the project team developed their own NFT marketplace based upon Major League Baseball.

The Candy Marketplace is in constant flow with people picking up new listings to grow their collections and parting ways with products for someone else to snag. For example, icons of all rarities are getting grabbed by collectors who want to complete the full collection or fans who just want a favorite player. Additionally, full packs are circulating, Play of the Days and World Series products are also being collected.

Do you want to buy and sell previously released officially licensed Major League Baseball NFTs? Read the guide we wrote about Candy MLB marketplace


The next interesting NFT sports projects initiative is the Sorare platform. Sorare is a fantasy football game where players/ managers can trade official digital collectibles. The platform is growing fast, with a global audience collecting, buying, and selling their favorite players in the form of blockchain-backed NFTs. Moreover, stunning 329K(!) items have been created and can be traded or held.

Sorare digital cards

In fact, the Sorare development team has secured the rights to European giants like Atletico Madrid, Juventus, and Bayern Munich, as well as the MLS, Korean League, and Japanese League. For playing the game, users can build strategies, create lineups and earn points based on their players’ real-life performances. Finally, if you want to know more about how to play this brand new NFT sports game, read this Sorare guide and start collecting rare NFTs.

All Work is easy Work(Boxing)

This remarkable NFT sports project is based upon the career of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Particularly, this famous boxer managed to accomplish a 50-0 undefeated record. Comparatively, an NFT collection of 50 videos exists and can be bought on

The Legacy NFT Sports Item
Example of Legacy video on Opensea

The art collection is quite unique mainly because of the highres 2K Videos that are compiled and uploaded here. Once one of the videos is purchased(OpenSea) a version will be available for download by IPFS link.

Altogether with videos that can be bought, there are additional bonus items: Virtual group meet & greet with Floyd Mayweather Jr. + an NFT from the virtual event with your photo verifying that you were there.


All-Star Freaks is a digital collectible card series of NBA All-Star athletes and personalities. All 1/1’s. In total 500 numbered base cards and in total + special insert cards.

Furthermore, it is important to know that AllStarFreaks is 100% parody fan art pieces intended as humor/homage and have no affiliation with the NBA or players. Moreover, this is 1 of 1 art made by a hand by a digital artist.

Example of AllStarFreak Conley

The feature ‘Inserts Cards‘ are randomly inserted cards that run parallel to the Base Player Cards. Meaning, in each Series, there are 100 Numbered Base Cards (1 player on each). Inserts cards are numbered separately and are much more varied in style/format(ex. Coaches, “Pixel Patch” Jersey Cards, Foils, Fans, etc.) and are on a separate number track.

For instance, 1 Insert card exists for every 2 base cards is baseline release frequency. Check out the collection at OpenSea to get an idea of the difference between Base and Insert and the styles for each.

Roberto Carlos(Football/Soccer)

Robert Carlos is a famous Brazilian soccer player and maybe the best-attacking left-back in the history of Brazil. Therefore, SportsIcon decides to launch this interesting NFT sports project.

In this digital art collection, Roberto Carlos is the subject in 9 different styled videos. For example, one of the videos is called ‘The power’. And describes the free-kick specialty where Roberto’s power could give the ball a speed of 169KMh.

If you are a fan of Roberto Carlos, then this is your chance to get a sports NFT of the player with 125 international games for the Brasilian national team. More can be found on OpenSea here.

The NFTeams

NFTeams is a collection of 10,000 unique sports teams that are set to battle on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, each team will battle against all others every month in a March Madness style tournament. Also, for the first time in centuries, owning your own sports team is not for the ultra-wealthy. This is the start of a brand new worldwide sporting league.

Each month a new tournament starts and the winners of each monthly tournament will be showered in prizes from the community pool. Particularly, each NFTeam is made up of a wide array of variables. This comprises the team mascot, the shield, clothing, hats, and a heap of other attributes.

Finally, some teams are rarer than others, but they are all unique. There are a few teams that are very special, the ultra-rares. If you are fortunate enough to mint or buy one of these teams, you better believe you want to hold onto them.

F1 Delta Time(Formula 1)

F1 Delta Time is an Ethereum blockchain-based game developed by Animoca Brands in partnership with motor racing championship Formula 1 ®. The game utilizes both Non-Fungible (NFT) and fungible tokens for its collectible items that can be used in its Racing Game.

In particular, the collectible game contains NFTs for rare virtual items like Cars, Drivers, Racing Components, and Trinkets for collecting and trading.

Delta Time began auctioning NFTs for the game’s rarer items like cars annually beginning in 2019. You can earn or trade ‘Crates‘. These Crates contain a randomized assortment of collectibles. For example, it can contain driver gear, car components, and tires. As well as a chance of a car or driver collectible, with the car and driver collectibles being the rarest drops available from crates.”

In general, the NFTs consist of collectible tokens based on Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard. And exist in both car and driver categories. Each Crate consists of a car, a driver, and three other related NFTs. More info regarding to play the game can be found in the F1 Delta Time guide.

Boxing Boyz Metaverse(Boxing)

Next on the list of remarkable NFT sports projects is the Boxing Boyz game. The Boxing Boyz is a 3D animated NFT collection of 5,000 unique Boxing characters with 150 different elements. Additionally, they combine the real boxing world with the digital revolution through a play-to-earn game.

At the time of writing this boxing game is still in the works, however, the related collectors’ items have already been minted on their OpenSea-spot.

Example of Boxing Boy 1309

Different from other games in the metaverse, the Boxing game will be targeted at mobile users. Meaning, the game must be available for anyone in the world. Also, -according to the team- ‘developing a mobile game reduces development time and benefits accessibility, playability, and graphical design.

Zed Run(Horse Racing)

Zed Run is the number one horse racing game on the blockchain. Meaning, you can buy a horse, take care of the horse by creating a stable, and start racing against other players in the game.

In fact, like any other game in the metaverse, you can play and earn by racing horses. To play the game you have to collect different items where in total more than 215K exists(!). Therefore, playing and winning a race isn’t an easy exercise here.

NFT  Sports game Zed Run

Sports Icon Lion Club

Last on the list of NFT sports projects is the exclusive Sports Icon Lion Club. In particular, the SportsIcon Lion Club is a collection of Lion NFTs and therefore unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, when you buy a ‘Lion’ you got yourself a ticket to the greatest sports clubs all over the world.

Or in other words, by owning a ‘Lion’ you can visit real-world sporting events like basketball games, watch soccer games, or make exclusive Zoom calls to name a few.

To summarize, by owning a Lion Club NFT you can get:

  • Zoom chats and AMA’s with famous sports people
  • In-person meetups
  • Airdrops
  • VIP sporting event tickets
  • Real-world sports outings
  • Invitation only VR events
  • Private discord community access

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